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"It's Azarath Metrion Zinthos, Not Azarath Metrion Zinkos."

"Oh, forgive me, friend Raven."

The two girls were meditating together again in Raven's room. Starfire started saying the chant wrong, and it half irritated and half made her laugh. Though, Raven didn't show it. While those two were having fun in their own little world, they didn't notice a green fly buzz into the room.

Beast Boy snickered to himself. He was about about to pull the best prank ever. There was a fifty-fifty chance he'll finally make Raven laugh. 'Naw, it's a 99.9 to 0.1.' thought Beast Boy. 'I'll most likely to feel Raven's deadly wrath.'

Starfire finally left the room after half an hour. It gave him a break; hanging from the corner of the ceiling was ultra boring. He watched Raven get a large, heavy book which she could hardly carry. She blew the dust off the weighted book and opened it to a certain page. Beast Boy saw that it was written in a writting he didn't understand. He blew that thought away and silently crept on the ceiling, so that he was on top of Raven.

"Stupid book! Show me that spell!" Raven cursed. "Ack, the writting is too small... maybe I need glasses. Or rest..."

She sighed and took off her cloak and jumped into bed. She set her alarm clock so she would wake up in an hour. Beast Boy was horrified. He should've pulled his prank before! Now he's stuck on the ceiling until an hour, and if he tried to get out, Raven would sense him and have Beast Boy Burgers before he knew it. This will be a looong wait.


Forty minutes passed and Raven woke up to Beast Boy's relief. She gave out a yawn and walked over to the giant book she left open. A few minutes passed when Raven found the spell she was searching for.

"Lekirtargh Xiolanguy..."

While Raven was mumbling weird words, Beast Boy found his chance to pull his prank. He was positioned perfectly...

"Usargf Ziadyne Quihi..."

Beast Boy was ready to loose grip. Oh yes, it was so tempting...

"Traqi Poxhus -"



Beast Boy screamed at the top of his lungs and fell on top of Raven. This caught her offguard, and she didn't finish her incantation. She added another word, and it made the spell go upside down. Pink lights emerged from the book and started to twirl around Raven.

"Beast Boy... You are so dea-"

Before she could finish, Raven dissapeared. Beast Boy stared blankly at the lump of clothes on the floor, which was moving... He moved them away with shaking hands, and the sight terrified him.

"Hi! My name's Raven! What's up?"


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