Dirty Dancing

Chapter 1

It was a Monday morning. Jimmy was talking to Sheen while Cindy was talking to Libby. Then Miss Fowl walked in with an announcement.

Ms. Fowl: "Class, the school board has announced that you all will need to take dancing classes as part of your drama class".

Jimmy and all of the boys in the class groaned. Dancing was number one on his list of least favorite activities. Some girls were actually excited.

Ms Fowl: There will be different categories of dance depending on which class. This class is assigned to Latin salsa dancing.

The class moaned.

Ms Fowl: Classes will begin tomorrow. You will need dance shoes. No boots! And the instructor will partner you up with different classmates. Any questions?

Cindy: What do we get after taking all classes?

Ms Fowl: You all get to perform at an assembly.

The class seemed to get more uninterested every second.

(After class)

Carl: Why do we have to dance with girls?

Sheen: Maybe they want to torture us to death.

Jimmy: I am not looking forward to this.

In Cindy's room

Libby: What am I gonna wear!

Cindy: They only said to bring dress shoes.

Libby: So what

Cindy: Why do we need to take salsa anyway?

Libby: I do not know.

The next day

Ms Fowl: Meet your dance instructor, Ms. Jason.

Ms. Jason: Ok, today we will partner up. Let's see. Sheen Estevez and Libby. Carl Wheezer and Brittany. Jimmy Neutron and Cindy.

She continued the list. Cindy and Libby seemed embarrassed. So did Jimmy and Carl.

Ms Jason: Ok, let's start the class.

Next Chapter: Shall we Dance?