I do not own Genesis, Dan Brown,Yahweh or Robert Langdon.

Genesis as Written by Dan Brown.

Renowned Deity Yahweh staggered past the Word, clutching his chest in pain, bleeding over the dark floor of polished void. He fell, hitting the black surface with a soundless thump, and crawled onward.

It's all over…my Creation…unless…I…

Behind him, a sinister figure appeared out of the shadows that were born of no light. Its face was a ragged white tear, oozing malevolence and hatred. In it's unnaturally long hands, it held a long, sharp blade that glowed with strange, arcane red markings.

"Your time is over, old man." The dark figure spoke, running the blade, which was still wet with the blood of Renowned Deity Yahweh, across it's split-end tongue. "Prepare to meet your maker." That made it laugh; it laughed and laughed and laughed in it's strange, demonic way, it's tongue flailing around madly as the sinister cackles spread around it like a plague.

"You fiend…" Renowned Deity Yahweh managed to say, his mouth filling with blood. "…don't you realize what you're doing? You are going to destroy everything that ever was!"

"The only thing I realize," intoned the dark figure, now resting the blade on it's shoulder, "is the Will of my Master. And he wills you dead." He raised his blade, preparing to deliver the final blow that would end this forever.

No…I must preserve my work…everything I've ever done…There has to be some way!

The fiend brought the blade down with all his force, and just before it clove him in two Yahweh thought:

Let there be Robert Langdon…