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Spoilers: Episode 2 "Uncertainty Principle" (kind of a spoiler, but not really.)

Pairing: Charlie/Manny (Yes, I know you don't know Manny yet, but you shall…)

Notes: This is my first multiple chapter fanfic that I'm submitting anywhere and it's only my second Numb3rs fanfic. Please be gentle with your reviews! I don't mind positive criticism, but please don't be evil. I warn you, I'm not entirely math or crime mystery savvy, so be nice if I mess up horribly.

And now I present…

Inside the Mind

Chapter 1

Knock knock.

The loud murmurs of the FBI office were broken by the sound of a knock on the glass doors. All the agents looked up, annoyed at the interruption. They needed all the time they could get on this case. Don Epps looked at the figure standing outside and motioned for everyone to get back to work. He gave the woman a slight smile as he stood up and walked over to her. Opening the door, he revealed a young woman, who looked at him eagerly. She was medium height and medium build, with forever sad gray eyes and long muddy brown hair, pulled into a neat ponytail. She looked professional in a gray and black suit, but she wore a face of shyness and confusion.

Don recognized her instantly. He had seen pictures of her when he had been choosing replacements for the agents killed in the recent ambush attack at the bank. She had been a prime candidate for them, still young, but experienced. Her file said that she had been working at the New York FBI department for a few years, but wished to move to a warmer climate. This request brought her to Don and he felt very fortunate to have her.

"Hi. Samantha? Samantha Everet right?" Don said, extending his hand.

'Wow. He's handsome,' she thought. Blinking, the thought jumped from her mind. "Yeah. Call me Manny please." She took his hand cautiously, her grip firm but gentle. 'She'll be perfect,' Don thought.

"Okay Manny, well, welcome to the Bureau. I won't bother you with many introductions. You'll learn everyone's names quickly." He led her to the glass board filled with equations. Manny looked at them in awe. She wasn't used to working like this, with math. She was never very good at math, so it may be a problem. "This," Don continued, "is my brother Charlie. He's kind of a part-time consultant for us." Manny's attention skipped from the math to Charlie and her heart skipped a beat when she saw him. 'This is going to be difficult,' she thought, looking at his handsome features. Charlie smiled at her and nodded.

"Hey," he said simply, extending his hand as well. She shook it gentler than Don's, still in awe of her co-workers. 'This is going to be very difficult,' she thought

Don snapped her back out of her dream state. "This is my partner, Agent Terry Lake. She'll be here to help you as well." The women smiled at each other, both wondering if the other noticed the charm of the Epps brothers. Don cocked an eyebrow at them. "This is-" Don was cut off by the ringing of a phone. "Sorry, one sec." He picked up the phone, sounding annoyed. "Hello. Hey. Yeah. Okay. We'll be right there." Don's voice sounded anxious. "Everybody! We have a lead, we need to get out of here." He turned to Manny. "We have a lead on this case and I'm sorry, but I have to go," he said, grabbing his coat and walking towards the door. "I'll have someone explain the case to you later. Your desk is right there," he pointed to an empty desk by Terry's, "and you can start putting your stuff down if you want." He had his coat on now and got halfway out the door. "We'll be back," he said, looking her in the eye. Manny got a feeling as though Don had suddenly become her big brother, comforting her. Don noticed the feeling too but did not acknowledge it, as his mind was on other things. He continued out the door and into one of the trucks waiting outside. Manny was left in the office alone with Charlie. There was silence for a minute, broken by a pencil falling from a desk. Both jumped at the sound, before nervously laughing to each other. 'Well, now, this is awkward,' Manny thought. Charlie shared the exact same thought.