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Chapter 20

Please don't let this turn into something it's not
I can only give you everything I've got
I can't be as sorry as you think I should
But I still love you more than anyone else could

'Make This Go on Forever' – Snow Patrol



Recap –

Harry continued looking through the album and was surprised to see pictures of Lucius Malfoy, Narcissa (Black) Malfoy and Severus Snape, they were mainly with Arianna but sometimes they were with the entire group of Marauders. Peter wasn't in many of the photos but Harry wasn't worried about him, he found himself somewhat glad that the man that betrayed his parents wasn't in many of the photos.

Harry stopped at one particular page, it had a moving picture of two people in it, they were muggles by the way they dressed but they were smiling and waving at Harry from the photo. The man had blonde hair and sparkling green eyes (his eyes!) and the woman had red hair with big blue eyes, Harry didn't need to read the caption to know that these were his grandparents… but he read it anyway. 'Frank and Rose Evans 23rd December 1976' Harry stared at this photo for a long time, drinking in the faces of his grandparents before he finally turned the page.

He looked through the rest of the album and found many photos of Sirius and Arianna hugging and kissing, as well as his parents and Remus and Alexia in similar positions; there were also photos of all six Marauders with other Marauders.

Harry was so engrossed in the photos he didn't hear the sound of many feet coming towards him until he was face-to-wand with Moody, followed by Sirius, Remus, Tonks, Dumbledore, Snape and McGonagall.

'I'm in trouble'


Still in the future

"What are you doing in here?" Sirius's voice was a dangerous whisper. Harry had never been afraid of his godfather until now, when Sirius was pale and shaking with rage.

"Umm... I..." Harry struggled to answer under the furious stares. He looked down at the photo of his grandparents and then back at the group of adults, unsure of how to proceed. Finally, Albus took pity on him, "Harry, please, hand me the album"

Involuntarily, Harry's hands tightened on the album before he passed it over to the Headmaster. Albus closed the album, not pausing to glance at the photos it contained. Every image of Arianna was burned into his mind; he had never needed her pictures to remember her vividly.

Sirius snatched the album from the Headmaster's grasp and held it like a lifeline. This was all that was left of her, her albums, her memories of them. Years ago, he had locked them away in this room, hoping that her ghost would stop haunting him. Days, weeks, months and years had passed since then and still she was as much a part of his life as ever. Trying to lock her away in this room had only served to make him a slave to this house. Never would he be able to leave this house, when his only tangible proof of her existence, was locked away with his heart in this room.

He would never return to their house (her house) when in his mind, it was alive and filled with her. In the fifteen years since James and Lily had died (been murdered) he had never attempted to return to Godric's Hollow, where James and Lily's house still stood (all that remained was charred wood and broken dreams) This was his home now, this house that was filled with childhood nightmares and nothingness.

Albus gave a resigned sigh. In all the years that had passed since he had last seen Arianna and Alexia, it had never occurred to Hogwarts' esteemed Headmaster that he would have to air the Order's most painful secrets to the son of Lily and James. Without even knowing it, Harry had been involved in this secret since birth; but Albus had always hoped that he would never know the truth about his past, that Harry would never again have to experience the loss of a family he had never known.


Gryffindor 7th Year Boys Dormitory



Arianna caressed Nymphadora's hair, scarce daring to believe this was real, that she had brought her home again. Deep in her mind Arianna had never thought they would win; who would give custody of a young child to a couple who were still children themselves? She had been so sure that Phyllis would win, so sure that she would never see her baby again.

When the Minister had ruled in their favour, Arianna was sure that she had misheard him but when she had looked into Sirius's eyes and seen the wonderment in them; she knew that the unthinkable had happened.

As soon as Nymphadora was in her arms again, Arianna could feel her body almost collapse from the relief coursing through her system. How had this happened? Phyllis was a muggle, yes, but she was also an adult who was the child's paternal grandmother and knew one end of the change mat from the other.

So lost was she in her musings, Arianna never heard the door close behind Sirius as he entered the room, fresh from escaping the celebrations that Gryffindor Tower was throwing for their victory. When Sirius placed a hand on Arianna's shoulder, intent on getting her attention, he never expected the response he got. Simultaneously Arianna spun around and pulled Nymphadora closer to her, shielding the child from any possible harm.

She relaxed her grip on Nymphadora when she saw that it was only her fiancé standing before her. He looked into her eyes and saw the lingering traces of fear; the knowledge that Phyllis was still in the picture, that if they put one foot wrong she would contest the guardianship and take away their precious daughter still weighed heavily on Arianna. Sirius wanted nothing more than to tell her that it would be okay, that they were safe now that they had won the hearing but he knew he couldn't lie to her like that. He couldn't offer her false promises that Nymphadora was theirs and nobody could take her from them again. He knew that there were dozens of people, muggle and magical, that would step up and take her if anything happened. There was only one thing that he was sure of at the moment and that was that he loved her, more than anything else in the world and he hoped to whatever mysterious power was shining down on them that nobody tried to take Arianna away from him. And if anyone ever tried they would find out how deep Sirius's roots had been in the Black family magic.

He was pulled from his thoughts by the soft snores coming from the toddler, shaking his head in an attempt to clear the shadows from his mind Sirius closed the little distance between them caressed her cheek and Arianna leaned into his hand, prolonging the contact between them. Conscious of the sleeping child between them, Arianna leaned up a little, trying to close the gap between her mouth and his. Sirius leaned into the action, stoping a hair's breadth from her mouth, savouring the feeling of what was to come.

When his lips tentatively touched hers, Arianna gave a small sigh and knew that his restraint was being pushed to the limit because of the child between them. They had been too consumed with the custody hearing to do anything more than kiss and huddle together at night since they day the letter had arrived. Arianna shifted closer to Sirius, her lips parting as their bodies pressed together and oh god she had missed this.

Sirius's mouth moved possessively over hers, his fingers digging into her hips and trying trying trying to get her closer, to possess every last inch of her. Then a piercing wail cut through the air, Arianna tore herself away from Sirius's lips and looked down at the irritated toddler that had woken from being squished uncomfortably between her parents.

Shifting Nymphadora so that her head rested against her shoulder, Arianna soothed the child while Sirius calmed his ragged breathing. She let out a small giggle at the sight of her normally unruffled fiancé standing in the middle of the room, cheeks flushed and panting.

Sirius looked up when he heard the small giggle escape from his girlfriend and met her eyes squarely. Arianna's giggle was cut off when her breath hitched in her throat, she was staring directly into his grey eyes and she could see the promise in them 'later'


Hospital Wing


Nymphadora's Room

Arianna hated leaving Nymphadora here. She knew the nurse gave her youngest charge her utmost attention, but still, she worried about the silly things. What if Nymphadora woke in the middle of the night and needed them? What if Poppy couldn't hear her crying? What if she was scared? Hungry?

Logically, Arianna knew she couldn't have the toddler in her shared dormitory but still, the little rebellious voice in her head cried out in protest at leaving Nymphadora behind.

She watched as Sirius kissed the little girl goodnight and remembered the look in his eyes as they had left his room. Once Nymphadora had calmed down and drifted back off to sleep and Arianna had her own breathing under control they had realized it was time to bring the little girl down to the Hospital Wing for the night.

After she had laid Nymphadora on the small bed, Arianna kissed her forehead and whispered her goodnights, stepping back and letting Sirius say goodnight. She loved watching how gentle he was with Nymphadora when she was sleeping, as if she was this little doll that could only be brushed by the barest of touches.

When he had placed the last kiss on her black hair, Sirius silently stepped back and the two of them exited the room as quietly as they had come.


Dining Room

Grimmauld Place

The Next Day

1996 (Aka The Future)

Harry crept quietly into the dining room hoping that no one noticed him. Slipping into his seat, he avoided eye contact with everyone that had turned to stare at him. Harry only looked up when someone cleared their throat, Dumbledore was staring at him, "I think we need to have a talk in the study Harry"

Harry looked around, "Now?" he barely choked out. This was not how he had envisioned his day going, usually when something like this happened the Order swept it under the rug and everyone acted like nothing had happened the next day but were they really about to go and have a confrontation about it?

Dumbledore nodded and stood up, looking at Molly "Please excuse us Molly, breakfast was delicious" before turning and looking first at Sirius and then at Remus. "If the three of you would follow me, I think it's time we had a little chat."


Gryffindor 7th Year Girls Dormitory



Remus pushed the door shut behind him, watching as his elated girlfriend kicked off her shoes and flopped onto the bed. She giggled breathlessly and moved so the she was resting on her elbows, "I don't think I have ever been happier than right now, in this moment" she gushed, laughing at the end.

A lopsided smile tugged at his lips as she flopped back onto the bed. He silently shifted closer, intent on catching her off guard with his assault. As he moved into view of the bed, he noticed that Alexia had her eyes closed and pounced as another giggle escaped her smiling mouth.

Alexia's shriek turned into an 'oomph' as her boyfriend's weight descended on her, she barely had time to gulp a breath before he ruthlessly began tickling her sides. Alexia threw her head back, giggles and shrieks mingling with pleas as he refused to relent.

When the tickling began to change into roaming hands and soft kisses, Alexia wrapped her arms around Remus's neck and pulled him closer; she was right, this was the happiest she had ever been.


The Study

Grimmauld Place


Harry was seated across from the headmaster and between his father's best friends. He looked at the three men from beneath his bangs, trying to assess the mood but all he was getting was that awful sinking feeling in his stomach that made him wish that they were going to ignore all the unanswered questions for once.

Dumbledore cleared his throat, looking at the three men before him, all reluctant to be sitting here and dealing with an issue for once. "Harry, I know you are confused as to why you are here. Maybe you are wondering what you did that was so wrong? You are probably also wondering why those albums were kept from you" Albus paused, waiting for the outburst the teen before him was sure to have.

Harry actually had been wondering those things, but it was the last that caused his ire to rise. The words came tumbling out of his mouth before he even had a chance to think about who was in the room with him, "MY PARENTS! I THOUGHT EVERYTHING WAS GONE... HOW COULD YOU KEEP THESE FROM ME?!?!?! YOU KNEW, FROM THE MOMENT YOU KNEW I HAD BEEN VISITING THE MIRROR OF ERISED, YOU KNEW MY GREATEST DESIRE WAS TO SEE MY PARENTS AND YOU KEPT THESE FROM ME!" Harry paused to draw a ragged breath before continuing, "THEY SHOULD BE MINE..." the rest of the words died on Harry's lips when his godfather shot out of his chair.

Albus shot Sirius a look and the other man slowly sank back into his seat but the dangerous look never left his eyes as he looked at his godson. "Harry," the headmaster began, "Although the albums do contain pictures of your parents and grandparents, they do in fact, belong to your godfather" Harry turned and looked at his godfather, betrayal written all over his face but the headmaster continued.

"Those albums have been locked away in that room for so long that all but a handful of Order members even remember their existence. I would ask that you do not go around telling people about your discovery, that room was sealed for a reason and you need not go stirring up old memories" Albus paused and looked at the boy from above his half moon glasses, letting Harry see that he was very serious about that.

Harry closed his eyes and waited for the man to continue, knowing there was more to the story.


Gryffindor 7th Year Boys Dormitory



Arianna's eyes never left Sirius's as he stalked closer. The glint in his eyes warned her that he had not forgotten their earlier encounter, even if she had managed to push it to the back of her mind.

She watched as he stalked closer, hands blindly reaching out and locking around her wrists. His body was so close to hers that she could feel the heat radiating off him, even though they weren't touching except for where his fingers had circled her wrists. Arianna regarded him from beneath her lashes; worrying her lower lip with her teeth and seeing his eyes follow the movement. She tilted her head, trying to press her lips against his, desperately seeking his touch.

Sirius shifted closer, his body so close to hers that no light could separate where the two bodies joined and parted. Arianna struggled to free her hands, desperately wanting him to free her hands so she could wrap them around his neck and drag him closer, force him to end her suffering. Sirius drew out the agony for another moment before he felt his own control slipping and he knew that the tight rein on his control was beginning to dissolve.

Arianna groaned when his lips met hers in a passionate kiss, she pressed as close as she could while he still kept her wrists in an iron clad grip. Sirius could feel her shifting impatiently again him, his grip on her wrists was restraining her from touching him and he knew she desperately needed the contact. He quickly released her wrist and locked his arms around her waist, hands sliding up her back.

Arianna felt his hands release her wrists and lock around her. Taking advantage of having her hands free, she moved them around his neck, nails digging into his back as she pulled him closer. They parted only briefly to draw ragged breaths before their mouths clashed again, tongues duelling and hands roaming. The kiss had started passionate but that quickly turned to raw desperation as all the desire they had been staving off for the hearing came crashing down on them.

Arianna removed one hand from around his neck and felt behind her for something to support her. Her fingers brushed against the cold stone wall and she started moving them backwards until she was pressed against it. In her mind there was no time to see where the closest bed was and that didn't bother her in the least.

Sirius's hands were busy with dress robes, trying to get them off without having to move any further away from Arianna than he actually had too. He felt Arianna's hands slipping under his shirt and groaned at the feel of her cool hands against his warm flesh, her fingers lightly brushing against his stomach and feeling the muscles quiver beneath them. His frustration began to get the better of him and Sirius grunted and began tugging at the material.

For so long before her he had never had any trouble undressing any of his conquests, what was it about Arianna that completely undid him with a look? What was it about her that turned his blood to liquid fire and made his body incapable of completing the simplest task?

Arianna felt his impatience and moved her hands from beneath his shirt so she could help him with his task. Her finger moved deftly over the buttons and soon, never soon enough, her dress robes where nothing more than a forgotten puddle at her feet. She immediately returned to her task, finding that he had already discarded his shirt and was now trying to rid himself of his pants.

Nudging his hands away with her own, Arianna began to undo his pants, pausing now and then to place light kisses on his chest. Sirius bent forward, placing open mouthed kisses along Arianna's neck and his hands stroked her bare sides, moving to unhook her bra. Arianna had undone the last button when his hands cupped her breasts, she moaned, nails digging into his sides as she pulled him against her.

As Sirius recaptured her mouth with a desperate kiss, he felt his pants sliding down his thighs. Without breaking away from the kiss he shimmied out of his pants, stepping out of them and placing his hands on her hips, lifting her so she wrapped her legs around his waist and was settled against him.

Arianna's head feel back against the wall as Sirius simultaneously lifted her up and started to move his mouth down her neck. Her legs wrapped around his waist and she had one armed braced against the wall and the other was around his neck. When Sirius took her nipple into his mouth and began to suck, Arianna had to wrap her other arm around his neck to keep from collapsing.

Sirius was switching his attention to Arianna's other breast when she took his face in her hands and greedily pressed her mouth against his, he was shocked at her fervour but her lips quickly sapped him of any thought but taking her here. They parted for another sharp indrawn breath but instead of returning her lips to his, Arianna starting nipping along Sirius's neck, kissing and laving the little hurts.

When Sirius felt her teeth sink into the side of his neck, his last tenuous grasp on his control snapped and he set her down again to relieve them both of their underwear. Arianna hadn't stopped her maddening torture on his neck as Sirius was sure that tomorrow he was gonna get a lot of knowing smirks. Sirius picked Arianna up again and pushed her harder against the wall, both were too lost in the desire for each other to care for the minor hurts they were causing.

Once he had buried himself in her, Sirius became aware of the tiny needy moans she was making. Aware she was only driving him crazier, Sirius claimed her lips in a passionate kiss and moved urgently against her, bringing them both closer to the edge of the precipice. Sirius drew back and looked at Arianna's face; he could feel her trembling under him and knew that she was just as close as he was. Drawing back one final time Sirius reclaimed her lips as he slammed back into her and they were both lost in the abyss.


The Study

Grimmauld Place


Harry looked around the room; it had been several long moments of silence "Well?" he said, hoping to prod them along. Albus shifted into his chair, trying to get comfortable before talking about such an uncomfortable topic for all of them.

"Many, many years ago when my dear wife was alive we had a daughter Cara. Cara was a beautiful, happy child and grew up to be a loving, caring woman. There was not a prouder father when my daughter married Damien or a prouder grandfather when Clarisse was born. My granddaughter attended Beauxbatons with her best friend Ella and there they met their respective husbands, Charles Chase and Liam Morgan. My great-granddaughter was born not long after Charles and Clarisse married and Ella and Liam had a daughter only a few months later. The girls grew up together and attended Beauxbatons for a time, until one summer they returned home to find Voldemort had finally tracked down the remaining members of my family and they were orphaned." The Headmaster paused to take a breath.

Harry interrupted, "Sir I know you want me to wait and I can see how you want me to know about Voldemort but does this have to do with the albums? Or those girls, Arianna and Alexia?" Harry heard his godfather suck in a breath when he said the girls' names, as if someone had punched him in the stomach. He saw Remus flinch and pale from the corner of his eye.

Dumbledore opened his mouth to answer Harry's question when Sirius viciously cut him off. "Because Arianna was his great-granddaughter and my wife"


Gryffindor 7th Year Boys Dormitory



After they had stumbled their way over to his bed, Sirius had wrapped his arms around Arianna and fallen asleep as soon as his head had hit the pillow, he never had trouble sleeping. He always said it was the one thing he did better than anybody else. Arianna sighed contentedly, here in his arms, nothing could hurt her. In his arms she was safe and protected.


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