'The Kindly Ones'

Our Hero is Introduced . . .

Based on the hundreds of magical creature Harry/Draco stories that are out there. If it comes to close to any other I don't know of please tell, I am trying to be as original as I can.

Disclaimer I Don't own Harry Potter, this is purely escapist fun of the worst kind.

11/04/05 This has been edited and changed to fix up plot inconsistency's and my big mess ups. Now I know where I am going with the story little things needed to be changed. Also my grammer and spelling sucked.

"You should always trust your family."

Oedipus and Agamemnon


It was the last night before Harry went back to Hogwarts and down stairs the Dursleys' were having a party. From his bedroom Harry could hear the melodious sounds of Vernon Dursley attempting to sing karaoke. The sounds of 'I'm too sexy' drifted up the stairs and Harry wished he could stuff his pillow into his ears. "I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy it hurts." Harry could hear drunken laughter from downstairs and hoped his uncle wasn't drunk enough to take off his clothes. Someone started screaming downstairs, while Vernon kept singing. 'Oh no' mental image, Harry groaned into his pillow and hoped that one day he would be able to remove that picture from his head. Flipping over on to his back Harry pulled the book Ron had sent him for his birthday. 'Cannons Blast Off: 100 years of Club Quidditch'. The party had started earlier in the evening after Aunt Petunia had him set up the chairs and food keeping a keen eye on him to make sure he didn't do anything suspicious. Harry didn't want to see another cocktail onion even if it killed him.

A weight had been pressed down on the back of Harry's mind since the end of term when Voldemort had threatened Hogwarts with a Dementor army. That Harry stoped with a well timed newly learned spell. This end of school year battle ending with him losing all the feeling in the left side of his body for ten days. He should have his own room in the hospital wing. It had taken him two months before he walked with out a limp even with the magical potions forced down his throat by Madam Pomphery. One place he would be glad he never saw again was the ceiling of the school hospital. There were exactly 496 blue tiles above his bed.

Since that last battle a force had been pressing hard on the back of his mind. It wasn't the same as Voldemort's presence this was different, it did not feel conscious. Through the summer months it had grown from a sort of warm force to a blazing bonfire, the strange thing was that it seemed to grow each time one of the Dursley's felt like hitting him, or abusing him. Last night after Harry had been told about the party the Dursley's friends would be attending Vernon had backhanded him when he had asked "what friends?" The feeling had increased to a blowtorch to the back of his skull, when he had been forced on to his hands and knees to fight the urge to be sick. As Dudley slyly put a quick kick to his ribs that had almost made him think his skin was on fire. While the Dursley's were not hurting him,the feeling's were manageable but with each hit, and smack the weight grew. The music had begun to die down when Harry heard people stumble out the front door and vomit into aunt Petunia's prize rose beds, that he had to weed. "Show me the way too go home . . ." echoed from the front garden up to his window. "I'm tired and I want to go to bed . . ." Someone walked into the front fence and swore loudly. "Shit, what fucking idiot put a fence there, I had a little drink about an hour ago . . . " The party had held on until the early hours on the morning and Harry hoped that everything would quite down so he could make a quick dash to the bathroom. He just hoped no one had made a mess in there. Creeping to his door, Harry was glad the Dursley's had been too distracted with their celebration to remember to lock the door. Hedwig, hooted at him as he moved past her perch on the end of his bed. 'Shhh, be quite." Harry warned Hedwig. Sliding the door open Harry glanced both ways and dashed down the hallway to the bathroom.

Ripped streamers and half deflated party balloons were scattered all over the place and before he got a lift to Diagon alley in a few hours he could see he was going to be picking up the rubbish. It didn't sound like anyone was in the bathroom when he put his ear to the door and quietly relieved himself. Harry crept his way back up the hallway to his bedroom when the loud noise of a very drunk Vernon stumbling up the stairs could be heard. 'I'm too sexy for my pants, too sexy. . . ". Vernon was very, very drunk. Harry raced down the hallway hoping to get back before Vernon reached it. But he was too late. Vernon Drunk was Vernon Violent.

"Boy, Boy, what are you doing out of your room you little bastard. We told you, you weren't to leave it, Now you need to be punished." Vernon leant against the wall as he slid, walked his way down it. "Harry leapt for his room and slammed his door shut pushing his back against it to keep it closed. "Boy, you need to be taught a lesson, you can't go breaking rules it's just not right, you need to be shown whose the boss." Vernon mumbled as he slammed a drunken shoulder against the door, Harry dug his heels in but after another slam he was forced to the ground as the door swung open. The force of the blow flung Vernon forward onto his shoulder on the ground. Harry scrambled as far away from Vernon as humanly possible.

Slowing standing up, Vernon Dursley was gently swaying and mumbling about, punishing and showing the ungrateful boy, who was boss. Lurching around, Mr. Dursley haltingly pulled his belt out of the loops of his pants. Harry made a quick dash around Vernon for the door but was pulled back by a hand to his shoulder and flung to the ground. "Right, boy now this is for your own good. You need discipline. Obey the rules. Just stay still " Harry knew what would happen next and scrambled to his feet. Shoving an arm out he pushed out at Vernon who stumbled backwards into the doorway blocking it. Rushing forward Vernon brought Harry to his knees with a back hand to the side of his face. Harry hunched over on the carpet, holding his knees to his chest. Bring a large arm back Vernon brought the metal buckle down in a resounding thud on the back of Harry's pyjamas. Harry bit his lip and kept quite from past beating's he knew that making a noise would only make the bastard put more effort into it. "You need to learn boy."

With each strap of the belt, Harry felt the heavy warmth which had been building over the summer grow. With each flash of pain as the metal buckle bit into his back Harry, hoped that Vernon Dursley would trip and break his neck. In Harry's mind he could feel each strap feed the warmth, it now felt as though someone as welding molten metal to his bones. With only a giant force of will Harry was not screaming with the pain. . Harry was holding onto to the pain with only the mental equivalent of his fingernails. When the belt's strap hit a previous mark, the brunette bit through his bottom lip, and warm blood filled his mouth. He could feel what control he had over the heat being torn away with each cut from the metal buckle. As he tried to grasp the warmth to him he felt the last belt from Vernon cut into his back.

Vernon brought his arm back and forward putting as much force into it as he could. Stumbling as he brought the belt down, Vernon clutched the wall and looked down on Harry. The white t-shirt he used as a P.J top ripped and bloody. The boy-who-lived was clutching his knees and rocking backwards and forwards. Vernon pulled his arm back for one last hit, as a going away present.

A fire pushed though the cut skin it felt like falmes ate at his flesh, he could feel nothing except the burning which blasted through him. As Vernon dropped his belt in surprise he could see the boy, stop shaking and begin to glow a bright blue. Pulling back a foot, Vernon made sure he didn't fall with a hand on the wall and brought his boot around to land on the back of Harry's neck snapping it forward. The world to Harry had stopped all he felt around him was a bright red light which was burning into his flesh. It filled every fibre of his being, and overflowed. From a far away distance he could hear his Uncle swearing about freaks. The outside world was overwhelmed by the feeling of intense anger that spilled into his body from the fire. From the outside view Vernon saw a red fire grow until it surrounded the boy, shining outwards then drawing inwards it spiralled around the crouching figure of Harry. The colour of the flames changed flowing through the air sliding into a darker violet, sparks of silver started to grow in the dark colour outlining the boys head and back. It was like a moonlit sky.

Harry could see the silver sparks circle his head and cling to his skin, they were so cold in comparison to the fire which was heating the rest of his body. Opening his mouth Harry screamed as the lights surrounding him were drawn into his skin and made his form glow. Vernon stumbled out of the room as a wave of heat embraced him. It felt as though his eyebrows had been burned off. Slamming the door shut behind him He was too drunk to work this out. Feeling the heat spiral down Harry could feel it flow inward through his skin. The lights drifted into his body fading. From the outside as the lights faded a pattern began to appear on Harry's back the silver stars traced a pattern. Picked out in silver and midnight blue on his back were feathers, hundreds of feathers. In the smallest detail they covered his back from his neck under the ripped pyjama top to the elastic of his pyjama bottoms. The feathers were picked out on his back like a detailed silver tattoo. Sliding out of his position, Harry could feel the heat fade but stay now sitting peacefully in the back of his mind. The feathers were almost a tattoo, except the faint breeze which was drifting in through Harry's open window was making the feathers move. Exhausted Harry collapsed on his carpet and the world faded around him.

In a bedroom, far away from the events happening at 4 Privet drive, someone, shifted in their sleep. The room was large, a fireplace rested opposite the bed and heavy curtains covered the tall windows. In the four-poster bed which sat on it's own raised platform a sleeping body stretched and sighed in their sleep. Suddenly a shining light illuminated the room, shinning light on the heavy furniture which filled it. It emerged from between the drawn curtains of the four poster bed. This blue light etched in silver shone briefly and was extinguished. From the bed, a tiny midnight blue feather appeared on the corner of the sleepers right eye and disappeared.

Authors Note


I Have Finally settled on a single plot. Which will not change. So I have gone back and fixed up these chapters which I will admit were filled to the roof with grammar and spelling errors they were bad. And I found it hard to read and fix. But to the best of my abilities it is fixed.
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