Champagne, Cake, and Cream


"I love champagne," Sirius said, taking another swig.

James looked over at his best friend and rolled his eyes. "It's 11 in the morning Si, most people drink coffee."

"Champagne wakes me up more," Sirius said. James stole his champage bottle away from Sirius. "Hey!"

"That's your fourth cup. No one in their right mind is drunk before noon," James said, but then he too took a sip, right from the bottle.

Sirius jumped down from James's countertop. "I bet I know why you're getting married."

"Uh...because I love Lily?" James asked.

"Eh, love schmove," Sirius said with a shrug. "You're doing it because you get champagne."

"I am not getting married just for the champagne. That's why you'd get married," James said, throwing a dishrag in his best friends face.

"Oh...well then it's gotta be the cake. You're getting married because you get a huge cake," Sirius said. "Damn you're so lucky."

"Sirius," James warned. "I am not getting married for the champagne or the cake."

"Oh..." Sirius said slowly. "Is it because now you and Lily can share the cost of the strawberries and whipped cream?"

"No," James insisted. "I am not getting married because of anything I eat or drink."

"Then why the hell would you get married?" Sirius asked.

James rolled his eyes. "Because I love Lily and want to spend my entire life with her."

"Bor-ing," Sirius sang and then he looked around the room. " got any cake?"


I had this lying around and I decided to post it because hey, if I have it why not share it?