Brooke woke up the next morning at 7:30. They planned on meeting at Karen's Café at 9:00 to meet the guys, and also to pick up some breakfast.

Brooke hummed to herself as she got into her shower. Half an hour later, she stepped out and began to dry her hair, pulling it up into a pony tail. She then applied her make up and began an intense, 15 minute morning work out.

AS the clock turned to 8:45, she was just slipping on her pink flip flops. She was wearing a denim mini skirt, and a pink tank top. She dragged her luggage out the porch, and sat on the swing, waiting for Peyton to pick her up. The girls were going to drive down in Peyton's car, and the guys were going to drive in Nathan's SUV.

At 8:57, Peyton's vintage convertible rolled to a stop in front of Brooke's house.

"Finally" Grumbled Brooke as Peyton and Haley got out and helped toss Brookes luggage into the already stuffed trunk and threw Brookes duffel into the back seat, along with the others. The seat had been cleared of all CDs and music memorabilia.

"All right! Let's get this show on the road!" Said Brooke as she climbed into the back seat and put her Spice Girls CD into the player.

"Eww Brooke this is like garbage to my ears" Groaned Peyton

"Suck it up" Snapped Brooke as she sang along. "Stop right now!"

They pulled up to the curb just in time to see the guys getting out of Nathan's SUV.

"Broody!" Shrieked Brooke as she ran into her boyfriends arms and showered him with kisses.

Luke laughed and kissed her back.

Nathan groaned and wrapped an arm around Haley, leading her inside the café.

"I am stuffed!" Exclaimed Haley as she finished her pancakes and bacon.

"So am I!" Replied Brooke as she finished the rest of Luke's breakfast. She had finished hers long ago.

"Then lets move em' out" Said Nathan as everyone paid there bill.

"Bye Broody" Said Brooke as she gave him one last kiss and got in the car.

Jake laughed. "Don't worry Brookie" He teased "we're all meeting at the rest stop in 2 hours!" (I have no idea how long it takes to drive from NC to Florida. I live on the other part of the country!)

As they all settled into their cars, and pulled onto the highway, Brooke stood up with the wind whipping her hair "Florida here we come!" She shrieked.

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