I appologise that this has taken so long to update, but this website stopped working on my Mac computer and so I had to spend ages getting my laptop hooked up to the internet. Here's chapter 2!

Monica walked back to her rightful place next to John. Everyone else in the room was already performing the task with their partners. Monica looked over at one pair, the girl was catching her male partner, she didn't manage to keep her grip on him and he ended up on the floor.

"You fall and I'll catch you first Mon," John told her as he held out his arms, ready to catch her when she fell.

"You better catch me," Monica warned with a playful smile on her lips as she turned so her back was facing him. Taking a deep breath she then fell backward into his strong arms, and sure enough they caught her with no problem. "Your turn now partner," She said as she indicated that it was him to show trust.

"No way! You'll drop me! I'm way too heavy for you to catch!" He protested.

"I won't drop you, now come on." He didn't move. "Don't you trust me?" Monica innocently asked as she gave him the puppy dog look, knowing he was a victim to it every time she played that card.

"Damn you and your puppy dog eyes." He turned around, ready to fall backwards into Monica's arms. "Better catch me," he muttered. He then fell backwards and sure enough Monica did catch him, but John had been right. He was too heavy; she couldn't hold all of his weight and started to slowly fall to the floor. Monica tried to keep her and John upright, and John was in an awkward position to help. Monica burst out laughing as they both feel to the floor in a huge heap.

"I told you I was too heavy!" John said initially with anger, but as soon as he saw Monica laughing he couldn't help but join in. He slowly stood up and brushed himself down. He held out his hands towards Monica to help her off the floor.

"Okay everyone!" Amanda, one of the helpers, called out to gain everyone's attention. The room silenced as everyone turned their attention towards her. "Great partner work. I can really feel the positive energy in this group of fabulous people."

John turned to Monica and whispered, "A friend of yours? Been teaching her about energies?"

"Shut up John." She laughed slightly as she elbowed him lightly in the ribs.

"Now for you and your partner to know each other more deeply. I want you to sit down with your partner and tell them a secret. Something no one else, or only a few people know. But it has to be something they are at present unaware of." Amanda announced and then indicated for everyone to start.

John and Monica sat down against the wall which was closest to them. Sitting with their shoulders touching.

"So, do you want to go first?" John asked.

"No, you can go first." Monica insisted as she decided what piece of information to tell him.

"Okay, let me think for a second. You already know an awful lot about me." He took a few moments to think. "If you tell anyone this I will shoot you myself." He warned. Monica nodded for him to continue. "I love reading romance novels." John looked at Monica's reaction, she simply smiled softly.

"What do you love so much about them?" She asked gently.

Comforted by the fact she hadn't laughed at him, he went on. "I love how much pain the characters are willing to go through for each other, and no matter what bad has happened between them, they would still end up together, just like a fairy tale."

"Well you're not alone, I too love romance novels. I've been reading them ever since I started going out with this by at college. I've never stopped reading them."

"Was your college boyfriend your fairy tale prince? Is that why you started reading romance novels?" John asked with humour, but Monica's reaction wasn't one of humour. He saw her smile fall and sadness wash over her face like a sudden flood.

"No," Monica whispered as she lowered her head. Not wanting to meet his curious gaze. She wasn't sure she wanted to tell John that part of her life. It was one she had buried deep within her, one she had forgotten about, or convinced herself she had forgotten about that part of her past.

John saw she was in emotion pain and was debating with herself whether or not to tell him her secret. He wanted her to share that with him, for her to trust him with all her secrets, the good ones and the bad. Using his fingers, he gently lifted her head by her chin. He was met with tear filled eyes, ready to overflow at any moment.

"Tell me," he urged softly.

"He had a temper. At first it was great, at the beginning he was just like my fairy tale prince. But after a few months, he changed. He became violent, hitting me, kicking me, beating me. He took all the anger he had out on me. I was afraid to break up with him. I was so afraid of what he would do if I told him I didn't want to be with him anymore. I started reading romance novels as an escape. I could imagine that the lead female was me, which the prince was pining for me and was perfect, it was the only time I ever felt free from him." Monica let a few tears escape her eyes. The memory of sitting in the college library until it closed, just reading romance novels, never wanting that time to end, wishing the library would never close so she could stay in there forever just reading, and dreaming.

"What happened in the end?" John asked, almost afraid to, afraid of what she would tell him.

"He was caught by the police in a robbery, sent to prison. I never heard from him again." Monica told him. John placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her to him. Letting her cry into his shoulder.

"Okay everyone!" Amanda shouted. "Ten minute break!" John and Monica stood up as they saw Mulder and Dana making their way towards them. Monica managed to compose herself enough so they wouldn't be able to tell she had been crying.

"Do you two feel more bonded and trust in each other?" Mulder asked with sarcasm.

"Oh yeah. What about you two, how did the fist trust test go?" John asked.

"Well I managed to catch her, but…" Dana finished off Mulder's sentence for him.

"I flat out refused to catch him." She explained as she indicated the height difference and obvious weight difference.

"Understandable." John said as he gave a playful glare towards Monica.