Notes: Jackie from Fez's point of view. PG

Disclaimer: I don't own That 70s Show or any of the characters, they belong to Carsey Werner and other rich people.

Foreign Goddess

By: Kitty Maxwell-Yuy

The first time I saw her I fell in love with her. It was love at first, at least on my end. She didn't seem to care either way, she never did. Even on our date she didn't care, she was just there to eat and eat she did.

In my country she would be a goddess and treated as such. I always treat her like a goddess, but does she notice? No.

The only time she gave me the time of day was when we went to the Disco. I'm a god on the dance floor, better than Travolta. I almost had her, but I lost my chance, because of Kelso. Bastard.

Kelso didn't deserve her, he would never be worthy of her. He cheated on her several times and she kept taking him back. Why? I do not know. She finally dropped him when he high-tailed it to California to escape marrying her.

Then she got together with Hyde. I like Hyde, he's a good guy, but he also cheated on her. Yet again she took back a cheating man.

Why can't she give Fez, a sweet Foreign guy a chance? I wouldn't hurt her, I'd love her and treat her like the goddess she is. I guess I can't get a break, maybe someday. I can always hope and pray.