Crimson: Okies! I woke-up at 3:00 A.M and decided to go on my computer. After playing Yu-gi-oh, I decided to write the prequel to Family Life.

Ryu: 'Bout time.

Crimson: Hey! I said I'd type this up AFTER I finished Family Life, and it ain't even started yet! Family Life may become a saga, with all the plans in my lil head!

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((Morning- At School- Before Classes))

"So then, what do you two think of the new girls?" Yusuke asked.

"The red haired girl seems very nice, and the one with black hair is quite interesting." Kurama smiled casually. "I was considering asking her on a date."

"I don't like either of them." Hiei growled. "They can both go to Hell for all I care."

"Really? You don't like us? Well, your manhood says otherwise." A girl with black hair and icy blue eyes smiled casually. "And you better hope it isn't over me."

Everyone began laughing and Hiei growled.

"I think you are ugly, you stupid wretch." He jumped away.

"Gomen for Hiei's behavior," Kurama turned to face the girl. "He-"

"Hiei Jaganshii, Age: Unknown; Type: Fire-Ice Hybrid; Family: Sister: Unknown; Acquaintances: Yusuke Urameshi; Kazume Kuwabara; Shuuichi Minamino, A.K.A Youko Kurama." The girl recited from memory. "I'm Rose Kasumi, and I'll be seeing you later, Youko!"

"I'll be waiting." Kurama whispered so only he could hear.

((During L.A. Class))

"Pens down! Everyone will read their poem aloud, starting with you, Ms. Kasumi." Mr. Iwamoto scowled.

"Hai, Sensai." She stood and went to the front of the room.

"Am I really here?
Is that really what I fear,
You feeling what I feel?
Could it ever happen,
This twisted sense of love?
Or am I just imagining,
That you are so divine?
Or am I only dreaming,
I have you in my arms?

I suppose that's how love goes,
Guessing and mis-stepping
I understand that now,
Love is just a guess
Maybe I'm still sleeping,
Alone, and you were never there
Maybe it was just a joke,
And you just wanted to hurt me
You do that a lot,
Hurting and beating
Yet I can't stand it,
when you're hurt and I can't help

But wish, that it had been me
And you would stand over me,
And you would carry me,
And you would help me
That won't happen,
I know it won't, It can't
Two different worlds, two different people
And only one of us is human

I'll hold onto this dream,
Even when it can't be,
Even if you reject me,
Even if you never see
How much I love you,
How I'd die for you,
Kill for you,
Damn it, I live for you
You'll never know,

And that's how it goes
This game that we call love
Cause that's all it is
A dream, a hope,
A God forsakken fantasy
Love is just a guess, and sometimes is pure luck
To see you over me"

She set the paper on the teacher's desk and walked back to her seat. "Anything else, Sensai?"

"No. Imaginitive, to say the least." Mr. Iwamoto cleared his throat. "Alright, Mimnamino, you're next."

"Hai, Iwamoto-sensai." Kurama stood and walked by Rose's desk, slipping her a note so cautiously, even Rose didn't notice.

"Cannot Close My Mind

Cannot Close My Eyes

To What I See

To What I Feel

I Can See Shades Of Gray

And Can Tell Good From Evil

I can Hold My Head High

Even When Rejected

My Soul Is Split In Two

And The Half I Long For Is Missing

I Don't Know Who I Am

Or Where I Should Be

I've Been Lost My Whole Life

And Can Never Find Myself

I See So Many Other Lost Ones

In All The Imposters I've Seen

Is There Any Truth

In All These Things I'm Taught

Are There Any Lies,

When There Is Only Uncertain Truth"

Rose stopped paying attention and noticed the slip of paper. Unfolding it, she read:


Would you go on a date with me tonight? I know a club you may enjoy.


Picking up her pen she wrote underneath his message:

'Tell me why I would want too, Foxboy.'

She gave it to him as he went back to his seat. He passed her another note that said:

'You wanted to see me later, so you will.'

Rose smirked evilly. Kurama had dug his own grave.

((That Night- Rose and Ame's Apartment))

"So, you hate him, and are going to kill him, but you're dating him?" Ame asked as she watched Rose brush out her black hair.

"One, don't hate him. I could care less about him. Two, Assassination isn't the same as murder. Murder is pointless, assassination gets food on the table and clothes on our backs. Third, we're only dating if we go on several dates, not just one." Rose straitened her clothes, a black corset with a flat neck and nothing on her shoulders and a pair of black pants with her favorite pair of boots. "And exactly where are you goin, Ame?"

"I have a date too, Rose." Ame was wearing a creamy blouse with the first and last two buttons were undone. Her jeans were slightly faded and hugged her hips, belling out half way down her calves, showing her white heeled sandals and slender ankles. (tongue twister!)

"Right." Rose grabbed her wallet and clipped the chain onto her belt, the slipped it into her pocket leaving the chain to hang. "I'll be home around one. I expect you back at the same time, or before. Call if something comes up, and don't slip any secrets."

"Hai, Kasaan!" Ame giggled and dodged a playful swipe from her friend.

((Kurama's House))

"So you're really going on a date?" Kurama chuckled.

"Yes, and I'm telling you, Rose has something up her sleeve." Hiei growled.

"And Ame is an angel that fell from heaven and into the Makai, then she became friends with Rose, who is an assassin. Is that it?" Kurama asked, sarcasm dripping from his words

"Rose is an assassin."

"She came here so Ame and her could have a peaceful life. Neither of them fight."Kurama explained. "Now please stop being so hypocritical. Need I remind you you were once an assassin."

"Shut up." Kurama just laughed and walked out the door.

((At Club))

Rose was dancing, arms twisting around her as she moved to the heavy beat of the club.

"Come and dance with me, Foxboy!" Rose yelled over the music.

Kurama began dancing next to her, trying not to get too close.

"Baby," Rose pushed her back against Kurama, surprising the humanized-youko. "You can touch me, in fact I want you too. Unless, the infamous youko sex-god has lost his touch."

"I have not lost my touch." Youko took control, two streaks of silver appearing and his eyes turning gold. He slipped his hands down her body from her shoulders to her hips were he pulled her close to him, rubbing against her.

"There's the youko I wanted to meet," Rose purred, turning around to face him. She ran her hands over his chest. "Touch me again."

"With pleasure, Rose."

They danced for a few more songs when a slower song came on. Kurama regained control, and tilted Roses head up to look at him.

"Would you be willing to dance to this song, Rose?" He leaned closer to her and brought his lips a hair's breath away from hers.

"Why not, and while I'm at it," She kissed him quickly, darting out her tongue to trace across his lips. "Don't tease me. I'll just get what I want by force."

"Alright." They began dancing, and Rose leaned her head on Kurama's chest, right above his heart.

((Rose's P.O.V.))

I laid my head against his chest and I felt his heart, just beating like a normal heart, but something was off. I listened, straining to hear it. There it was, a pattern. Two strong beats, then a quick, almost unnoticeable beat. I've heard many heartbeats. Demons I've killed, those who have clung to life after their deathblow, Ame, who I found almost dead, and Mom's. His was like hers, that off beat that made it theirs. I clutched him tighter, closed my eyes and purred contently. He stroked my hair and I felt so, content. I've never felt this happy before, not with Mom, not with my brother, and definitely not with Yukio.

"Rose, the song is over." He whispered in my ear. I didn't say anything, I just held him closer, if that was at all possible.

He picked me up and carried me to a booth, and I let go after a few minutes of being held by him.

"Did you fall asleep?" He smiled and held my hand. "I can take you home."

"Iie, I was," Oh yeah, I can imagine it, I was just listening to your heartbeat and I realized I was in love with you. Then he would be all excited and expect me to go on more dates with him, making us boyfriend and girlfriend. "Just thinking."

"About what?" A hand traced up my arms to my hair, which he began to pet.

"Stuff. Like if you don't stop scooting closer I'm going to fall off the booth." I glared then smirked at him. "If you wanted to cuddle," I move into his lap, "You should of said so."

"Romance is lost on you isn't it?" That gorgeous, gorgeous red head chuckled. He pulled me close to him and I leaned against his shoulder.

"Not entirely, depends on what it is."

"Slowly leaning into a kiss?"

"Cut the foreplay."

"Large bouquet of flowers?"

"Never happened but it's a nice idea."

"Candlelight dinner?"

"I like to see my food."

"Hmmm, Saturday at the Autumn Festival?"

"Sounds fun."

"I'll pick you up at 12."

"Huh?" I looked at him, then realized he tricked me into a date. "Did you just?"

"Trick you into a date?" He grinned. "Hai. Will you?"

"Why not, nothing else to do." He kissed me on the cheek, and I kissed him full on the mouth.

"Hiei!" A very familiar voice giggled.

Crimson: There. I'm sleepy. Good Night. -falls unconscious-

Rose: Well, since she's asleep kitsune, shall we have some fun?

Kurama: I'm listening. -walks out with Rose whispering in his ear-