A Titan's Hero

-Our Safe Haven-

Raven felt her body shift in weight upon the soft mattress that greeted her when she had awakened. She hadn't remember falling asleep, nor closing her eyes. Instantly, her mind sensed out the room, feeling the presence of another not too far away, possibly a room over. She couldn't detect just where she was the moment she opened her eyes, brightness surrounding her, making her regret the instant her pupils were greeted by the light and letting them remain closed fro the time being. She let out a groan in protest, finding her body so weak her groan sounded more like an intangible whisper.

Jinx's ears perked to the sound she had been hoping for since she had brought the girl to the room. She removed herself from the small kitchen table of the broken down motel room she had rented, peeking her head through the doorway to view the sorceress. She had long since passed out before the girl rounded the corner down the first alley way. She remembered breathing a sigh of relief when the motel sign greeted her at the end of the alley. Since her former home at the Hive was out of the question, and since the sorceress apparently also didn't want to go to her own home, the motel was a sight for sore eyes.

Raven sighed, remembering the events that brought her to wherever she was, the battle with the troika plus a new member, Gizmo's rockets smashing into her back. The genius even took it upon himself to finish the girl off, if not for the bad luck charm herself summoning her hex bolts to take out each rocket aimed to end her life. She shuddered at the thought of leaving her life in the hands of the pink haired witch.

Jinx noticed the girl shivering, debating upon the choice of going over to assure the girl's warmth by adding another blanket over her. She remembered the girl did seem cold when she placed her in the bed. Letting her reason take over, the witch hesitantly moved from the doorway, inching herself toward the sleeping form upon the bed.

Raven felt the girl approaching slowly, her brows lowering slightly while the soft footsteps she made over the creaky wooden floor sounded more like glass shattering with each step. She was surprised when she felt another heavy material wrapped over her, pulled up to her neck. The sudden warmth made her too hot to sit still any longer, forcing the double blankets off as she attempted to sit up.

Jinx jumped back when the sorceress moved, afraid she had just awakened a beast that would soon search out for its early morning snack. Like a prey afraid to be devoured, Jinx kept herself flat against the wall of the small room they were in, while the sorceress attempted to gather her bearings, slowly taking in her surroundings. The room was indeed small, holding only one twin sized mattress in the middle of the room, with a dresser to the side with a ten inch television sitting on top of it and rabbit ears sticking out from the back of it. The rest of the room was rather plain, with the window and door at one end, while the other wall held the doorway to the half sized kitchen and backdoor to the motel room.

Raven's eyes finally fell upon the witch next to her, who still had yet to move from her position. Letting a tired sigh escape her lips, she leaned back in the bed, resting a hand to her head, speaking aloud her thoughts.

"What happened?"

Jinx took a moment before realizing the question was directed to her, most likely referring to when the sorceress simply fell from the sky, and nearly taking her head straight off.

"Well," she started to say, reverting her eyes toward the floor. "You just fell from the sky."

"Fell from the sky?" Raven repeated, remembering exactly what occurrences made her suddenly leap from the tower window and take to the streets to clear her mind. Apparently, she cleared her mind a little too much. Jinx nodded, relaxing somewhat now that the sorceress had started the dialogue.

"Yea, almost knocked me right over," she said, grimacing at the landing the sorceress had to endure. "You hit the ground pretty hard."

"I don't remember falling," Raven announced, only remembering Jinx fighting off her teammates, which brought her to question the girl. "So what brought you downtown?"

Jinx knew how the girl meant to ask the question. She didn't mean 'what were you doing,' she meant 'how did you break out of police custody,' that was the real question.

"Well, after my teammates left me," she started out casually, with just the simple thought of her troika angering her so. "I ratted them out to the cops, giving them their next target, the plan, as well as the location of the Hive."

Raven blinked suddenly, turning in utter shock to the girl's apparent new leaf. Jinx smirked triumphantly as she continued the story.

"I guess their plans changed when I left because they decided instead to take out a computer store that was right across the street from where you fell," Jinx explained to the girl, finding it odd she felt so relaxed, speaking her problems with the enemy. "I was doing pretty good on my own, until you decided to step in."

Raven raised an eyebrow at the girl's sudden cockiness, remembering just who it was that saved her ass the other day. Of course, the image of the girl saving her own ass filled her mind, in result, she shook all thoughts from her head, allowing the girl to continue.

"After taking out 'Plasma,'" she said, making quotation motions with her index and middle finger, bolding out the name of her replacement. "I turned to see you taking on Gizmo and Mammoth on your own."

"I saw them carrying more computer equipment," Raven relayed to the girl. "With the computer store's alarm going off, the shattered glass, and them walking away from the scene of the crime, I assumed they had stolen it."

"You assumed right," Jinx nodded with a firm grin. "You were holding your own pretty good against the two of them. Usually, it takes your whole team to take us all out."

Raven's eyes shifted from the girl at the mention of her team to the bed, her lips thinning out. Upon reaction, the girl reached for her hood, but realized she wasn't even wearing her cloak. Sensing the girl's intentions, Jinx pointed to the post at the head board of the bed.

"I hung it up," she said, pointing to the girl's cloak, hanging off the bed post. "I didn't think you'd want it wrinkled."

Raven looked to her cloak hanging off the post, then back to Jinx. The thought of the girl showing concern for her safety was enough, but now making sure her clothing wouldn't wrinkle; it brought a hand to pinch the bridge of her nose.

"Do you mind if I ask you something?" Raven looked up to see the girl's questioning gaze. Sensing the girl's anxiety, Raven shook her head and awaited the on coming question. "Why'd you save me?"

Raven blinked at the question, remembering the words Robin had spoken to her when he had risked his life to save the criminal they had spent the day chasing.

"I asked my leader a similar question one time," Raven started to say, looking the girl in the eyes, admiring the different shades of pink they held. Jinx attempted to blink her eyes, but the moment the sorceress' own were locked upon hers, she felt as if she couldn't pull away. As if the breath she had taken in moments ago to relay oxygen into her brain, allowing her body to continue functioning had suddenly been sucked out, completely shutting her brain, as well as all other body functions, for example, blinking.

"We spent hours chasing after this girl that had stolen money from a bank," Raven continued, seeing that she had the girl's undivided attention, and then some. "When we finally cornered her on a high office building roof, the girl fell over the edge. Robin quickly jumped after her, and in his recklessness, nearly got himself killed along with the girl when she shocked him the moment he grabbed her.

"When I questioned him later about it, asking him why he did such a thing, he gave me an answer that I had not expected. When I saw you staggering out of the building, and saw the roof about to cave in, his words seemed to echo through my mind, and with all my power, I attempted to hold it as long as I could so it would not fall upon you. The words Robin told me finally started to make sense, because it was in fact, the right thing to do."

Jinx let the girl's words fully sink into her mind, completely over taken by the sorceress. As her lips parted to speak, the kettle she had long since forgotten started to whistle, quickly reverting her attention back to the half-kitchen in the other room. Raven blinked in surprise to the familiar sound as Jinx quickly hurried herself to the kitchen, still half in shock over the girl's words.

Raven pushed herself more against the backboard, lifting her legs into a cross leg position, while removing the heavy material over her. She was left in her leotard, even her boots and wrist cufflinks, she finally noticed, were placed neatly by her hanging cloak, waiting to be worn once again. A sudden image of Jinx trying on her cloak flashed through her mind, remembering back to when the troika had first made their appearance, and the pink haired witch going through her room, as well as her choice of attire. She had remembered going through the video surveillance tapes repeatedly, before they burst into flames in result of her rage.


Raven blinked at the word, while attempting to look through the wall to the pink witch upon the other side, remembering the whistling of the tea kettle. She quickly called back to the girl.

"No thank you."

Raven heard a few clanks, indicating a spoon thrown into a sink, or something falling. A second later, Jinx came out with two mugs in her hand, handing Raven a mug while she sipped the other. Jinx leaned herself against the dresser, cupping the mug she held with both her hands, every so often stealing a glance to the sorceress, who merely stared at the tea she had given her.

"Don't worry, I only put poison in mine," Jinx teased with a hesitant laugh, anything to bid away the silence.

"I like mine free of sugar, thank you," Raven replied dryly. Jinx wasn't sure which was more uncomfortable: attempting to kid around with the sorceress, or the sorceress actually cracking a joke back. Raven then took a sip from the warm water, enjoying the flavor the small herbal bag had left in its place.

"Why didn't you want to go back to your team?" Jinx had the question on the back of her mind, then realized she had many questions stored back there just waiting for answers. Raven continued to keep her eyes locked upon the cup, unmoving or responding to the question. "That bad, hu?"

Raven looked up to view the girl's sympathetic eyes. She was rather surprised to actually view the girl's eyes in such a way, rather than the tactical, battle-ready eyes she had seen earlier in the day. She quickly shook her head free of those thoughts, returning to her cup of tea, taking a small sip from it.

"Looks like neither of us have a place to go then," Jinx started, shuffling her feet at the floor while her vision dropped.

"So this is our little safe haven," Raven finally spoke, surprising the witch, who looked up to the calm eyes of the sorceress. "I don't mind at all."

Raven was surprised when the words rolled off her tongue so fluently. They hadn't even registered in her brain as a thought process, though the words still came from her lips.

"Safe Haven," Jinx repeated as her eyes lifted. She smiled when the sorceress turned to look at her, with her ever stoic expression. "I like the sound of that."

"Jinx ran off with Raven," Robin repeated the words Beast Boy had been saying since they had returned to the tower. In all his mind, he couldn't even fathom the possibility of the pink haired with and the purple haired sorceress fighting along side each other, but for Jinx to run off with Raven, now that was damn near impossible. "For the last time, Beast Boy, that's completely impossible."

"Dude," Beast Boy replied for the unknown number of times. "I swear to you, I saw Jinx holding Raven in her arms."

Robin pinched the bridge of his nose, while the other rested upon his waist, finally turning to face the changeling.

"Why would Jinx be fighting her own teammates in the first place?" Robin asked, shaking his head to the changeling.

"I don't know," Beast Boy shrugged. "But that's what I saw! You can't doubt a hawk's eye!"

Robin shook his head. Of all the stories the green skinned Titan had come up with, this had to top them all. Jinx and Raven? He laughed the first time Beast Boy had said something, but now it was beyond annoyance.

"I don't care, Beast Boy," Robin finally announced. "Raven wouldn't associate herself with a member of the Hive, nor would she team up with one."

Beast Boy threw his arms up defeat.

"Dude," he said grimly. "Whatever."

With that simple statement, the changeling left the living quarters of the Teen Titan's main room of the tower, leaving the leader alone to think about his thoughts.

Raven did seem upset when she left, Robin started to think, but quickly dismissed the thought. No way! She wouldn't join the Hive. Would she?

The shadows crept along the flooring of the hallway, while Beast Boy stormed off, stomping his foot with every step. Just as his foot came down on the darkness of the floor, it opened up, allowing a full view of the dark colored carpet, splitting the shadows apart just as his stomping boot came down for another angry stomp. As he rounded the corner, the shadows melded from the floor, taking the form of two mages of dark arts, one pink haired witch clutching to the purple haired sorceress, while she looked around quickly to gather her bearings.

After a quick check, the shadows swallowed the two up again, shifting them downward into the floor, just as a red headed Tamaranian Princess opened the door to her room, right where the shadows had started to become sucked into the carpet.


So this is Raven's Room, Jinx remembered, once the shadows lifted a second time, viewing the rather gothic-looking dormitory of the sorceress. They had agreed to stay at the motel until they decided what they would do. She was still at a loss for why the dark magus agreed to stay with her, but for the girl to leave her team, it must have been pretty bad. Whatever the reason, Jinx was glad she wasn't alone. Having her own team turn on her so easily, as well as have a replacement at the ready. She wasn't sure she would be able to hold her own in the city with such conflicting emotions stirring about inside her.

Raven quickly looked around her room, viewing the necessities. A black gym bag was lifted from her closet in her black magic, as well as her set attire. All folded neatly by her powers, they were places easily into the bag. A few of her favorite books would also be surrounded by her black mist magic, placed nicely into the bag. She then walked over to her dresser. She had kept the top drawer under lock and key, though no ordinary key would open this. After the incident with Cyborg and Beast Boy, she wanted more insurance over her more personal things. With a quick motion of her hands, she set forth her enchanted words.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos," she whispered quietly. Suddenly, a black sphere barely visible surrounding the desk shattered completely. Raven reached into the top part of her leotard, pulling out a necklace with a small key upon it. Jinx blinked at the security the girl held.

"I wish I could lock my stuff up like that," she mused. Raven reached down, unlocking the drawer. She pulled it open, revealing two items she held sacred to her. A small, worn out book with ruffled pages was to the left, while an ancient looking mirror was set to the right. Gathering the two artifacts in her arms, she brought them over to the gym bag, placing them in, and zippering the bag up.

"Let's go," was all she said, before walking over to Jinx, placing an arm around her waist like before, allowing the shadows to slowly creep up on them.

"Did you see the way I nailed that girl in the back?" Gizmo asked with a grin.

The teens laughed, as they leaned back against the couch, remembering the events of earlier.

"Man, you hit her with so many rockets," Plasma stated with a nod, kicking his feet up onto the table in front of him. "I'm surprised she didn't burst into flames."

"That stupid Jinx," Gizmo shook his head. "We could be rich by now."

Gizmo kicked the table in frustration, crossing his arms over his chest.

"We'll just have to find the hardware elsewhere," Plasma stated with a roll of his hand. "I just wish I could see what Brother Blood plans to do to the girl."

Gizmo and Mammoth grinned at the thought. The girl had stopped their plans when Brother Blood replaced her, but now she wasn't to be worried about. The headmaster had assured them that she would be taken care of.

"Yea," Gizmo and Mammoth both replied in unison, simply setting images in their minds.

Two hands shot out from the shadows, nearly reaching out to choke one of the three teens from behind, but as quickly as they shot out, the shadows engulfed the arms, pulling them back in, and shifted through the flooring below. Gizmo blinked, as he stopped laughing, feeling a shiver run down his spine. Mammoth turned to his shorter companion with a confused expression.

"What?" He asked simply, not being able to read the expression Gizmo was holding.

"I dunno," he said, turning around to view his surroundings. "Kinda felt like I was being watched."

"You're too paranoid," Plasma replied with a smirk.

Jinx was furious when the two had finally made it to her dorm room, ready to start screaming off her rage, when a quick hand moved swiftly over her mouth, as the sorceress of Azarath rested her chin upon the girl's shoulder, whispering her words of wisdom into her ear at a volume she could still barely hear.

"I suggest we hurry and grab what you need," she said. "We don't want to make a scene trying to leave."

Jinx took in a deep breath, while the sorceress held her close, attempting to relax herself. Her nose tingled at the girl's scent of lavender and something else she couldn't quite name. It smelled sweet, thought. Instantly, she was relaxed, and surprised over the fact. She felt the warmth of the girl behind her leave suddenly, and she had to take a moment to remember where she was, and what she was here to do.

As quickly as she could, she gathered up her own knapsack, hurrying her clothing into it before any unwanted guests could show up. Raven watched at the door, simply waiting for someone to waltz in, expecting the room to be vacant, and to their surprise, held not only their ex-member, but a member of the Teen Titans. She smirked at the thought of seeing the terrified looks upon some of her enemies faces, but soon was forgotten when she felt a tap on her shoulder.

Turning, she found Jinx holding a rather small sack in both her hands set in front of her, giving her a questioning gaze. Raven shook her head from the thoughts, replacing her smirk with her normal thin lined lips, turning around and wrapping an arm around the girl's waist. Just then, the door was opened to reveal someone neither had expected.

The headmaster took a long hard look at both occupants of the room, his eyes widening for a moment, before attempting to turn red, instantly turning Jinx's own hues to the same color. Raven blinked, as voices instantly sounded in her mind. Her brows lowering, she kept her grip upon the pink haired witch, who in her surprise, started to shift herself away from the sorceress, into the opened arms of Brother Blood.

"Jinx!" Raven called, but the girl didn't budge. Frowning, she threw her hands out in front of her.

"Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"

Black surrounded various items of the room, lifting up a lamp shade, a night stand, and a small chair. All the items were hurled toward the headmaster, who quickly removed himself from the room as the items were thrown out the door. Jinx's eyes blinked a moment when the connection between herself and Brother Blood disconnected itself, and quickly backed away in realization. She quickly turned to the sorceress with a look of pure horror.

Raven couldn't believe the amount of fear dwelling inside the girl, as she gave her a pleading look. With a firm nod, the sorceress flew over to the girl, gripping her waist, as the shadows once again lifted over them like water, swallowing them up into the floor just as Brother Blood walked in again. He frowned at the rooms empty inhabitance, his brows lowering. His fists clenched tightly, before knocking out half the girl's door frame with a powerfully packed punch.

Jinx hadn't said a word when they returned to the motel room. Neither had given much thought to staying in the small, single bedded room, though neither spoke their protests. Jinx had placed her pack next to the small table set in the kitchen, and took a seat in a chair, resting her hands on her knees. Her eyes were locked upon the tile flooring, and Raven was sure the girl would burn her vision through the flooring if she kept up the intense stare.

She noticed the girl's hands tightly grip her black skirt, slightly trembling. She bit her lip, and appeared to be on the verge of crying. Jinx fought hard when she looked up at the sorceress, her eyes becoming moist. She was afraid of the look the girl would give her, seeing her in such a weak state. For a moment, Jinx could see exactly what Brother Blood had planned for her, the moment Raven had broken the mind link between them, freeing her of his mind control. The thought of it nearly sent her over the edge, quickly breaking her vision from the sorceress.

Raven remembered the voices that had traveled through the depths of her mind, and could only wonder what the pink haired witch had endured while under the control of the headmaster of the Hive. She frowned when the girl broke eye contact with her, and slowly made her way over. She couldn't just leave the girl like this, not after what had just happened. Her entire team left her, her supposed leader wants her dead, most likely, and now the girl had no place to go, and no one to turn to.

Jinx's breathing became quick and short, her head lowering while her shoulders pinched together. Raven felt sorry for the girl as she drew even closer. She knelt down in attempts to look the girl in the eye, but Jinx quickly turned away, not wanting the girl to see her face. Raven brought her hand to the girl's chin, pulling her slowly to view her. Tears were stained down her cheeks, and a look of pure fear and regret showed upon her features.

Raven held her expression as sincere as she could, while her violet orbs regarded the pink hues in front of her. Jinx felt relaxed when she gazed into the girl's eyes, her quiet sobs starting to lessen. Raven kept the girl locked upon her, and placed her hand around the girl's head, gently bumping their foreheads together.

"They won't hurt you," Raven said to the girl. "I promise."

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