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Kagome and InuYasha climbed out of the well. Inuyasha practically dragged her along, just to get to the noodles. Kagome just rolled her eyes and let him drag her. When they got to the kitchen he sat down patiently and watched her make the water.

"Here you go InuYasha, Merry Christmas."

"Christmas? What's that?"

"Never mind, just eat." Kagome said, pushing the bowl towards him. He grabbed it and started to eat it hungrily.

Sota jogged down the stairs, avoiding the mess of toys that he had left there. "Oh hey sis, your back. And you brought Inuyasha!"

Inuyasha stopped mid slurp to glance at Sota, before going back to eating.

"I'm going over to Mika's, this new girl in school, but mom says I can go only if someone goes with me and now that you're here…."

Inuyasha burped and slid the bowl away, sparkling clean.

"Wow, he eats fast…" Sota mentioned. "But as I was saying…"

"I don't know…what do you say Inuyasha?"

"Whatever." He said, lost in Ramen land.


Kagome couldn't ignore her brothers big eyes. "Alright, we'll go. Come on Inuyasha!"

Sota jogged down the road a little ahead of the pair. Five minutes from the house, Inuyasha just snapped out of his little day dream. "Where are we going Kagome?"

"To Sota's 'friends' house remember?"

"No." Inuyasha said grumpily.

"Sota! SOTA!" Kagome called to her brother, far ahead of her.

"What?" her brother stopped and looked back.

"I saw a small ditch (river like thing that holds water when it runs by.) iced over back there. Inuyasha and I will be down there, you can find us if you need us!"

"Ok!" Sota called and continued jogging.

"Where are we going?"

"You'll see. Come on!"

Kagome grabbed Inuyasha hand and started running a little ways back. They came to a bridge with a small stream like thing iced over. "It fills with water when it rains or snows you see," Kagome explained. "And when it ices over we can go skating!" she propped herself up onto the fence and jumped down lightly. "come on!" she called.

Inuyasha jumped over the fence to and landed, slipping and sliding along.

"What in the seven hes?"

Kagome stared laughing. Inuyasha tried to run over to her, "What are you laughing abou…..ow." He never quite made it as he fell face first on the ice.

Kagome was now doubled up in laughter. She was laughing so hard that she stumbled backwards and landed on her behind.

"I'll save you Kagome!" InuYasha said, running towards Kagome, who had managed to stand again. He came barreling at her despite her calling, "Inuyasha, stop!"

He hit her full force and they both fell onto the ice, sliding some ways down.

"ow." Kagome muttered, rubbing her head. "What did you do that for Inuyasha? Get off of me!"

Inuyasha tried to get up but wound up falling down on the ice. Kagome was laughing….until she heard a voice.

"What are you doing down there young'ns? You aint supposed to be there! You all could get hurt. That's my job to keep you away!" The old lady who was leaning over the fence from her house and the ditch.

"I'm sorry ma'am," Kagome said. "We were just having fun…"

"Ye shouldn't be down there in the ditch! Its my job to make sure no one gets hurt! I'm the captain of this here ditch!"

Inuyasha, who had just gotten up, noticed Kagome being verbally tormented by this woman. 'I'll take car of her!' he thought. "Iron reaver, soul steal…"

"Inuyasha! Sit boy! Sit, sit, sit, sit, SIT boy!" Inuyasha thudded down into the ground, spraying ice everywhere, and leaving a mark that Kagome would surely fill with water and leave an impression of a body.

"See what I mean? Now I must call the police and send over them for you all damaging this here ditch! Oh, how they'll get you all!" The frail old lady turned and walked away into her house, slamming the door. As she did so, some icicles were knocked loose from the bridge over the ditch.

"What did you do that for?" Inuyasha asked Kagome.

However Kagome didn't hear them, for the icicles started landing all around her, and some even hit her. Her vision blanked and all she heard was Inuyasha screaming her name, as sheer pain over took her.

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