Title: Utopia

Author: Kyouryoku Senshi

Rating: PG-13

Summary: It's been a year after the battle with Galaxia. The senshi are taking advantage of the time of peace, Setsuna is married with daughter, and Haruka and Michiru are married, after a vision of a possible end to the Utopia they're experiencing, after Haruka and Michiru's future daughter Kurisutaru pays them a visit, nine months later Michiru is pregnant and after only seven months, delivers the child of Uranus and Neptune.

Disclaimer: No part of Sailor Moon belongs to me, the show and characters belong to Naoko Takeuchi. Miyoko, Kurisutaru and Shukensha belong to me as well as some other made up characters.

June 8, 2002

In the past few months, Setsuna had been instructing Ami through a practice of delivering a baby and the future doctor to be was picking it up rather quickly which wasn't surprising, since she'd been studying to become a doctor for so many years.

Setsuna, Haruka, Shukensha, Hotaru and Miyoko were sitting in the living room listening to some classical music when they heard a piercing cry throughout the mansion. At this, Haruka was the first to bolt from the couch and race towards the sounds' designation, the others close behind. "Michiru!" Haruka cried out desperately

The beating of her heart drowned out the sound of her and the other's feet on the tile. They came to an abrupt stop when they found Michiru lying curled up on the carpeted stairs. Her sea-green bangs were matted to her forehead as a result of her sweat, and her arm was curled protectively around her stomach. She had tears threatening to break through as she whimpered.

Haruka rushed to her side and Setsuna was right next to her.

"My water broke…and…and …the baby…kami-sama, I'm only seven month's pregnant, something's wrong, please help me." Michiru cried desperately between breaths

"It's okay…It's going to be alright…everything's going to be fine." Setsuna said soothingly as she caressed her best friends' arm lightly before turning back to her husband and her daughters

"Hun, I need you to get to Ami's place and pick her up, Miyo-chan, Hotaru-chan, go with papa, we'll be alright." Setsuna said

Shukensha nodded "Okay, let's go girls. We need to hurry." Hotaru nodded reluctantly before moving between Haruka and Setsuna and planted a kiss on Michiru's stomach. "It'll be okay Michiru-mama, don't worry we'll be back soon." Hotaru said reassuringly

Michiru managed a smile as Miyoko gave her a quick hug before she and Hotaru left the room with Shukensha.

"Hurry." Setsuna called out

"We need to get her up and onto a bed." Setsuna instructed Haruka nodded as she carefully slipped her arm around Michiru's back with Setsuna's help to help Michiru stand

Haruka felt her heart break at Michiru's sobs "You're going to be alright love, and so will our baby." She whispered softly

Haruka and Setsuna took each of her arms and placing them around both of their shoulders as they carefully but quickly led her to the extra room and lay her gently on the bed. With Haruka and Setsuna's help, Michiru was changed quickly before they helped her back into the bed.

"I'll be right back, I'm going to get a cold washcloth, watch over her." Setsuna said to Haruka before quickly leaving the room

Haruka nodded and took a seat on the edge of the bed, taking hold of Michiru's hand, and with her other caressing Michiru's little rounded belly. "Ami will be here soon, don't worry, love. Setsuna said the baby might be premature, but the baby will be healthy none the less." Haruka said soothingly trying to comfort Michiru but trying to reassure herself at the same time

Haruka felt her panic attack rise, she was scared, what if something happened to Michiru or their daughter. Every possibility and outcome entered her mind, and she was terrified of what the result might be. She felt a tear slip from her eye and onto the swell of Michiru's stomach, she knew that she had to push those thoughts aside and help Michiru through this.

Michiru let out another scream, sitting up immediately and clutched her stomach as she let the contraction pass before falling back into the pillow, she felt herself suddenly shaking at the sudden cold.

Haruka immediately pulled up the sheets and pulled them over her and tucked them in at her sides. She leaned over and tucked Michiru's sweat soaked bangs behind her ears, while her other and rested on Michiru's stomach as she leaned back and watched it rise and fall due to Michiru's breathing.

"Do…do you…promise?" Michiru managed to ask between breaths as she opened her eyes with much effort before they slipped shut again


"That…that…the baby, will…be alright?" Michiru asked

Haruka gave her wife a warm smile "I promise, after all she has to be. We saw it for ourselves when she came to us from the future." Haruka said wiping the eye that the tear had fallen from with the back of her finger before taking hold of Michiru's hand and caressed it gently

She smiled when Michiru managed a giggle between breaths. Haruka turned when Setsuna re-entered the room with a wet washcloth, and moved to place it on Michiru's forehead. She moved towards the end of the bed and slowly lifted the sheets around Michiru's legs and gently moved them.

"It's going to be anytime now, sooner than expected." Setsuna said

A few minutes later, Shukensha and the girls emerged with Ami who quickly placed her stuff aside. "That was fast." Haruka said somewhat relieved

"We got here as soon as we could." Shukensha said

Ami took her place beside Setsuna as Shukensha led the girls out of the room and downstairs.

Ami was obviously nervous but managed to pull herself together in a silent notion.
"I can do this." She thought to herself

Michiru tightened her grip on Haruka's hand

"Michiru, I'm starting to see the baby, you need to push." Ami instructed as she lifted the sheets slightly over Michiru's legs

Haruka smiled "You can do this, Michiru."

With tremendous effort, Michiru leaned forward some and pushed all the while letting out a deafening scream before collapsing back into the pillows.

"You're doing great Michiru-san." Ami said encouragingly

"Another push, Michiru." Setsuna said

"Kami-sama." Michiru sighed

Haruka winced at Michiru's grip on her hand as she made the next push.

"I can see your beautiful baby, one more push!" Ami instructed as she whipped head with the back of her arm

Everyone in the room cringed at Michiru's wail and a moment later the cry of their baby's joining hers.

Setsuna handed Ami a delicate white cloth for the baby, as the Soldier of Wisdom quickly scooped up the baby as Setsuna cut the cord.

Ami smiled at the little baby and rocked it gently, and moved over towards the excited parents and handed Michiru her daughter. Setsuna placed the sheets back over Michiru's legs and moved over beside Ami.

"She's so beautiful." Michiru whispered softly as she looked at her quieting daughter

Haruka smiled warmly and reach over and gently touched the short and soft ice blue hair with the back of her finger. "Hai."

The little baby's eyes slowly opened to reveal their teal color. "She has your eyes, Haruka-san." Ami said softly

What they hadn't noticed was, Shukensha, Miyoko and Hotaru who just slipped into the room moments ago until they made their presence known "Awww."

They turned to the three "Oh there you are." Setsuna said taking her place by her husband's side and watched the new parents before them

"What are you going to name her?" Ami asked

"Kurisutaru." Haruka replied "It means Crystal, clear and sparkling." Haruka said softly not taking her eyes off her daughter

"The name suits her and her complexion, and she is beautiful and sparkling." Michiru said as she watched her little baby's eyes slip closed

Michiru brushed at the cloth her daughter was wrapped in, she turned the part of the cloth over between her fingers. Embroidered in blue on the cloth was 'Kurisutaru Kaiou Tenou', the work of Setsuna.

Miyoko stood by her parents, Shukensha and Setsuna as Hotaru moved over towards Haruka and Michiru to get a closer view of the baby. "Kurisutaru."

Michiru looked over towards her violet eyed daughter "Would you like to hold her, hime-chan?"


Michiru carefully moved to place Kurisutaru in Hotaru's arms before leaning back into the pillows with a deep sigh.

"Kurisutaru-chan." Hotaru said softly once more

The baby's eyes opened momentarily before sliding back closed, and let out a small noise to indicate the comfort of her older sister's arms.

A few minutes later

Setsuna placed her hands on Hotaru's shoulders, "We should let Michiru-mama rest." Setsuna said softly

Hotaru nodded and handed her younger sister gently back to Haruka. "Bye, Kurisutaru-chan." She said as she moved back to her other younger sister, Miyoko's side

"Well be down stairs if you need anything." Setsuna said as she led Shukensha, Miyoko, and Hotaru out of the room

Ami followed closely behind but stopped as she heard Michiru's voice "Ami-san?"


"Domo Arigatou gozaimasu." Michiru smiled

"You're welcome, be sure to feed her." Ami smiled as the new parents nodded Before Ami slipped out of the room and closed the door behind her

Michiru quickly moved to breast feed their baby, as the baby hungrily accepted, her eyes fluttering every once and awhile. Haruka leaned in slowly as Michiru looked up and met her wife's lips as they kissed "I love you, Michiru and our daughter."

"I love you too."

A few weeks later, the other soldiers had dropped by to see the baby for a few hours after their last day of school for the summer. After they had left for the night, Haruka and Michiru were gazing into the crib where their little daughter was watching them quietly.

"She's so quite and serene just watching us." Haruka smiled softly

"I know, she's been growing at a fast rate, much like Hotaru and Miyoko, but at least the growing will slow when she reaches the height of a toddler." Michiru sighed and reached down to carefully pick up her daughter

Kurisutaru wore a white lacy dress which Setsuna had designed for her. Michiru watched as Haruka moved across the room towards a tall dresser.

Haruka returned holding a little box "What's that?" Michiru asked

Haruka opened the box to reveal the necklace she had bought when they had went shopping a few months ago. "I bought it when we were at the mall, it was the same sore where I bought Hotaru's firefly necklace." Haruka said

The necklace chain was silver and the bottom of the necklace, there was an adorned butterfly with sparkling ice blue which decorated the outline of the wings. There was a diamond shaped tanzanite jewel bodying the center. On each wing were two round tanzanite gems, both top and bottom. The top of the two antennas were matched with the tanzanite gems.

"It's beautiful." Michiru said softly

Haruka removed the necklace from the box and opened the clasp the leaned forward to place it around her daughter's neck. Kurisutaru cooed in response, and placed her little hands around Haruka's gift, as if knowingly being so careful.

Michiru moved to place their daughter in Haruka's arms. Haruka smiled and leaned forward to place a kiss on her daughter's forehead. "I love you, Kurisutaru." She whispered before placing her daughter back into the crib and tucked the covers over her little body

Haruka came up from behind her wife and encircled her waist and rocked the Soldier of Embrace gently as they watched their daughter. Haruka took a breath and began to sing softly

"White flower petals scattered across the sea, heading after your shadow I accelerate off,
Your sweet hair curling around, your lowered eyelids burned into me that night. The machine I take off in is a Ferrari. My memories turn into the wind now a blue checkered flag." "I am just going toward the distances beyond glory, still left on my lips is the proof of our vow. To the other side of the morning glow I keep running, surely you have engraved in my heart, shining brightly with gold, The letter U." Haruka looked over at Michiru as she sang "Why did you let go of our joined hands? Drying from my tear ducts, the broken pieces of dreams, the silver mirror floating in the sea, the future has been entrusted to it.
Now shuffle and open your mind." "Someday we will be close again, I do believe in that day, still left on my lips is the kiss of our promise. On the other side of the morning glow, whatever darkness awaits together engraved in our hearts, shining brightly with gold, The letter U." Haruka finished The two of them watched in content as their daughter's eyelids slipped closed. They both knew that this peace wouldn't last forever, but they wanted to live this life to the fullest. They also knew someday, Kurisutaru and her sisters would in the future have to overcome many obstacles in order for Crystal Tokyo to come.
The outer soldiers believed deeply that their children would prevail, and someday there will be a time when they will return to their children in the future and be able to live in a permanent Utopia.

Owari for now

Authors Note: This is only the beginning of the end; I plan to write a sequel which is going to be a crossover. This will deal with the time Miyoko, Hotaru and Kurisutaru are young adults. Anyway I hope you liked it. R&R Please!