Title: Knowledge is Power

Summary: At Domino high Yami, Bakura and Marik are the local Sex Gods, then this new virgin girl comes along and they're all ready to screw her, there's just one problem...

Rating: T

Status: 18 chapters written, 17 chapters posted

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Pairings: YamixAnzu, BakuraxAnzu, MarikxAnzu, RyouxAnzu

Notes: Last chapter peeps

Both the police and the ambulance arrived at the same time, the police surrounding them and beginning to ask questions, soon converging on Bakura and Marik. Bakura was barely awake and Yami told the police, his name and number along with Bakura's. Marik gave his as well and he and Yami followed Bakura into the ambulance. It all seemed to happen in some sort of blur for Anzu and if Ryou hadn't been be her side, holding her round the waist she was sure she would have collapsed.

"Oh my gosh," Anzu let out a heavy sigh, "I can't believe that all just happened," she said as she watched the police drive off with Keith and the Ambulance with Bakura and the other two.

"Well it's a good thing isn't it?" Ryou asked resting his head on top of Anzu's.

"You'd wish that on your cousin?"

"Not exactly, but it gets them out of the way for the evening doesn't it?"

Anzu smiled softly, "Did you have something planned?"

"Besides at least one slow dance with you…not really," Ryou replied.

"I'm disappointed in you Ryou-kun, I'd have thought you'd have planned at least two," Anzu smiled coyly.

Ryou swallowed, "Well…I guess we better get started," they both laughed as Ryou lead Anzu back into the sports hall along with the rest of the crowd.


"I had a wonderful time tonight Ryou-kun," Anzu smiled as she stood in the open doorway.

"Yeh…so did I," Ryou blushed, "you know, it is traditional for me to give you a goodnight kiss."

Anzu smiled, "Well what are you waiting for…an invitation?"

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