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Chris sunk down against the podium and sighed. There was a hell of a lot more to this whitelighter stuff than just healing and good wishes. He really did regret all those times he thought his dad was just having an easy ride and letting his mother do an actual job.

Zahur was not what you'd call a willing charge. He was the furthest away from willing you could get. He had a kind face, angel like which was ironic considering his devilish personality – not that he was demonic or anything, just a pain in the arse that did not need help from "The likes of him." as Chris was reminded constantly. After six months of the latter comment, and making no head way, Chris had had enough. To top that off his attempts to see his father had been quashed and there had been rumours that after he'd made that request to Marnie, Leo had orbed up there A/N ok, up here, but that isn't grammatically correct but had been forcefully warned serious consequences would occur if he didn't leave peacefully and wait till Chris was twenty-two years of age.

He was so caught up in his thoughts he didn't notice that Marnie had entered the room and was standing right in front of him – that was of course until she giggled. He laugh was like her signature, completely unique to her and had a tingling ring in it. Brushing the bangs out of his eyes he looked up with a defeated expression on his face. "Do you find my failings funny Marnie?"

Dropping to her knees, her blood red hair brushed the floor and shrouded her like a cloak. Cupping her hands around his face, she gently caressed his cheeks before pulling them. Chris jumped to his feet and an "Ow" escaped his lips. "What the hell? You're physically abusing me?"

Still from her position on the floor, Marnie giggled once again, "No silly! You're moping about; bringing down the serenity of the place and acting so…blah."

Chris looked at her incredulously, "Blah, BLAH! That's why you chose to assault me. Thank-you ever so much, I know how to cheer you up when you're feeling blah…and would you stop giggling!"

Slowly standing up she looked at Chris eye level, "See, I knew you had it in you.You need a fighting spirit, the one you had when you fought against all odds to save you're older brother from turning evil and to preserve the future we all know and love. When I assaulted you as you put it." She smiled at that and coughed, 'drama queen.'

"Oi, I heard that"

"I did it to snap you out of your stupor, and self loathing. So you and Zahur don't click. Neither did Leo and the sisters at first. My first charge was a total weirdo – no don't look at me like that, I am so not going into details about how weird this guy was – but I persevered…"

"OH, and let me guess, you won him over with your charm and intellect, thus learning anything is possible and the peaceful way of life is the best way to go?"

A small smile tugged at her lips, "Ah…well not exactly. Things were just not going right, so Alex and I swapped charges."

Chris took a double look at her. So Marnie, his mentor and friend since he'd arrived had passed a charge over. Taking the moral high ground, he began to tut, "Marnie, Marnie, Marnie. I'm shocked and appalled."

Playfully, she punched him in the side, "No, you see Alex wasn't doing any better with his charge, so we swapped and it worked out for the best….Well for me anyway. Poor Alex, he had to deal with Horace, but he did make progress."

"So what did Horace…" Stopping midway, due to Marnie's facial expression which said, 'there-is-no-way-you-are-going-to-find-out-so-zip-it'. "You think I should pass Zahur over to someone else?"

Marnie skipped over to another podium and began dancing around it, lost in her world. Chris would never understand this. Marnie was a head strong girl who knew what she wanted and how to get it, but at times she just drifted off and danced to whatever beat was playing in her mind at the time. Chris swore that she was a hidden hippy, but never voiced this for he knew she would just reply that she had no idea what he was talking about. It seemed crazy to some of the other whitelighters, but those who knew her, knew that it was just her.

Whistling, she stopped and looked at him for a few seconds while she tried to remember what he had just said, "Look, I don't like to see you down heartened and as it's your birthday soon you should be able to get away with it. I know that Marisol and her charge don't really see eye to eye so you could go and ask her." and with that Marnie was off again, leaving Chris with a slime on his lips and a new sense of hop and being.


"If one more of your lot bothers me, I'll personally find a darklighter and shoot you myself!" roared the feisty eighteen year old.

"Of course you well dear." yawned Marisol. This was the umpteenth time within six months that that threat had been thrown at her. Hearing her name she bid farewell to her ever-so-charming charge and orbed up there.

When she arrived she saw the newbie and smiled, "So you called me. Well, I haven't got all day."

Marisol was twenty-two and stuck in a time warp from, what Chris could guess, the era in which she died. Her hair was ash blonde and in a bob, her make up was dark around her honey eyes and pale on her lips. The latter sounding rather strange, but suited her down to the ground. The classic mini and knee length boots also showed tell tale signs of the 1960s.

"I heard that you and you're charge didn't see eye to eye and I was wondering if you'd like to trade?"

"Trade? Listen Chad…"

"It's Chris."

Marisol rolled her eyes, "Fine Chris as much as my charge pissed me off, it's our duty to protect them and help them reach their potential. They're not some coat that you can just take back to the shop, their people with feelings, dreams, fears…"

"He's name is Zahur, eighteen, tallish and a shape shifter. Well you do you want to trade or not?"

If looks could kill, Chris would have died three times over, "Rule one Chrissy boy, you do not interrupt me. Did you say shape shifter? (Seeing the nod she continued) That would be interesting. Fine. Yours is also eighteen, a handful and female. Good luck and kiss kiss." With which she orbed out leaving Chris slightly confused.

Sensing the location of his new charge, Chris was saddened to find that it was in San Francisco. Remembering the pinch from Marnie he pulled himself together and orbed to his charge.


"Look I told you before….WHAT! Is this a joke, now I have a child as my whitelighter? Listen boy, I didn't need the last three and I don't need you."

Feeling extremely annoyed Chris opened his mouth to argue his case, "Firstly I'm no child – I'll be seventeen soon, and secondly did you say three?"

"OH look, the baby can count!"

"Wow, you must be a nightmare. So what are you?"

She prowled towards him and snarled, "You're fears manifested into flesh."

At that Chris laughed uncontrollably, "Per-lease! Did you pick that out of a cheap horror movie? Or off a lower lever demon?" At that she positioned herself into a fighting stance, allowing Chris to see the marking on her wrist, "Bianca." he whispered.


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