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Summary: Chris receives some distressing news during the school summer holidays.

Wyatt is 18 years old and Chris is 16.


Chris stared at his dinner for what seemed like forever. He'd just lost his appetite completely and had no desire what-so-ever to eat. This had been a gradual process but it was getting to the point that Wyatt was noticing.

"Chris, what's wrong? Mum's like a fantastic cook and I'm not gonna eat your dinner again or let you orb it away."

Chris did a puppy dog look with his eyes to which Wyatt sighed, "Damn it Chris I'm 18, that look shouldn't work anymore! But seriously we're gonna have words." At that Chris smiled while Wyatt scooped the pasta dish into his plate. Getting up from the table he nodded to Wyatt and orbed upstairs straight to his bed where he immediately fell onto it. As well as a loss of appetite Chris had regularly felt nauseated and often dizzy along with sharp pains to the abdomen. He had just put it down to the prawn curry he'd had in school two weeks previous.

"Look kiddo I need to know what's going-" Wyatt had orbed into the room to find his brother clutching his stomach and taking in short sharp breaths. "CHRIS! What's the matter, Chris…" scooping his brother in his arms he looked at him. He was in serious pain.

"Lemmie go." Was all his sibling replied with and then sat up as though nothing had happened. To his brother's confused face he answered, "Look it's nothing. It comes and goes. As for the not eating thing, I really just don't want to eat. Not hungry and if I do force myself I just throw it back up again. I think that I have a fast metabolism and don't need as much food as u do."

Wyatt's mouth fell open. It was just like his brother to suffer in silence. Like the time when Chris was 6 and Jason Anderson was beating Chris up because he was the son of a charmed one. It took 2 weeks of this before Wyatt found out and sorted the son of a bitch out. Even then Chris had maintained that he would have been able to handle the situation.

"You'll catch flies."

"Christopher! Do u realise how serious this could be! How long? No don't look away how long has this gone on? I mean you have no energy what-so-ever. I'm amazed that u can orb and then I find doubled over in pain on the bed? How long?" It was at that point that Chris noticed that Wyatt was gripping the bed post for some kind of support. He looked so stressed.

"See this is why I don't tell people things. You're worried over nothing."

"How long Christopher?" His voice was stern.

"Damn Wy, you must be serious. You called me Christopher." Seeing the not amused look on his face, he answered the question, "Three weeks. But I put it down to that dodgy prawn curry in the cafeteria. Hey where ya going?"

"I'm getting dad. He needs to heal you."

"Nononono! Hey this is my body and I feel that it's gonna pass soon. Look if in the next two days u see me like that again, we'll go to dad, but not until then. Please Wy. Please."

Wyatt stared at his brother who had a massive messiah complex and was so intent on protecting everyone's feelings. "Two days."

With that he left the room.


The first of the two day probation seemed to run smoothly. Chris had had dizzy spells but after three weeks of practice was able to disguise them completely. Wyatt still watched the boy and made sure that he was served a smaller portion but that he did eat. Chris had almost fooled him till dinner time the following day.

The Halliwell family was seated around the table talking about the passing days and Phoebe's current relationship. It was a chatty atmosphere with everyone contributing here and there when required. Chris was finding it harder and harder with each passing minute to concentrate on what was being said and had to get things repeated.

"Honey are you feeling ok?" Piper asked with motherly concern. At that Wyatt shot him a quick glance. True to his word he hadn't said a word but was seriously contemplating doing do at this precise moment. Throwing him a don't-even-think-about-it-or-else look Wyatt kept his mouth closed.

"Yeah just I little tired. I'm gonna head off to bed." Getting up from the table he swayed a little and began to talk a few steps when suddenly his vision become clouded and the pain in his abdomen so unbearable he actually cried out. The next thing he remembered before passing out was his family rushing toward him.


"LEO HEAL HIM! Does anyone know what's wrong with him?" Piper asked frantically.

Wyatt looked sheepish but stepped forward, "he said he was fine, that it was only a loss of appetite. He said he was fine…." He trained off

"DOES HE LOOK FINE?" she snapped. Seeing his face her tone softened a little, "Sorry but this is the third attempt Leo has tried and….nothing." her voice caught in her throat. At that the boy went to comfort her and Chris opened his eyes.

"Hey why the tears mum?"

"Don't you Mum me! Damn it Chris we're suppose to protect you. You tell me if something is wrong. Don't bottle it up plus you were in serious pain. I think that we're gonna have to see a doctor. If Leo can't heal you then it's my only shot and I refuse to loose you."

Chris looked at his feet and tried to sit up. Passing out had weakened him even further and he suddenly had the massive urge to throw up, "bucket" he called before retching into it.

Picking up Chris, Wyatt orbed him and his mother to the hospital with Leo and the sisters in tow. "I agree with mum Chris."

Chris was too tried to even object.


Due to the fact Chris looked so bad when they arrived they got a quick waiting time and their own cubicle.

"Snazzy, a cubicle." Paige added trying to lighten the mood to which all she received were bemused expressions.

"Ahhh. So which one of you is Christopher Halliwell?" A youngish doctor with red curly hair and green rimmed glasses appeared.

Raising a hand to indicate himself the doctor walked towards him. "I'm Doctor Pearson, what seemed to be the problem Christopher."

"Chris please if you don't mind and I've been dizzy, have a loss of appetite and have been feeling rather nauseated. Just a tummy bug really."

"He's lying. He's had that as well as serious abdominal pains. He had just passed out before wee took him here." Wyatt finished for him which caused him to get a nasty look from his younger brother.

"Ok Chris and while we're on names please call me Wendy. If you could lie down on the bed for me and roll up your shirt please." She began to examine his chest and abdomen. "Does the pain go all the way to you back?"

"Yeah." He simple replied, "Look Wendy you're great and all but I swear it was the prawn curry. Please just tell my family I'm fine."

She smiled sympathetically at the boy, "No can do Chris. We'll need to keep you in for observation and run some tests. I can't confirm anything at the moment but I'll give you something temporally for the pain." Talking out a needle form the near by cabinet filled it with medicine and injected it into Chris' arm. "This is going to make him really drowsy so say what you have to say to him now as he won't be very responsive."

"Great now I have no choice. I'm stuck in a hospital. Hey Wyatt could u bring my ipod down here. I need to be entertained."

"Sure." And with that Chris nodded off.

"Oh I better go home and get him some over night stuff um…" Piper wanted to get stuff for him but didn't want to leave the boys side.

"Don't worry mum, I'll go." Smiling Wyatt orbed out, but not home like everyone thought. He orbed round to where Dr Pearson was, or Wendy as she liked to be called and eased dropped.

"Joseph I need you to check this kid out. I've got an idea but I'm hoping that I'm wrong. This is the one and only time I hope that I'm wrong."

"Sure Wendy I'll talk a look, what's your diagnosis though?"

At that the women took a breath….



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