Dirty Dancing

Chapter 2 Shall we Dance?

The class has just begun. Ms Jason gave the instructions for the first step. Carl and Brittany were struggling but everyone else did fine.

After Class

Cindy: I never want to dance with Nerdtron ever again.

Libby: Sheen wasn't that bad but he can't dance what so ever.

Cindy: Can you believe the recital is in two weeks. And why did they have to make it a musical too.

Libby: I think this is gonna be a long two weeks.

Cindy: I bet

After school

Jimmy: Why did I have to get paired with Cindy?

Carl: Don't worry Jim in two weeks this will all be over

Sheen: Yeah, and we won't have to wear dress shoes every day.

Next day in dance class

Ms. Jason: Ok, now swing her over; grab her, and one leg in the air.

Jimmy: What does she mean?

Cindy: Just follow what I'm doing.

Cindy appeared to be the best dancer there.

Ms Jason: The recital will begin with the girls on one side and the boys on another. The boys will all say "Shall we Dance?"

They practiced. The boys and girls were on separate sides in a line. The boys said Shall we Dance? And the girls took their hands. They did the routine until it was perfect. Later Ms. Jason told the girls to go out looking for matching dresses for the recital.

At the mall

Cindy: This is so far the best thing we got to do with this dance class.

Brittany: Carl cannot dance at all.

Libby: Sheen is worse

Cindy: Look!

She pointed to a deep red sleeveless gown. It was perfect. At least this was better than what the guys got to do.

At a studio

Sheen: The girls got to go to the mall and we need to take more lessons from a bald guy.

Carl: Ms Jason said something about us being a disgrace to the school, whatever that means.

Jimmy: Can this get any worse?

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