Child - Author's Note

I bet you people thought it was a chapter, eh? Sorry, it's not.

It's an author's note! Yay! A boring, author's note!
You don't need to read this part.

I wanna thank all my loyal reviewers, who kept encouarged (and threatend, I might add) me to continue, and kept believing in me even though I didn't update in like, 3 months or something like that. So, yeah,A BIG, HUMONGO, THANK YOU TO YOU! WHOOOOOOOO!
/clap clap/

Also to people who have alerted me with typos and gave me ideas and critiszm. They helped out a lot! THANK YOU 2 U TOO!
/clap clap/

Remeber the sequel... Remember the sequel... Remember the sequel...
You know you want the sequel...

And because school is ending, I'll hav a lot of time to update my other fics. Horrah!

Once again, thank you!