The air in the country smelled old, grim like it had been there for centuries. Carl twittered nervously which was his habit while Van Helsing stared out the carriage window. The order had dispatched them due tp the increase of diappearances in Transylvania. They believed there was a supernatural cause and Van Helsing and Carl were to find out the cause and its intent. Van Helsing held back a pained sigh. This was the same forest he and Anna had been riding in before he had been bitten. Bitten and given the curse that would lead him to killing Anna in cold blood.

Carl stopped twittering for a second and looked at his friend. He could see Van Helsing's eyes clouded over and knew what he was thinking. Anna had been a beautiful girl. But she was also kind, and brave, and ready to sacrifice anything for her family.That is what she did, thought Carl, She made the ultimate sacrifice. For both her family and Van Helsing.

Suddenly the carriage made a jarring stop. Both occupants were knocked around a bit, but were none worse for wear.

" We can't be there yet," said Carl the nervousness returning to his voice.

" We're not," said Vam Helsing grimly. Slowly he pulled out a gleaming pistol. Carl watched Van Helsingas he got into a position to fire. Van Helsing made a gesture forCarl to open the door. Mutely Carl grabbed the handel and pulled it open. But the shot never came.

Standing there inthe doorway was Anna grinning, " Welcome back, my friends."

Sorry if this doesn't sound like the first beginning I had to rewrite it from memory.