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Author's Notes: Set on the Manga canon in a possible future after the war. Spoilers up to the third chapter of volume 8. Possible AU warning and of some AlucardxIntegral and PipxSeras content. I thank kelles for editing this chapter and to a Romanian friend to give me quotes from Vlad Dracula's journal. Feedback is appreciated.

The Female of the Species

"Women are the more powerful of the two. God Himself probably knew this and, with the logics of the man, competitive in the act of creation, took care to diminish their power by giving them the humbling task of procreation."
(Vlad III Dracula as collected from what are believed to be Dracula's notes, written during the time of his imprisonment).

Chapter One
- Of Bleeding Wrists

After peace returned to the world, Alucard found himself unemployed and dedicated to watching Integral instead. The last month he had followed her movements in great detail, studying her nuances that would later prove beneficial for his objectives. Her former routine was changed since she lost Walter during the war, therefore his vigilance was imperative.

From Integral's waking to her slumber, he had been there. As a shadow inside hers, in the form of mist, his multiple eyes reflected on mirrors. During the task, Alucard had learnt many interesting things. Like her truce with those true Nosferatus who had taken the former London over their control, the city was now a vampire haven that, by order of the Round Table, must be left alone. Alucard felt Integral's frustration over the circumstances and her impotence. He was an exiled by their stupid codes, not that he wanted to wander across that miserable vampire ghetto that was Midian.

He also discovered what artificial insemination was and returned to the long, lost love of book researching he used to posses previous to his capture.

Integral was now sitting and reading her correspondence, one of the many jobs that used to belong to the Angel of Death. Alucard smirked, ready to act when he heard the rumble made by engine of the van disappearing as the vehicle was being parked in front of the Mansion. Soon the murmur of the soldiers and the sounds of footsteps resounded across the floor.

They only took two hours, Alucard noted, glancing at the position of the Moon. His kind did not need clocks to figure out the time. Either they improved or their enemy was very weak. His eyes narrowed, They returned too soon. His plans, however would not be delayed by this intrusion. He had waited far too much to be postponing now. They were already in motion, Alucard chuckled to himself as he monitored different parts of the Mansion.

His not-so-little Police Girl was already on the corridor and heading to Integral's office? Alucard faded and reappeared in front of her, looking down to his fledgling and covering her frame with a menacing shadow. The artificial light position played on his advantage.

"Excuse me, Master," Seras said, glancing up him, both startled and annoyed. She stepped backwards then moved to circle him and passed. Alucard blocked her path once more. "Master! I need to report the mission to Sir Integral!" she scoffed.

"Where did your manners go, Police Girl?" Alucard scolded, bending down to face her and making no indication he had any intention to of moving. "Did that tramp rub off his bad habits?"

Tramp? Kick his arse, girl.

Alucard heard a male voice soaked with a French accent speaking inside Seras' mind. He was wondering what it took to make the late Captain resurface.

I would defend your honour, Captain. But I prefer to preserve our lives.

He has gotten more annoying lately, prances around with that armour and that beard and looking like a Don Juan de Marco reject. He must think himself royalty.

"Because I am royalty, human," Alucard replied with an amused growl. "As a vampire and as a human. The French educational system should improve in history lessons."

Seras' eyes dilated and she started to toy with her shadow tendril nervously. Alucard knew she feared him and relinquished in her phobia. Pity her nightmares when he had turned her into his vampire servant were gone. The mercenary helped her to dream pleasantly. It seemed his remark made the Frenchman silent too.

"You were projecting your thoughts, Police Girl," Alucard's smirk widened, his tongue toyed with his right canine idly. "You and your boyfriend should remember I have a bond with you, thus I know exactly what are you thinking. All the time."

Seras shot him a quick glare then looked down. Alucard knew she was confused, he barely had a word with her after his triumphal return to London. The Ghost Ship had been a magnificent touch of foreshadowing on his part, if he humbly admitted it. He was rather surprised Integral was not more alarmed. She knew perfectly well what happened last time he was aboard one of those.

Alucard left Seras for a minute and concentrated on Integral's position, presence wandering inside her office. Currently, she was speaking on phone to the artificial insemination clinic. Suddenly, she dropped the telephone in the middle of the conversation about dates and donors. The edges of sleeves of her jacket and shirt started to drip blood.

There, Alucard thought victorious, listening Integral's scream. It has started. By the corner of his eyes, he watched his fledgling. The Police Girl did not take longer to catch the scent of blood in the air. Sweet, virginal and noble - his Master's delicious taste. She had drunk it herself, he was aware of Integral's cutting finger trick and it aggravated him slightly. She had bled for the mongrel he had created and not for him? It insulted his honour.

"Sir Integral!" Seras exclaimed, pushing Alucard out of her way with moose-like strength. Alucard dodged her gracefully, spinning around as if he was made of plastic and his red armour weighted like a feather.

"By the way, Police Girl," Alucard shouted behind her, making her hesitate and slow her tracks. "How was your mission?" he asked, laughing and turning to transport himself inside Integral's office, looking as the ever-faithful servant.

His Master was laying across the desk, unconscious and bleeding on the extremity of her arms. The blood flared his lust but Alucard contained it. It was unwise to act suspicious in the early stage of his plan. Seras yanked the door open, rushing inside the room. Alucard approached at the same time, face emotionless as he gentled tugged Integral on a straightened posture. Cautiously, the Police Girl inspected her, she was alive. Both could hear her steady heartbeat.

"Miss Hellsing?" a female voice coming from the telephone asked, filled with concern. "Miss Hellsing? Are you there?"

Alucard picked up the fallen item and replied curtly. "Integra is unwell. She'll return your call later."

"Who are-"


Alucard hung up and turned to watch Seras' ministrations. The Police Girl had stripped his Master out of her black jacket, her gaze stopped. Alucard frowned, it was fixed on the chest. "Human, let the Police Girl take care of it," he warned to Pip. A gasp escaped his childe's throat and continued, unbuttoning the sleeves of her shirt in order to locate the source of the blood.

It was on her wrists. Alucard drunk Seras' tension as she saw more blood emerge from the cut, with satisfaction. Her self-control was better he had expected. Biting her bottom lip, Seras ripped out pieces of Integral's shirt and bandaged the bleeding, pressing the stained cloth over her flesh. She winced at the brief contact with the blood as if was made of acid.

"I'll take care of the rest, Seras," Alucard used her name in approval for her job well done and bent to pick Integral on his arms. Seras grew agitated at his action. "I will take Integra to the Medical Wing not to my evil, secret lair," he assured her, exasperated by her suspicion. Relieved, Seras let him pass towards the door.


Alucard stopped, looking back. "Yes?"

Seras paused, thinking well her answer before speaking again. "Pip told me those wounds are highly unusual."

"How so, Police Girl?" Ah, but of course they are.

"They are rounded… neatly punctured. One in each wrist and it's deep, they came through them. It's like a long object was jolted inside her," Seras said, furrowing her brow. "Could someone be able to sneak inside when we were in the corridor?"

"Unlikely, I would have sensed him or her," Alucard shook his head, looking down the sleeping Master. She looked vulnerable and fragile but he had better not let himself get fooled by that appearance. "You can research to calm your conscience, Police Girl. Master needs medical attention," he dismissed her chit chat and exited, walking towards the staircase and ascended it. He felt Integral stirring in midway and grinned. How long would she take to realize what those wounds meant? Alucard was anxious to see the end of this game.