Title: Utopia

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Rating: PG-13

Summary: It's been a year after the battle with Galaxia, The senshi are taking advantage of the time of peace, Setsuna is married with daughter, and Haruka and Michiru are soon engaged to be married.

Authors Notes: I got the idea for the 'Utopia' Title from what was taking place in one of my favorite shows, Charmed.
The idea of a perfect world, peaceful and demon free. Like in this case, The Outer's experience a time of peace youma free and have normal lives even if it is for so brief a time. Oh and the timing for this fic is March 6th, based on next month, which falls on a Sunday. I have some information on Miyoko's future self at my site, which is on my profile.

Disclaimer: No part of Sailor Moon belongs to me, the show and characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. Only Miyoko and Shukensha belong to me.

Setsuna sat up at the large window sill of the Outer Senshi Mansion, gazing absently out onto the city of Tokyo, watching some cherry blossoms flow elegantly in the wind. The garnet eyed guardian of time was wearing a long strapless red-wine colored dress that complimented her lean figure, she also wore a silver necklace with a key in the middle that was adorned with garnet gemstones, with a matched set of earrings.

Setsuna had received this as a Christmas present the other year, from Haruka, Michiru and Hotaru.
Her husband Shukensha was with Haruka, Hotaru and her three month old daughter, Miyoko, in the kitchen. The four had managed to keep Michiru out of the house while they prepared for Michiru's eighteenth birthday party that night. Miyoko had been born on the first of January, twelve A.M. sharp, the dawn of a new year.

Though, she was concerned about the way Miyoko had been growing, the way she looked, you'd think she was around three years instead of months. The same thing had occurred with Hotaru but at a rather faster rate. This had led her to question if her daughter would be needed relatively soon. She had checked at the time gates countless times for any signs of intruders, but none whatsoever.

All in all, everything had seemed perfectly fine, no sign of any evil aura, at least, not yet.
She had met Shukensha after the ordeal with the death busters at the gate of time. Setsuna had married him a few months after the battle with Galaxia. Months later, was pregnant with Miyoko. This was what she had wished for when she had made that wish upon that shooting star, with Hotaru, Michiru and Haruka, a family. Setsuna smiled at the memory. Hotaru had been curious as to what she had wished for, perhaps someday she would have to tell her.

Setsuna had only carried Miyoko for seven months, She must have been growing rapidly then too, because she had been perfectly healthy even though she was pre-mature.

"Setsuna-mama!" a small voice called Setsuna turned and stood up as Miyoko entered the room with Hotaru.
Miyoko had light green hair which was now down to the middle of her back, and garnet eyes which suited her own,
she must have picked up the 'Setsuna-mama' from Hotaru.

The two of them had become quickly attached to each other. Hotaru had missed Chibiusa deeply since she had returned to the future. She had seen the future, she knew that this peace they were blessed with wouldn't last forever. Someday, Herself, Shukensha as well as Haruka and Michiru would leave and take place in the rings of the outer solar system to protect the Earth from invasion.

Setsuna forced herself to smile "Hai"
"I finished the decorations, Setsuna-mama, Miyo-chan helped me." Hotaru said happily Setsuna knelt down and hugged her daughters "That's great"

"Where's Haruka-papa and Shukensha-papa?" Setsuna asked standing back up "They're in the kitchen putting the toppings on the cake." Miyoko responded catching Setsuna by surprise

In the kitchen

Haruka took a tube of cake frosting and began to slowly write 'Happy Birthday Michiru' in cursive on top of the cake. The cake was coated in white frosting with a corner of white and red frosting flowers.
Setsuna had baked the lemon cake, other than Michiru, she was the best cook.

Haruka and Shukensha didn't want to test their cooking skills, especially when they were short on time tonight.
Besides the way Haruka added the frosting made it look like an already difficult task.

When she was finished, Haruka gave a sigh of perfection, then turned over to Shukensha who was only a few inches taller than herself, he had light green hair and emerald eyes. He placed in eighteen candles. "So, when is Michiru supposed to be back, Haruka-san?" he asked The blond placed her hands on her hips and sighed "No formality is necessary, Shukensha-kun, how long have we known each other now?"

The emerald eyed man nodded "Haruka, gomen ne, it's still a habit"
Haruka nodded then turned around just taking notice of Miyoko and Hotaru's absence "Where did the girls go"
Shukensha bent going over the cake once more before picking it up and turning to take it into the dining room "I think they went to see Setsuna." he replied with a smile

Haruka nodded with a slight smile and followed to the dining room to continue the decorations.
She looked at her watch only a few more hours to go before Michiru and the others arrived.
Michiru sighed deeply as she positioned herself to float on top of the waters of the GYM pool, she wore her black swimsuit, which she used in many swim workouts.

She closed her eyes and in hailed a deep breath before opening them again and looking straight at the ceiling.
When she had arriver earlier, she had been glad that the pool was vacant, but that was to be expected on Sunday afternoons and evenings. Citizens of Japan were all about focusing on the week to come. 'Sunday, March the sixth.' she re-repeated inside of her head, then it dawned on her that it was her birthday

No wonder Haruka and the others made a big fuss about keeping her away from the mansion. She had totally forgotten, Birthdays to her, were just another day of the year. That is until she had met Haruka, her mate had always done something special for her and tried to convince her that birthdays were more than just another day of the year, that everyone should be celebrated for their birth. She stood up and smiled at the thought.

Sometimes it was still a habit of hers to forget about her own birthday, it was never really a big deal to her. Ever since seventh grade, she had been burdened by the weight of the world on her shoulders. She couldn't think about anything else, however, she always remembered others birthdays and felt a desire to do something special for the ones she loved.
Michiru ran her fingers through her sea-green colored hair. It's been a year since battle, and there had been no signs of immediate danger, which she was grateful for. Maybe they could settle down and have semi normal lives, but she knew deep down that this peace wouldn't last forever, Setsuna explained briefly how Crystal Tokyo would have to come about.
Even if this peace wouldn't last forever, she wanted to indulge in this Utopia.

She sighed to herself before looking up at the clock on the far wall of the indoor swimming pool. 7:30PM. She took notice how long she had been organizing her thoughts and lost track of time. Haruka had said to be back before 9PM, she had more or less killed time while she was away from the mansion, which was extremely rare, usually she was focused on not having enough time. But looking back on that now, boring didn't seem so bad. Taking notice of the waters which had grown cold due to her lack of movement in the water, she turned and stepped onto the pool later and exited the pool.
Back at the mansion

Haruka lifted the sleeve of her blouse to examine her watch for about the thousandth time,
it was already 8:45PM and all of the guests had already arrived, even Usagi had been on time.
She remembered telling Michiru to be back before 9PM, and she was usually much earlier.
Hotaru came up beside her "Haruka-papa, if you keep looking at the that watch your wrist is going to fall off, besides all the more reason to give Michiru-mama a surprise party"
The young girl's violet eyes lit up.

Haruka let a smile brighten her features "I think that would be a great idea, Hime-chan"
She turned towards the dining room where her fellow soldiers stood and socialized over drinks. Usagi wore a diamond ring on her ring finger, when Mamoru came back from America, he had promised to marry her. She smiled hoping Michiru would like her birthday gift.

She then turned to Setsuna, Shukensha and Miyoko who walked over towards them. Miyoko held a small glass of iced Milk Tea, Setsuna and Shukensha held steaming cups with green tea. "Where's Michiru? I thought she'd show up earlier,
considering we practically shoved her out the door this morning." She sighed

Haruka nodded "I know but, Hotaru has a great idea, we can throw a surprise party for her!" Fifteen Minutes later Michiru pulled up in the driveway of the outer's mansion and exited her blue car, a shopping bag in each hand.

After she had finished swimming she had decided to go out and buy another outfit. She wore knee length black leather boots, matched with a long silk skirt with red rose designs that went to her knees. She wore a white casual tee shirt with Kaiou Michiru in cursive across the front, ever since she had devoted her life to her music and she was making her way to the top.

She smiled to herself closing the car door and made her way towards the front door, she couldn't wait to get back to her family, when she had been younger and first accepted her destiny as Sailor Neptune she had always desired to have something truly to come home to.

With that thought in mind, Michiru lifted her slender hand and knocked softly on the door. After a minute or so had passed, she placed her bags down on each side of her and opened her purse to search for her key, but stopped momentarily to take notice that no lights were on, not even the porch light. There wasn't any sign of life inside.

'That's odd' Michiru thought to herself, usually someone would be home at this hour.
Without hesitation, she placed her hand on the door knob and turned it, as it opened with a small creek.
She peered inside and into the darkness She felt a very ominous feeling, but it wasn't an indication of anything supernatural she felt, rather, she felt like she was isolated in a bad horror flick.

Curiosity getting the best of her, she closed the door behind her once she was inside and slowly, with much caution proceeded into the darkness. Everything was extremely quiet, so quite that it qualified as eerie.

She stopped when she reached the dining room and slowly moved to flip the lights,
when a burst of cheers and screams rang so loud, that they probably could have been heard from a 10 Miles away.
Michiru dropped her bags suddenly and had to cover her ears to filter out the unbearable noise.
"Michiru-san, otanjoubiomedetougozaimasu!" The crowd which were their fellow inner senshi and the rest of her family When the noise settled she removed her hands from her ears and opened her eyes to the impeccable and beautiful scene before her.

The entire room was decorated, it was an awe-inspiring sight,
All of her family and friends stood by the long table with a tall white cake decorated frosting flowers on the top.
"Ara..."she said looking around the room as she stepped down the stairs towards her fellow senshi "It's beautiful"
The crowd quickly moved forward and exchanged tight hugs with the sea-green haired soldier of embrace.
"Minna-san, arigatou gozaimasu!"

Usagi nearly jumped up and down "Time to cut the cake!" she cheered Makoto, Ami, Rei, Luna, Artemis and Minako sweat dropped "Some things never change." Makoto sighed "That's for sure, her eyes are bigger than her stomach." Rei sighed Usagi turned "Give it a rest will you Rei, it's a party!" she exclaimed all of them sighed

Michiru cut the cake in even slices while Hotaru and Miyoko passed them around to everyone.

Usagi hungrily ate her cake and literally licked her plate clean.
Michiru and Haruka couldn't help but giggle at their future Queen's silliness.

After finishing the cake, Haruka and Shukensha stood up deciding it was time to open presents. "Hotaru, Miyoko, could you bring the presents over to Michiru-mama"
The two little girls bolted from their seats and towards the table and gathered the presents in their arms and placed them next to Michiru and Setsuna who was sitting next to her.

Michiru smiled "Arigatou!"

She picked up a present which was wrapped neatly and elegantly in blue wrapping paper,
this one was from Setsuna, Miyoko and Shukensha. She pulled back the wrapping paper which revealed a beautiful glass violin. Her jaw nearly dropped. "Aw, it's so beautiful, you shouldn't have." she smiled fondly Setsuna smiled "Miyoko picked it out while Shukensha and I were shopping."

Once they had finished opening presents, Michiru had exchanged hugs with everyone.
Hotaru had given her a porcelain mermaid statue, which she had saved her allowance for.
Ami had given her a painting of the ocean that was one of her fathers.
Makoto had given her a silver necklace with aquamarine gemstones.
Minako and Artemis had given Michiru a set of classical Cd's.
Rei had given Michiru a charm that wards off evil spirits.
Usagi and Luna had given her a cosmetics set.

Usagi smiled "Mamo-chan called a few days ago and said he had gotten you a souvenir from America, but it's a surprise until he gets back." the blond nodded

Michiru smiled at Usagi then turned back to the sound of Setsuna's voice. "Michiru, there's another present over here and it's from Haruka." The soldier of revolution said Hotaru tilted her head walked over to Setsuna who handed it to her "I thought we got all of them,
anyway, Haruka-papa, you should give this to Michiru-mama."

The young soldier of death and rebirth said handing the small present to Haruka and sat next to Michiru. All of the inner soldiers crowded next to them.
as Haruka handed the present to Michiru.

Michiru grinned at her lover and carefully undid the wrapping to reveal a small velvet black box. She slowly opened the box and her jaw fell open and she forced herself to say something but no words came out of her mouth. Inside was a diamond ring.

Everyone who was crowded around them were watching in complete awe.
Haruka knelled next to Michiru and carefully took the ring out of the box and took Michiru's elegant hand in her own and slid the ring onto Michiru's ring finger. She took Michiru's hand in her own. She looked deeply into Michiru's sea-green eyes, the windows to her soul.

"Kaiou Michiru, everything that is elegant and beautiful, will you marry me?"

To be continued...

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