Fun and Games

Author: Gothic Spook

Category: Humour

Rating: PG

Summary: It is inevitable with every partnership. The worst thing to ever happen to any partnership! A team building seminar full of fun and games and people you want to punch!

Spoilers: A couple of episodes throughout the seasons

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"So let me get this straight, we're driving all the way to New York for a team building seminar so we learn how to communicate with each other?" John asked from the drivers seat. He never took his eyes off of the road.

"Yep. There next three days are going to be nothing but practising communication skills and building a tower of office furniture." Mulder told him.

"Tower of office furniture?" Monica asked as she looked back at him from the front passenger seat. "You've been to one of these things before?"

"No, unfortunately we had to miss the last team building seminar because we found a case that just desperately needed our attention." Mulder explained to her.

"Yeah right, we got lucky. Unfortunately this time either we go or we get fired." Scully commented.

"Seems a little harsh." John said.

"I think Kersh just wants to get rid of us for as long as possible. This is the next best thing besides kicking our butts out of the FBI." Monica took out a packet of chewing gum and offered everyone a piece.

"I'm not sure what one is worse. The seminar or being kicked out of the job." Mulder commented as he popped the piece of gum into his mouth.

"A bit of a hard choice. How about we skip the entire thing and do anything else." John suggested.

"Kersh would love that. Maybe at night we could go out. After all this thing is only on during the day, the FBI can't control our activities off duty." Monica suggested and everyone agreed to it. John pulled into the parking garage of the hotel.

"Well here we go, hours of fun and games." He exclaimed as they got out of the car and grabbed their bags from the trunk of the car.

"Is that a hint of sarcasm I detect in your voice John?" Monica teased as they made their way in the entrance of the hotel.

"Me? Sarcasm? I don't think so." Monica gave him a light shove as they walked up to the front desk.

"Good afternoon. We're here for the wonderful FBI and police team building seminar. We're the fantastic agents from DC." Mulder greeted. Dana, Monica and John were trying desperately not to laugh.

"Yes, your rooms are numbers 18 and 19. Its an adjoining room. If you leave your bags someone will take them up for you and if you make your way to the main hall you'll, the seminar is due to start any moment." The polite lady instructed them.

The agents made their way to the main hall. Inside were others agents from the FBI and a few police officers from New York. The agents sat down in the back row of the chairs facing the front.

"Johnny?" A voice called. They looked to the direction of the voice and saw a couple of men in cop uniform approach them.

"Hey Tommy." John stood up and greeted his old friend in a string. manly hug.

"It's good to see you man."

"I remember when you were the little fresh out of training punk. You sure have changed."

"You two. Mr FBI." Tommy looked up to the officer standing next to him. "John Doggett this is my partner Matt, Matt this is Special Agent John Doggett." He introduced the to men greeted each other and shook hands.

"This is Agent Dana Scully, Fox Mulder and Monica Reyes." John introduced. Tommy shook Mulder and Dana's hands and then shook Monica's, he didn't let go straight away.

"Monica Reyes. I remember you. The cool FBI agent who hung out with us cops at the bar. I remember no one could ever drink you under the table."

"It's nice to see you again." She greeted.

"Attention! Everyone!" Everyone settled down as a man in a suit stood up front trying to get everyone's attention. "Welcome to this team building seminar. Throughout the next three days you will take part in activities and challenges to build team work and trust within your partnership." John and Mulder barely suppressed a laugh. "Some of you are here as twos but some are also here as fours, so each activity is suited for both types of partnership. "My name is Holly and my helpers today are Jason." She pointed to each of the helpers sitting on the stage as she introduced them. "Amanda, Carly, Mike and Gary. As you perform each activity we will be walking around offering help and support to each of you. And if you ever need to talk to someone, we're here to listen." Now it was all four of the agents turn to laugh. Holly ignored them. "Our first activity is communication and trust. Everyone please sit in a large circle so we can begin." Everyone did as instructed. "Now first let's work on communication. I want everyone to tell the group an event in their life in which nobody in here knows already." She looked at all the looks people were giving her. "Lets start with you and go clockwise." A few of the other agents and police officers said a few things which were simple, liking a certain type of film, hating smoking. It was now Mulder's turn.

"I was abducted by aliens." He said calmly.

Dana's turn. "My dog was eaten by a monster."

Johns turn. "I was killed and regurgitated back to life."

Monica's turn. "I've had a past life come back to bite me in the butt which resulted in me seeing people skinless."

"Are those based on reality?" Amanda, one of the helpers, asked.

"Yes they are." Mulder answered.

"I think we better go onto our next activity of building trust." Jason went into the middle of the circle.

"I need a volunteer." He said and looked around the circle. No one was in any hurry to volunteer. "How about you?" He said holding his hand out to Monica.

"No, pick someone else." She told him.

"Now don't be shy, come on." Everyone started cheering her on and with a laugh of embarrassment she took his out strechted hand and went into the middle of the circle. "Okay now I want you to close your eyes." She did as he instructed and he walked around behind her. "And I want you to fall back and then I'll catch you." She took a deep breathe and the fell back, he caught her but not before she let out a little yelp. He lifted her back up so she was standing straight up and she opened her eyes. "See I told you I would catch you." He turned to everyone in the circle. "Now I want everyone to find a space and with there partner to practise the fall and catch activity." He turned to Monica. "How about a round of applause for our beautiful volunteer." Everyone clapped and cheered as Monica did a little bow.

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