Notes: 1x2 fic, the song is Open Your Heart by Westlife. PG to PG-13

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Open Your Heart

By: Kitty Maxwell-Yuy

Personal File of Heero Yuy: Entry 01

I didn't mean to let you down

You have to believe it

I don't know what went through my mind

But now I can see

Maybe I was so cold to you, because I didn't know what I felt. I told you that I'd never love you and that you disgusted me. I'm sorry that I lied. I didn't know what else to do.

That I waited too long

To tell you how much it matters

Just to be right here with you

But I couldn't think of anything better

I should have told you so

Being with you, just in your presence was all that mattered. I only knew how to kill, I was never taught to love. What I was taught was that men belonged with women, not other men. Then there was you, an angel made into flesh. I should have told you how I felt, but I didn't know what I felt and wasn't able too.

Baby open your heart

Won't you give me a second chance

And I'll be here forever

Open your heart

Let me show you how much I care

And I will make you understand

If you open your heart

To love me once again

I'll try and make it up to you

I want you to know

Baby I swear that I'll be true

And never let go

Will you let me try again? Give me a chance to prove to you that I love you and that you don't disgust me. Can you understand that I did what I did because I was so thrown? Why would this angel in the flesh want a cold soulless bastard like me?

If you give me another chance I will make you know that I love you. I'll do anything to make it up to you, if you let me try. I will love you and will stay with you for however long we have and even longer.

We could relive this pain and sorrow

But we better do it in time

Start over here and save tomorrow

I wanna make you mine

Let me try again Duo, I need to try again. I need you to know the truth. Aishiteru, Duo Maxwell, aishiteru.

Heero Yuy, signing off