A Titan's Hero
- The Right Thing To Do -

"Titan's, Go!" came the well known catch phrase of the apprentice to Batman, extending his green gloved hand outward, finger pointing to the day's criminal, hurling himself over a metal linked fence with a nap sack over flowing with cash. In a flash, four figures from behind him followed, two on foot, two in the air, while Robin ran along side, hopping over the fence to capture the perpetrator.

The red silky haired woman from Temaran flew high in the sky, keeping a bird's eye view on the criminal, her hands filled with green energy at her command. With a flash of her bright green eyes, she summoned two green spheres with her fingers grasping the warm orbs. Like a baseball, the girl threw them spiraling downward, the warning shots lifting pavement and smoke, halting the criminal in its tracks for a moment, before he turned a corner and ran down another alleyway.

Just as he was about to reach freedom, a black aura formed upon the wall just next to him, with a midnight blue cloaked form halfway sticking out. With its eyes flashing black and a raise of its hand, the half demon creature summoned its energy to surround nearby debris, sending it spiraling toward the criminal. With a swing of its knapsack, the man threw aside the empty trash boxes aside with ease, and continued out into the street.

There, he was greeted by two others of the Titan's Team, a half metal human with an extended gun arm pointed directly toward him. With a wave of his hand, the earth before him lifted upward, as sparks of blue and purple energy erupted from his hand. The lighting struck Cyborg, knocking him half way across the street, smashing into the side walk.

The green skinned changeling broke down its chemical structure to a creature he found fitting for battle, reforming itself into a large gorilla, stretching out its arms as it roared. Smashing its fists into the street, it lifted the pavement the criminal stood upon, making him stagger backward and off the lifted concrete, falling onto its back. The man flipped backward just before another pair of green energy filled star bolts hit the ground. Two more came raining down beside him as he took his view to the sky.

Starfire spiraled out of two electric blasts the man sent her way, but ran directly into the third, sending a wave of electricity souring through her body. With a scream, her body tensed, loosing control of her powers. Her vision blurred for a moment, not realizing the fact that she had been falling.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" the familiar chant of Raven's magic caught the girl moments before a splattering end upon Jump City's street, and slowly levitated the girl to stand again.

"Thank you, friend Raven!" Starfire waved to the frowning girl, who focused herself upon the criminal currently attempting to get away. Traffic swerved its way around the criminal, causing a domino effect of accidents, the man hurling himself onto a car's hood, then onto the roof, hopping from car to car just to escape.

"Stop!" came a shout from just above him, ducking just in time to miss a spiraling red and yellow boomerangs, all of which trailed back to their master. The criminal's hood from its sweatshirt came back, as a female framed face was shown, her jet black hair swaying to the side as she turned. Robin didn't hesitate a moment, as snapped his hand from behind him outward, extending his metal staff in front of him, hopping over a wrecked car. The girl jumped high upward, onto a street lamp and with amazing agility, threw herself onto the wires of the city's cables and with a bounce, sent her flying onto a building's five story high roof top, leaving the boy wonder wide eyed.

"Starfire!" Robin yelled. With a quick nod, the Temaran lifted her altitude, flying high above the roof tops to catch the girl from roof to roof, making impossible jumps. Raven was instantly by Starfire's side, along with a green feathered hawk, with its wings flapping hard to keep up.

A roar of an engine just below the action upon the city streets would sound loudly, as it battled against traffic, swerving at it switched lanes. The blue metal car finally caught a break, as it sped quickly down a clear road, the senor red eye of the driver catching the female jumping over another rooftop.

Just as the girl crossed over another roof top, Robin hopped up from a fire escape, forcing himself into an all out run to catch up to the criminal. The raven haired girl looked over her shoulder to the team desperate to get her, frowning at the sight. Higher and higher the buildings reached, the girl jumping higher and higher to points where even Robin couldn't match. A final jump would have him barely catch the edge, and if it weren't for a green prehistoric pterodactyl, his chances of walking away with mere scratches would have been slim to none.

Cyborg spun around the corner, as the girl apparently came to stop at a large building. As he stepped out of the car at the office building's entrance, he covered his human eye while looking up to the well lit sky. Moving quickly, he ran into the building, deciding it would be faster to take the elevator than travel all those flights of stairs.

Beast Boy dropped Robin, as he de-transformed himself into human form, landing beside his leader. Starfire and Raven swooped down simultaneously, now cornering the girl toward the edge of the roof.

"You don't have any room to run," Robin announced the obvious, though the girl still held the sack of money over her shoulder protectively. The leader wondered just how much endurance the girl had to have made such a long run, as well as high jumps for such a long time while carrying the weight of all the cash she had stolen. His mind would regret his thought, as he barely managed to dodge a lighting bolt that ran along the ground in his direction. With a roll to the right that would nearly send him off the edge of the roof, Robin tumbled to the side, as the bolt exploded against a pipe structure he had been standing in front of. The blast would force him further along the roof top, skidding half his body nearly over the edge.

The girl summoned another electric force of energy within her palm, throwing it outward along the roof flooring. It spiraled in all directions, aiming for the three remaining Titans. Raven and Starfire lifted to the air instantly, while Beast Boy transformed into an electric eel, absorbing the energy completely. After that, he transformed into a goat, with its horns pointed outward. With a quick dash attack, Beast Boy charged the girl to only have her leap frog over the changeling, sending him tumbling down towards the pavement. Another quick transformation into anything that could fly, a green feathered hawk caught its balance amongst the wind, and flew back toward the fight.

A black beam of energy shot down to the ground with strong gravitational force, moving itself toward the criminal. The electric-happy girl jumped back, but caught her balance quickly as she spun her free hand around outward toward the flying magus. Throwing out her palm, she shouted out her enchantment.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" A black aura of energy erupted from her hand, surrounding her in a black sphere, as the purple bolts of electricity shot around her shield, before dissolving completely. Twin green spheres shot out from either side of Raven, spiraling out of control toward the roof top. With a mimicking move of the girl's hand, her palm faced outward, as a sphere of purple energy surrounded her, the green spheres of energy simply too weak to penetrate the shield.

With a boot to the door, Cyborg plowed into the fight, his gun arm already locked and loaded, aiming it wildly about. With quick thinking, a fire was shot from his cannon, the blue energy rushing toward its target. With lightning fast reflexes the girl may have been able to dodge the attack, but the sack carrying the cash ripped open from the scorching heat, sending wave after wave of cash to where the wind chose.

"NO!" the girl screamed, as she quickly reached out for a handful. Already close to the edge as it was, the girl lost her balance as her arms wavered, still attempting to grab as much green paper as she could, while still holding onto the bag. In a red flash, Robin ran to that very edge, and dove head first to catch up to the girl, his arms shot outward. The rest of the team could only watch in amazement, as Robin followed the girl over the edge, sending the rest of the team to simply rush over toward the edge to view the outcome.

Nearly half way down, Robin caught up with the girl, who held a defeated look with her eyes shut loosely closed, her back facing her fate. The hero wrapped his arm around the girl's waist, resulting in a shocking outburst by the surprised criminal. Gritting his teeth, Robin held tightly onto the girl, and with his free hand, reached for his belt, pulling out his grappling hook. As the device shot out its unbreakable string-thin rope, Cyborg moved his leg aside while the hook greeted a near by pipe, well planted enough to hold their weight. The string tightened just enough for them to land safely upon the ground, with Robin staggering to his knee from the sudden shock.

The criminal fell to her knees, her eyes upon the ground, frozen in this position. Raven, Starfire, and Beast Boy carrying Cyborg as that same flying prehistoric creature all landed then, surrounding the girl from further escape. Raven stepped forward.

"It's over."


Robin finished giving his report to the officer, sparing a final glance to the girl currently locked up in a rubbery suit. Her face was lost, her expression sad. Her eyes met the hero's only a moment, before the doors closed, leaving her in the darkness to which she would become accustomed to. The police gathered what they needed from the team, before they headed off in Cyborg's work of art, with some of the team too tired to fly.

Raven sat in the front seat, with her elbow on the arm rest, staring into the mirror at Robin, who was currently fixated with the Temaran next to him. His awareness seemed to catch the sorceress off guard, as her apparent staring got her own eyes locked upon his.

"What is it?" Robin asked curiously. Raven blinked, keeping her emotionless stare upon the leader before finally replying her query.

"What you did," Raven started with a raised eyebrow. "It was reckless and almost took your life."

"I couldn't just stand by and let the girl fall," Robin defended in his leader-like tone, which wasn't much for a young teenager.

"The girl shocked you when you tried to grab her," Raven commented with a frown.

"It was only out of surprise," Robin replied with a matching frown.

"She was a criminal, and you almost died because of your careless thinking," Raven countered in a teacher-student tone.

"I was thinking clearly," Robin's voice grew slightly. "I'm surprised you seem to be questioning my actions."

"Why?" Raven said, looking him directly into the mirror images eyes with a confused look. "What if you had died? Why risk your life over a criminal?"

"Because it was the right thing to do."


"Okay, now hand me the wrench," Cyborg yelled from on top of the latter. A green feathered hawk flew up in front of the metal human, its wings flapping as he squawked, handing the teen the item. As it dropped in his hand, the creature swooped downward, then shifting itself into its human form. Beast Boy, the green skinned changeling, cupped his hands over his mouth, as he shouted up to his companion.

"That all you need?" he yelled. Cyborg shook his head, as he tightened a bolt that kept a water pipe from falling, the current leak finally coming to an end. Beast Boy ruffled his hands through his soaked hair. "I can't believe Raven made the pipes burst!"

"Well," Cyborg said, as he started to lower himself from the ladder, having finished reconnecting the broken pipes. "Maybe if you stopped annoying her every moment of the day, she wouldn't loose control of her powers."

"Me?" Beast Boy countered, as he threw his hands up just as Cyborg reached the bottom of the ladder. "She's the one that just blows up on me every time she enters the room!"

"No," Cyborg corrected, closing the ladder and placing it under his arm. The two walked along the water filled floor, toward the exit of the room. "You know she doesn't have a sense of humor, and you continue to joke around with her."

"I'm just trying to lighten the mood," Beast Boy shook his head as he crossed his arms. "It's not my fault she doesn't have a sense of humor."

Cyborg shrugged, as the two walked up the stair well three floors, passing the shadows containing the very cause of the basement flooding. The upside down floating Raven pulled the half body that shifted in between floors from the shadows of the ceiling, back into the hallway of the first floor, just as the door to the stair well opened. The dark blue shaded cloak form shifted itself to face its back to the two, and walking away making it seem as if she were merely walking down the hall. Cyborg elbowed the changeling, as he paused in his ranting, covering himself by faking a cough.

Raven turned around the corner, heading to the other side of the tower, leaving the two in a hesitant paused position. Cyborg lowered his eyebrows, as his gaze turned to the changeling next to him, frowning slightly.

"I think she may have heard you," he whispered, right before he continued his own way through the hall, toward the main living quarters Beast Boy followed next to the Titan, rubbing the back of his neck in regret. "You should apologize to her the next time you see her."


Jinx held her head in her hands, as she sat at the bottom of the stairs of the basement, her legs in a pool of water, as Gizmo hung from the ceiling, repairing another bursting pipe. Her eyes shifted away from the teacher, lecturing her about loosing control of her powers. A current prank attempt by the over sized Mammoth had played made the bad luck charm in a laughing fit that caused the current flood in the basement she had her feet in, with her eyes rolling to the side. It wasn't the first time she had sudden out bursts of bad luck. It seemed anything in recognition to those old superstitious sayings would cause the girl's powers to go haywire. Even so, the teacher in front of her continued to go on about learning to control her powers, which resulted in the boring look on her face, and the sigh that escaped her mouth. Gizmo's computerized back pack extended a robot hand that touched the floor below, then brought the rest of the small techno-wiz kid down. He frowned, as he kept himself above the two feet of water, his extending robot hands keeping him hovering just above the surface.

"It's all set," he replied to the teacher with a roll of his hand. The older man nodded, crossing his arms over his chest as he turned to his student, who currently had a careless look upon her face.

"I hope we don't have to have this discussion again!"


Robin tapped his finger along the desk he sat at, as he continued to stare at the blue screen in front of him. Raven stood at the door way, hesitant to go in as her leader looked involved in something at the current moment. Robin's eyes shifted to the silhouette form at the entrance of the room, where the lighting was most dim. Placing the tips of his fingers on the top screen of his laptop and pushed it down, giving his full attention to the mysterious sorceress.

"Come in," he said, folding his hands upon the desk. Raven floated in, touching her feet to the floor in front of the leaders desk. The leader pinched the bridge of his nose a moment, as he pushed the wheeled chair back, then rubbing his eyes, adjusting it to the dimly lit room.

"You shouldn't stare at a computer screen for so long," Raven commented over the silence, before it took her over completely. Robin's eyes raised to the girl finally, his hands resting next to him. "It's not good for your eyes."

"I suppose you know why I wanted to talk to you," Robin spoke finally, getting right to the point. Raven tensed a moment, then nodded her head. "Is there anything we can do to help you get more control over your powers?"

"Keep the dog on a leash?" Raven's humor-side kicked in, with Robin merely shaking his head in response.

"A thousand dollar payment for a flooded basement isn't something to joke about, Raven," Robin replied firmly, quieting the girl's joking. "The city pays us to protect them, but only enough for us to get by. The city is generous enough for helping us build a base of operation, and keeping it powered up all day and night, but these… mishaps… are costing us, and the city greatly."

"I'm sorry," Raven replied quietly, keeping her face hidden within the shadows of her hood. Robin raised a hand with forgiving eyes, shaking his head.

"You don't have anything to be sorry for, Raven," Robin corrected in reply while his eyes softened. "I just want to know if there's anything we can do to help you gain more control of your powers."

"I have control of my powers," Raven immediately responded in defense.

"Not recently," Robin countered. "We're just barely making it by with insurance alone, but more incidents like these are setting us back farther little by little. Is there something bothering you?"

"What?" The question caught the girl off guard, putting a falter on her normal stoic posture.

"Is everything alright with you, Raven," Robin asked, leaning inward as he kept his head in his hands. "Is there anything that has been bothering you lately that would result in a flocculation of your powers?"

Raven paused as an image flashed before her eyes, her head shifting away from Robin's gaze. The boy wonder caught the girl's weakness, his head tilting to the side in curiosity.

"What is it?" he asked.

"It's nothing," Raven said quickly. "There is nothing wrong with me, I'm simply having an off day."

"Raven," Robin persuaded. "I can't help you if you keep lying to me."

"It's personal," she spoke softly.

"Is it about Terra?" Robin asked about the blonde that had recently turned on them. When silence engulfed the room, Robin continued. "Raven, I'm not sure what went on between you and Terra before she turned on us, but she was a traitor to all of us. She deceived us. Whatever she said, whatever she did was only to get into our systems. She worked for Slade. She was-"

Another burst of black energy from the girl's eyes would send three more lights down the hall in need of repair, silencing the leader of the Teen Titans in mid sentence.

"I'm sorry," Robin said, lowering his gaze in guilt. "I didn't mean to step over the line like that. I'm just really worried about you, Raven."

"There's nothing to be worried about," Raven replied quietly, her head tilting downward toward the floor.

"Yes there is," Robin stated, as he rose from his seat. "Terra meant a lot to all of us. She was a friend to all of us, but she deceived us. You have to see this. Stop beating yourself up, and-"

"You don't have to turn this into a therapy session," Raven interrupted suddenly, making Robin stutter.

"Raven-" Robin started, before the girl interrupted him once again.

"Robin," Raven stated firmly. "I'm fine. I just need to meditate a little more, that is all."

Robin knew he had hit the girl's only soft spot pretty hard with his comment, his eyes shifting to the floor in defeat. He sighed, as he placed his hand upon the seat, pulling out to sit back down.

"Alright Raven," he said as he took his seat, lifting the screen upward. "Just let me know if you want to talk about anything."

"Whatever," Raven said without thought, as she turned to leave. Robin quickly spoke up, feeling the need to apologize.

"Raven," he said as the girl paused, not bothering to turn. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean what I said, I wasn't really thinking clearly-"

"You meant what you said," the telepath commented. "You shouldn't feel the need to apologize for revealing your thoughts. They would have come out in one form or another."

Robin's face fell somewhat as the girl left, sighing as he rested his hands on the desk. The girl was a mystery to him, as he looked over the blue screen in front of him. Ever since the blonde had turned on the team, it seemed to have effected both Beast Boy and Raven the most, and both seemed to be taking it out upon one another. With more time passing, it seemed things were only getting worse.


Jinx laid on the couch upside down, her head hanging over the edge as her legs dangled over the back of the couch, kicking themselves up and down. With her hands clasped behind her head, she rolled her eyes as Gizmo entered the room, his hands crossed over his small chest, frowning at the girl.

"You know, the dean's pretty pissed off," he spat out at the girl as he walked over to a chair next to the couch, hopping onto it. "He said one more mishap and it'll cost us."

"Cost us?" Jinx asked with mild curiosity, as she moved her head toward the child-genius.

"Yea, you know," he said, as he jumped off the chair, making a football punting motion with his hands and feet. "Give us the boot? Kick us out? Things like that cost the school a lot of money."

"Hey," she frowned, twisting herself around on the couch to sit upright, placing her hands on her hips. "It was the prank that set it off!"

"Please," Gizmo waved his hand in font of his face as he turned his view from the girl. "One man walks under a ladder, and instantly its blamed on bad luck? If you had more control over your powers, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place!"

The yelling continued for a full ten minutes, before the larger of the three teammates entered the room with his large hand ruffling the back of his red mane. He shook his head at the pointless argument, finding entertainment from the television in the next room over.


Raven removed herself from the sounds of the tower, opening the door to the roof where she felt most at peace. Fresh air hit her nose welcomingly, the warmth of the sun heating up her skin instantly, her eyes squinting from the brightness of the sky. Not a cloud in sight, as the girl made her way toward the center of the large roof, her eyes trailing across the four horizons all around her. Miles in all directions, the tower stood one of the largest structures in the city. Raven took in a deep breath, before exhaling with a slight smile of comfort. Yes, this would do for today.

Her feet slowly lifted from the ground, as she tucked them upon one another, taking a cross legged sitting position. Floating a few feet from the ground and with her cape resting upon the ceiling floor, she rested her hands upon her knees, touching her thumb to her middle finger, as her eyes slowly started to close, taking in another deep breath before exhaling and beginning her meditative trance.

"Azarath…" she began. Murphy's law decided to kick in just then, as the communicator hanging on the belt of the sorceress decided to sound of its musical alert. Her eyes blinked open with slight confusion just as Robin's voice interrupted the music chime.

"Titan's, Trouble!" came the catch phrase of the Titans, the leader alerting his team to meet in the main room of the tower. Raven clenched her chest dramatically, as her eyes slowly went half way shut, her right hand moved to pinch the space between her eyes.

"Once a hero…" came her voice which soon trailed off, as she let herself float backward, falling slowly to the roof's flooring. A black aura surrounded her just before she hit, opening a portal through the roof, the black surrounding her completely. Her form slipped through the roof head first, floating down floor by floor toward the living quarters of Titan's Tower.


"What the hell would we need in here, anyway?" came the female voice of the bad luck charm, bouncing from one leg to another as she hopped down the aisle, spinning around as the neared the end and twirling upon her other leg like a ballerina.

"Some kinda chip," came the deep voice of Mammoth walking down the next aisle of the computer store, his face staring into a blank computer screen, scratching the back of his head before pulling himself from it to turn the corner.

"Not just any chip," came the chibi voice of Gizmo, as his metallic legs walked for him, levitating him high enough to check each and every spot along the computer part store. "With this I'll be able to upgrade my hacking program to hack into the bank accounts of any person in the city!"

"That's a lot of money," Jinx replied with a grin, clasping her hands together.

"Yea, money you wont be seeing," came the sarcastic reply of a half metal human standing at the entrance of the store. The trio blinked at the Titan, before the others appeared at his back.

"Attack pattern," Gizmo started to yell, but was quickly silenced by a quick dodge to the right, avoiding a blue beam of energy erupting from Cyborg. With no instructions to follow, the team headed in their own direction, taking on their own desired Titan.

Starfire flew into the store, grasping the risen hand of running Boy Wonder, pulling him into the air. Aiming for Mammoth, the exceedingly strengthened Temaran sent her leader airborne, with a flying side kicked aimed for the over-sized thug. Mammoth through his arms into a cross block over his face, as Robin's heel planted into the man's rock solid arms. With a boost, Robin pushed off the criminal, and into a fighting stance. Mammoth removed his arms, only to have his face greeted by the same red-head that had sent Robin flying at him. The force of the punch sent him through the wall, and outside onto the side walk.

A green furred panther rushed toward Gizmo, who only pushed a button on his belt, revealing his well known jet back, and sending him airborne. Constant shots from Cyborg's trusty beam cannon would bring parts of the ceiling down, adding on to the great damage caused already by the criminal act. It was always helpful to have insurance in Jump City. The battle forced everyone outside, employees included, leaving a sorceress and bad luck charm to do battle inside.

The two exchanged mild blasts of energy, Jinx sending her hex bolts towards Raven, who would doge out of flight, and Raven sending numerous items throughout the room flying at Jinx, who would merely cartwheel, or dancing to safety out of pure luck. Raven grunted angrily, as she shot two more items toward the girl. Jinx threw a hex bolt toward Raven, another to counter one item, but got knocked into the wall with a computer screen to her chest. The enchantment struck Raven in the chest, sending her spiraling toward the hole in the wall, and into the current battle on the streets.

Mammoth slammed his fist down on a car's hood, ripping it off as he sent it flying like a disk toward Cyborg. With a blast of his cannon, he disintegrated the piece of metal, only to have himself shooting at more pieces of car that the Hive student chose to rip out and throw. A green furred ape would lift the very car he was prying from, tossing it out of harms way, attempting to corner the over grown terror.

Starfire threw bolt after bolt at the technologically enhanced super genius, currently flying circles around her as her bolts smashed into windows and buildings along the street. Gizmo ducked under another sphere of green energy, before finally taking the offensive and sending rockets bursting from his jet pack, aiming for the Temaran. Starfire went for a nose dive, as the missiles followed behind. Letting out an eep, the girl flew upward just in time for a dazed Jinx to witness twin missiles pass by her, smashing into the store she just came out of. The store exploded, forcing the foundation to finally give under the pressure of the battle, Jinx turning to witness her new fate.

Throwing her arms up even though she knew it would not help, Jinx cried out loudly, falling to the ground as large pieces of the building aimed to crush her and wherever she chose to run for sure. As if known to happen, Robin's words echoed through the sorceress of Azarath's mind, knowing good and well it was her conscious relaying the words of wisdom. With fast action hands, the girl let out a tremendous display of supernatural powers.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!" A black aura exploded from the girl, as her eyes flashed black, her hands moving at a quick rate moving rock after rock away from the cowering pink haired witch, each within mere inches of the girl's strange hairstyle. The entire building started to fall forward, resulting in a grunt from the girl. With a refreshing boost of energy erupting from seemingly nowhere, Raven lifted her hands up, yelling out another enchantment in her native tongue.

"Azarath, Metrion, Kantrios!" The new addition of a word meant a lot, as the unfamiliar phrase sent the aura emitting around the sorceress flaring, halting all battle currently waging on. The entire structure of the building froze in a black surrounding energy, small pieces of debris loosening and falling to the ground, but held in air for the most part. Raven's forehead filled with beads of sweat, as she held a breath, as well as the weight of the building with her powers.

Jinx looked up after realizing her fate had not greeted her, seeing the black mist orbiting just above her. With no questions asked, the girl quickly ran from her current situation, just as Raven's arms gave out, dropping the building to the ground with smoke lifting into the streets. Mammoth head butted Robin in the gut, knocking him near the winded Raven. With an arm over her chest in exhaustion, the girl couldn't only watch as a street lamp made its way in a bat-like motion into her chest while her bones cracked under the pressure. The force was enough to knock her back into another building, directly through a window.

Their teammates quickly came to catch up, as Mammoth turned to Gizmo flying in the air. With a quick nod, the two made an attempt to escape while they had the chance. Jinx had still been frozen at the side lines, staring at the building that should have, by all odds, killed her. Not though luck this time, was she able to survive the outcome of the battle. Her eyes trailed over to the broken window that Raven had just been thrown through by her own teammate, unable to comprehend just why the girl had saved her enemy. As if a stray though traveling within the walls of her mind, an unfamiliar voice slowly whispered to her the answer.

"Because it was the right thing to do."


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