Van Helsing looked across the table at Anna. Again he felt himself memorizing every feature of her face for fear that this might all be a dream. Anna, for her part, looked at him smiling dreamily. As the dinner was brought in the spell was broken.

" Anna, what is going on?" Van Helsing said finally, " You know what the truth is behind these disappearances."

Right before his eyes he saw Anna shift uncomfortably. When she looked him in the face her eyes showed fear.

" Anna?" breathed Van Helsing.

" No," came the reply, " You need to know. But first, won't you drink out of your glass?"

Van Helsing looked at her andthen to the wine glass sitting next to him.

" Anna," he replied firmly.

" Please, Gabriel," she begged, " Drink."

Van Helsing looked at her suspiciously. Then as if under a trance he picked up the glass and sipped it's contents.

Anna smiled and said, " Alright, you want information. Well, here it is."

Van Helsing waited for her to answer but she continued to smile. Suddenly he became aware of an almost burning sensation. It wasn't like a fire, but more like a passionate emotion burning in him. Steadly it grew stronger and deep within his mind Van Helsing realized to late what it was. Somehow, someway he had reawakened the wolf.