Title: Mokuba's Promise

Author: BradyBunch4529Mokuba's trip to New York takes on a new meaning when the newspapers makes certain assumptions.

Pairings:Anzu/Seto Yugi/Rebecca Jonouchi/Mai Shizuka/Honda

Rating:PG-13; mostly for language and maybe a few sexual situations

A/N:This takes about 10 years after Battle city. The gang has graduated from College; Anzu became a world famous dancer and is currently living in America.

Chapter 1: Misconceptions

The lighting was soft and romantic. Quit music was being played in the on stage by a string quartet; it floated softly around the darkened room. Candles burned at each of the tables, casting a warm and flickering glow on thewhite tablecloths. The conversations were a gentle murmur against the background of music.

The couple in the back corner paid no attention to the people surrounding them. Their attention was focused only on each other, their heads tilted towards each other. Hands entwined on the tablecloth, smiles on their faces as they whispered to each other.

The man smiled, his blue eyes sparkling in the candlelight, as he stroked a finger down the girls' cheek. The girl laughed lightly and caught his hands, pressing a kiss onto his palm. Her brown hair swung forward brushing against her cheek, the warm brown color shining with golden highlights and the man tucked her hair back behind her ear.

He whispered something and she smiled in response, her hand tapping his arm. His hand covered her hand and he ducked his head, a blush touching his features. His dark hair spilled unruly around his face and his grin was bashful when he finally looked back up. There was a new light to his eyes and his smile grew fonder, softer. Before he pulled one of his hands away and slipped under the table.

His hand dug into his pocket and drew out a jewelry case. He passed it across the table to the girl. The girl looked at it confusedly and picked it up slowly. She glanced at the man and received a smile. With a small shrug she opened the case, the glistening jewels flashed in the candlelight. Her breath caught in her throat and tears began to drip down her cheeks.

With a smile and a shaky hand, she drew the man across the table and pressed a kiss to his lips. Their attention was so focused on each other that they never noticed the flash of a camera from the kitchen. Or the look of glee on the photographers face as he turned and quickly left the restaurant.

Across the ocean, Seto Kaiba was sitting down for breakfast. In his hand was a cup of coffee, folded at his seat on the table was a newspaper and the television was set for the world news. His dark blue eyes were focused inward, working on his new invention. His face was more sharply defined and had matured since graduating college. His dark hair was cut closer to head, with only a smattering of bangs across his forehead.

Kaiba had filled out since school. His shoulders long, lean frame had filled out in the recent years. Kaiba had found that running and lifting weights helped him focus on his projects. While the boxing and the martial arts had allowed him to deal with tension and anger, making it easier on his employees. Thanks to all of his training his was considered one of the most eligible bachelors in the world. Not that Kaiba allowed himself to think about such trivialities. To him women were still an annoyance and took time away from his company.

Kaiba Corp had become one of the leading companies in the world for gaming and advanced artificial intelligence. Hospitals, engineers, gaming facilities and even the military used Kaiba Corp programming. Mokuba had recently graduated college and had been working his way to the top at Kaiba Corp. Currently his was in New York finalizing one of their deals.

Kaiba would never admit it but he always worried about Mokuba when he was out of sight. It didn't matter if he knew that the finest security guards in the world was shadowing him or the fact that Mokuba knew how to handle himself in a street fight. So Kaiba would bury himself in the lab and walk the halls until he came home.

"This just in. It appears that one of the worlds' most eligible achelors is no longer available ladies."

A voice droned on in the background and slowly penetrated Kaiba's concentration. He looked up in annoyance and focused on the male newscaster, with a scowl on his face. This was supposed to be for serious news not society announcements. Kaiba reached for his coffee mug, starting to dismiss the man when the next statement had him spraying his coffee all over the table.

"We have just learned that Mokuba Kaiba, half owner of Kaiba Corp, was seen proposing to a young lady last night. This photo is of the loving couple kissing over a romantic candlelit dinner."

Kaiba stared at the picture in shock. Sure enough there was Mokuba, holding hands with a young female. Her long brown hair was obscuring her face as she leaned over and pressed a kiss to his lips, a ring case open on the table in front of him. He could feel the anger starting to boil as he reached for his telephone.

"Prepare my private jet. I'm going to New York." Kaiba clicked his telephone closed and slammed it onto the table.

A/N:A bit confusing and a cliffhanger, I know. But it's been something that has been knocking around in my head lately. What do you think? Should I continue? Let me know.