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Donnie plugged in the last cord and stood back to admire his work. He had all of the electrical hookups that were needed in place, and was ready to get this show on the road.

"Hey guys, it's ready," he called over his shoulder to his brothers.

"Great. Do you know what you're going to say, Donnie?" Raph asked from his spot by the wall. He was taking great pleasure in steadily nudging his other self with his foot. Not-Raph would have shouted in anger and annoyance if he hadn't had duct tape over his mouth.

"What I'm going to say?" Donnie responded, raising an eye-ridge. "I set this whole thing up. One of you guys should do it."

"I'll do it!" Mikey exclaimed, jumping up and raising his hand. He waved it around ecstatically as he shouted, "Pick me! Pick me!"

Donnie carefully ignored him and looked pointedly at Raph.

"What? Me? What about Leo, he's the leader!" Raph yelled.

"You've been here the longest, Raph, you know more about this place than we do," Donnie pointed out.

"Fine, fine, I'll do it," Raph grumbled, waving a hand dismissively, "keep your shell on."

Mikey slumped visibly. "Awww man…"

Raph stood in front of the video camera that Donnie now pointed at him. When he saw the red light come on, he took a deep breath and began to speak.


It had been a long day of scavenging for Viper, but she had managed to find enough food to tide her little band of rebels over until the morning. She walked into the "lounge" of the underground sewer hideout and noticed the TV was on. CSI, her favorite show. She plopped down onto the moth eaten couch to watch, but before she could even get comfortable, a screen came up that stated there was to be an important announcement. She saw the symbol of her Turtle repressors and angrily changed the channel, but to no avail. The broadcast was on every station. She was about to turn off the TV in disgust when the image of Raphael appeared, and he began to speak.

"Um, Greetings, people of New York. My name is Raphael. You may think that you know me, and probably hate me, but you don't. In fact this is probably the first time any of you have ever seen me. The guy you know and hate is over there." The camera panned over and what Viper saw made her gasp. There, bound on the floor, was… well… Raphael, the evil tyrant that Viper had fought in his early days of power. There were two Raphaels on screen, and for a moment, Viper was dumbfounded. Then her eyes narrowed.

"This is a trick," she murmured to herself. "It has to be."

"This is not a trick," the unbound Raphael continued, almost as if he'd heard Viper's quiet suspicions. "I know that a lot of you will have trouble trusting me, but I'm going to tell you how all of this happened."

He launched into the story of being pulled through the mirror and trapped in this crazy world, with Viper unwittingly hanging on every word. When his tale was completed, she sat back and sighed. That was quite a story. A very intricate lie, for Viper was sure that's just what it was: a lie.

She moved closer to the screen which now showed a close-up of the unbound Raphael. She examined his eyes and was slightly unsettled when she found nothing but kindness, and some stubbornness, behind them.

"I'm sure there are many of you watching this right now thinking that this is all some ploy to let your guard down and then we'll bomb you all or something, but I assure you it isn't." He nodded to the camera and the camera shook a bit as it switched operators. Then it panned over to a Turtle in a purple bandanna.

"Why would they put him in this?" Viper asked herself loudly. "He's crazy, he'll just mess their plan up!"

But when Donatello started speaking, her mouth fell open in shock.

"Just hours ago I went to the warehouses in Brooklyn and destroyed the weapons that my counterpart had created." He held up a laptop, which showed some schematics. "See, all of his computer programs have been destroyed and all nuclear bombs have been disarmed. You no longer have them to fear."

He was articulate! Viper couldn't believe it. But she still had herself convinced that this was all a trick.

The camera panned over toward Leonardo and Michelangelo, who were standing side by side. "And if you still don't believe us," Michelangelo said.

"Believe him," Leonardo finished. They both stepped off to the side to reveal a four foot tall furry someone.

Viper fell to the floor in shock, and then crawled toward the TV. She held it in both hands, hardly daring to believe her eyes.

"M-Master?" She trembled, tears welling up in her eyes.

"Citizens of New York," he began, in the voice that Viper would recognize anywhere. "You no longer have reason to fear. Look into your hearts and accept the truth. You are free. We will leave your world and you can do with these criminals what you will. Stick together in this difficult time. Remember, you are only as strong as you are united, and as weak as you are apart." He bowed.

That was when Viper sank onto her hands and knees, sobbing hysterically. It wasn't a trick. She knew now that it wasn't. Her Master always said those words to her and his other students when they were having teamwork issues. The Turtles couldn't have possibly known that.

The other rebels heard her weeping and rushed to her. By then the camera had panned back to the bound Turtles on the floor, which many of those who had rushed to help Viper where staring at in amusement and surprise. One even gave a joyful cheer.

One of the newer recruits, Arnold Jones (though his friends called him Casey), crouched on the floor next to the seemingly upset woman.

"Hey Viper, what's the matter?"

She looked up at him, and he was surprised to see her smiling.

"Please," she said softly, her smile growing wider. "Call me April."


"UNACCEPTABLE!" Baxter Stockman roared. He was angry, especially (and he hated to admit it) at himself. He had let himself be bullied by those… those… those… goody- goodies! He cursed himself loudly and stormed around his tiny shop, fuming.

"The great Baxter Stockman, Supreme Wizard of the Zarnian Consul, pushed around by some alternate dimension pansies! I won't have it! I simply won't have it!" The normal Turtles sure, he could cower in their presence and not be ashamed. They would kill you in a heartbeat and think it was fun. Plus, they -unwittingly, of course- gave him a lot of business. He had been selling protection charms like you wouldn't believe. When people had no where else to turn they would do anything to try to keep themselves and their families safe.

He turned back to the TV, where a very large rat was talking about unity. "Bah, I need no one but myself. I am not weak!"

He stomped around looking for devices with which to get revenge on those who had made him look like a fool. He would never admit it to himself, but that's what he really was…a fool.

He searched the shelves, yanking out this and that. Many metaphysical books were pulled, their titles briefly considered, and then tossed. All types of Tarot cards were scattered on the floor. Bins of mystical crystals were toppled in Stockman's haste to find something he could use. He ventured further and further into the shop, bypassing crystal balls, runes, and pendulums, and headed toward the seldom visited back shelves.

He hesitated only slightly before beginning to peruse the contents of the dusty shelves. The products back here were used in hard core magic; hoodoo and summoning and serious witchcraft. He was usually afraid to even look in the general direction of this area of the shop, but his warped sense of pride and revenge drove him forward. On the darkest, dustiest shelf he found exactly what he was looking for.

He yanked the ancient book out from behind a jar of preserved newts and blew the dust off of the cover. He read the title out loud, grinning happily to himself.

"Seeking Revenge," he chuckled, as he flipped through the pages. "I should be able to find something useful in here."

Spirits substantially higher, Stockman made his way back to the front of the shop. He stepped behind the desk and began to rummage for things he might need. He pulled out many potion ingredients while muttering wildly to himself.

"Belladonna, yes, yes, Hellebore, ah, what's this? Crushed Snake fangs? Hmm, why not?"

He came upon the jar of powder he had given the Turtle in red. He was amazed that it had actually worked.

"No no, of course it worked; I am the great Baxter Stockman!" He exclaimed, holding up the jar and eyeing it gleefully. "This will be instrumental in my revenge." His gaze fell upon the television screen, on which the rat could be seen stepping through the mirror and heading back to its home world.

"Oh yes," the man who thought he was a wizard but was really just insane said. "And revenge is what I shall have!"

The ensuing maniacal laughter could be heard from all the way down the block.


Master Splinter had been the first to step through the portal after delivering his speech, but the Turtles didn't follow him right away. They shut off the camera and looked around the small room.

"Well…" Leo said with a sigh. "We did it."

"Yeah," Raph agreed, smirking at his counterpart on the floor. "We sure did."

Donnie turned to his counterpart, who had not been tied up because he wasn't really much of a threat, and saw that he was entertaining himself with hand puppets again. He sighed. Communicating with this guy was a tough thing.

"Hey there," Donnie began, trying to sound warm and friendly. Not-Donnie froze and raised his eyes slowly until they were looking in the relative direction of Donnie's face. Donnie figured that was the best he was going to get, so he pressed on. "We're going home now. We're going to need you to make sure these guys don't break out of prison or anything, okay?" Donnie gave him his sweetest smile.

To Donnie's immense horror, and everyone else's amusement, Not-Donnie launched himself at Turtle in Purple and clung, sobbing, to his arm.

"New…Best… Friend!" He gasped in between sobs. "Why are you leaving me? You never even came to my tea party!"

Raph was red in the face from trying not to laugh. He had to turn away and chuckle quietly, lest he feel the wrath of Donatello.

"Well, I have to go home. I don't live here. But you do. And I need you to make sure that your brothers can never regain the power they once had. Can you do that for me?" Donnie grimaced. He didn't want to say it, and his brothers would never let him live it down, but it was the only way to get through to this guy. "New Best Friend?"

Not-Donnie's eyes lit up and he nodded emphatically. "Oh, yes, I can do that, new best friend, I really can!" His tears vanished and he bounced around the room, swelled with pride.

Not-Leo mumbled something beneath his duct tape, his eyes narrowed, but no one really noticed. Raph kicked him square in the plastron, causing him to topple over. This earned a snicker from Mikey and a vehement, yet muffled, declaration of rage from the victimized Turtle.

"Well, we have to go now," Leo said, motioning toward the mirror.

"Oooh, oooh, me first!" Mikey exclaimed, sprinting toward the portal and jumping through it. He was followed closely by Donnie, who turned and gave his counterpart a small wave before he departed, and then Leo.

Raph was the last to leave. He glanced around the room, deep in thought. Then he turned to the Turtles tied up on the floor. They glowered at him, but he just smirked.

"About your little game," he said, as he walked toward the mirror. He put a hand on the frame and looked over his shoulder. "I win" Then he slipped through the portal, back to his own world.

One Week Later

It was Monday. Again.

Raph sighed. He couldn't believe it had only been a week since they had left bizarre-o world. It had seemed like such a long adventure, but it had really only spanned a day or two.

He glanced around the room, smiling at how normal everything seemed. Leo was sitting on the couch, reading a book on different katas. Raph could almost see the wheels turning in his brother's head, and he feared a difficult training session coming in the near future.

Mikey was completely relaxed on the couch, reading yet another comic. Raph wondered how many of those things he had. If there were any good ones, Raph would have to steal them for his own perusal.

Donnie was working on one of those brain teaser books that Casey had brought him when he complained of boredom. Donnie worked through those things faster than anyone Raph had ever met, which, once he thought about it, made perfect sense. Donnie was a genius, after all. Besides, Raph hadn't met very many people.

Raph stood and stretched, going to his old boredom fallback.

"Hey guys, I'm gonna go take a shower."

These words had a much more dramatic effect on his brothers than the last time he said them. They all jerked violently and stared at his as though he'd lost his mind.

"Are you sure, Raph?" Mikey asked, his eyes darting nervously toward the bathroom door. "You remember what happened last time."

Raph chuckled. "Yes, I remember what happened last time." He walked away without another word.


He emerged from the shower fifteen minutes later, feeling very refreshed. He wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out onto the cold tile. He dried off, re-tied his bandana, put on his belt and pads, and then returned his Sais to their regular position. Satisfied, he turned and walked out of the bathroom, only stopping to snap off the light switch.

He didn't look in the mirror once.

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