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Raphael sighed. It was Monday. He hated Mondays. He didn't even know why; it's not like he had to go to school or anything. It might have something to do with TV. There was never anything good on on Mondays. He looked up from the Sports illustrated magazine he was leafing through and examined his brothers.

Leo was reading a book on ancient Japanese culture. He found that kind of stuff interesting. Raph snorted. You wouldn't catch him reading boring stuff like that. Raph was just surprised that Leo didn't have his katanas strapped to his back. He took those things everywhere.

Donnie was doing a crossword puzzle from the newspaper with a slight frown on his face. Every once in a while he would whisper something to himself and either nod enthusiastically or shake it, discouraged. Raph was amused. A crossword puzzle was definitely something that he would find entertaining.

Mikey was reading a comic book, Justice Force 27. He had read those comics so many times he could act them out in his sleep. Raph actually didn't mind comic books. He mostly enjoyed X-Men and Spiderman, though.

Raph sighed again. He was bored, and when Raph was bored he took a shower. He didn't know why. He guessed because it was warm and relaxing.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna hit the showers," Raph announced as he stood and stretched. His brothers looked up.

"Kay," Mikey relied before going back to his comic.

"April's bringing pizza in a half an hour, so don't be long," Leo added before he too went back to his reading.

"Anyone know a seven letter word for 'greed'," Donnie asked, as Raph began walking toward the bathroom.

"Avarice," Raph responded without looking over his shoulder.

Donnie blinked. "Oh! Duh! Thanks Raph." He wrote the word in and was immediately immersed in the next clue.

Raph smirked. He didn't like crosswords, but that didn't mean he couldn't do them.


Raph stayed in the shower a good fifteen minutes. He pulled back the curtain and stepped out of the tub, feeling very refreshed. He wiped the condensation off of the mirror and gazed at his reflection as he re-tied his bandanna. When he was finished he let his hands fall to his sides, and just stared at his reflection, inspecting a cut on his jaw that he hadn't noticed before.

The surface of the mirror seemed to shimmer, causing Raph to look around the bathroom, bewildered. He shrugged and returned to looking at his reflection. His reflection looked back. Then his reflection narrowed its eyes. Raph's eyes widened in response. His reflection grinned wickedly. Raph's mouth fell open in shock. He backed away from the mirror. As he did so, his reflection seemed to move forward. Closer.

Raph blinked. His reflection did not. Was he hallucinating? Was the stress of constantly battling the foot finally getting to him? He moved closer to the mirror and peered at his reflection. His reflection stared back at him.

Raph stood, frozen in horror, as a green, three fingered hand so much like his own reached out of the mirror. The hand grasped Raph's neck. He choked and felt himself being pulled toward the mirror. His reflection sneered at him. Then all want dark.

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