"I wish I had been born a woman. Then Pius would have been a prisoner drowning in his vice, Matei a dream, and I the God of corporeality."
(Vlad Dracula, as collected from what are believed to be Dracula's notes, written during the time of his imprisonment).

Chapter Five
- Of the Spear of Destiny

Integral had been sleeping the last four hours since Iscariot left. Following her commands, Alucard had not made himself present despite the fact he had been so tempted to bother the Catholics. For the sake of his plan, he did not give into temptation. Now, it was his chance to get into motion the last phase of his scheme. Anderson had not left Integral's side for a week, guarding her like a hound, and his work was fading out.

When Alucard appeared inside the hospital room, he smelled the antiseptic scent characteristic of it and the perfume coming from a bouquet of red roses inside a vase over the nightstand. The vampire walked towards the table and picked up the card inserted over the white and red blossoms and read it.

'May God heal and guide you in these dark times. Amen. Bishop Alexander Anderson, Director of Section XIII.'

Oh, how considerate of the Judas Priest, Alucard thought mockingly, reaching for one of the flowers and crushing it. The petals fell over the glasses and the accumulated folders on the nightstand. He turned his Master, peacefully resting inside the white cotton sheets, his eyes trailed hungrily her sleeping form, sensing the blood caked on her wounds. The vampire bent down to lapped at her forehead.

"Isn't that supposed to hurt you?"

Her question caught him by surprise. Alucard glanced at Integral, her eyelids were half lifted and staring at him. He cursed himself for letting his thirst making him act hasty. "Master?" Alucard asked, backing off. "How are you feeling?" his inquiring was laced with a hypnotic tone; it would suffice to entice her weakened mind to change topics.

"Surviving," she replied dryly, forcing a smile. "It smells like roses…" she trailed off.

"Yes," Alucard affirmed, gesturing to the blossoms. "A gift from Iscariot. I would be careful, Integra. They could be poisoned."

"Doubtful," Integral sighed, resettling over the pillow.

"Warming up to them now?"

"More like getting used to Sister Heinkel's trigger happy habit of aiming a Desert Eagle to my head or Sister Takagi's less personable self," Integral told him, dropping her eyelashes. "And Anderson is not so bad, when he can control himself."

"I think he fancies you," Alucard commented, lounging on the chair beside her bed. It reeked of that priest; he wanted to replace his scent with his. It was a matter of territory.

"Don't be ridiculous. He's a clergy man."

"He reminds me of your grandfather. Old Abraham always looked like a pious Catholic when he had a… tendency to leer at young ladies," Alucard chuckled, amused by Integral's clear grimacing. She certainly did not like her ancestor and her forced ally to be compared. "I know our dear Judas Priest has that side hidden, I have noted how he looks at Seras in the past but he now seems fixated on you."

"Enough of that, Alucard. Where's Seras?" Integral scoffed, not responding to his remark. Had he ruffled her feathers already? She really must be exhausted.

"Police Girl left about twenty minutes ago. She didn't give me details. Something about Laura arranging a meeting with 'Angel.' And you shouldn't be moving," Alucard pointed out, watching Integral attempts to get out of the bed. He put his arms over her shoulders and pushed her down to the mattress, keeping her still. "Or the wounds will…" he took her left hand and gave a rough lick on her left wrist. "Start to bleed again."

"Alucard… release me…" Integral commanded, narrowing her eyes. She looked extraordinary attractive, clothed in the hospital nightgown. She was giving off an appearance of fragility that he knew was false. She was superior to him and he was under the thrall of the obsession to posses her.


She looked at him, baffled. "What?"

"I said no," Alucard stated, nosing her wound.

"You didn't answer my previous question," Integral pointed out, voice collected as if nothing was unusual. But he could hear her heartbeat spiking, her breath quickening little by little.

"I didn't?"

"No. I asked you if your tongue shouldn't be burned by licking these wounds," Integral hissed.

"Hmm… why? They don't come from your god. A good protestant shouldn't believe in stigmata, Master," Alucard answered, grinning slyly. "Was my performance convincing enough?"

Integral blinked a few times then remained quiet for a while until speaking aloud. "Seras… She burnt her finger…"

"Police Girl thought she did," Alucard explained, tilting his head. Integral's brows furrowed, her jaw tensed considerately. "A Master vampire could create many impressions on their fledglings… Including induced pain. I couldn't have that meddlesome bint licking and closing the wounds, could I?"

"And Master vampires could modify the chemical proprieties of their saliva to stop the cicatrisation instead of healing it," Integral spat. Alucard nodded, pleased by her knowledge about his kind, even if she remembered that too late. "How stupid of me… I should have known… You, all this is your doing, Alucard? But why? Why? You are my servant! The seal!"

"It's gone," Alucard moved over her, pinning her with his weight. She writhed beneath his body, wincing in pain. "Restriction zero," he gestured to his beard. "Or have you forgot, Integral?"

"Until the enemies were eliminated! You did! That should have revoked the permission," Integral stated, gritting her teeth when he leaned over her face, lapping at the drops of sweat forming on her cheeks.

"There was an enemy that wasn't an enemy," the vampire murmured on her ear. "He was a member of the ones wearing black clothes and wielding iron weapons… He had orders to return to you, thus I spared him and made him my servant instead." Integral's look of disbelief was such sweet sight to Alucard; to tell her he found a way around her orders and she never suspected his plans.

"I trusted you and this is how you repay me?"

"And I am still faithful, Integral," Alucard said seriously, planting a kiss on her forehead. She spat at him in response. Chuckling, he wiped away the saliva and added. "This will rise us above God."

The room darkened and the space started to change, to mould in order to suit his wishes. The bed was gone, so was the nightstand, the transfusion bags and the roses. Integral was stripped out her clothes, leaving her body exposed except for her crotch, where a white cloth wrapped around it. His poor Master was still dazzled by the shift of scenarios when a black cross made of shadows emerged behind her. Tendrils captured her and pulled her steady over the said cross. Within a minute, nails materialized, plunging into the holes of her wrists and feet, a crown made of thorns was placed over her head, fitting the gashes of her aching skin and she felt her back flagellated once again. She screamed and cursed his name, but she did not pass out; instead Integral glared at him, looking angry and hurt at the same time.

"Judas," she uttered hatefully. "Devil."

Alucard stood beside the Crucified figure of his Master with a lascivious grin, taking her bloodied barely clothed figure. Her body was lovely, from her blonde hair, blue eyes and aristocratic features to her generous bosom, long legs and flat abdomen. He ran his tongue along the side of one of her breasts, lapping the blood dripping there. His eyes rolled up to meet her outraged gaze.

"Yes and it was thanks to Judas' betrayal and the Devil's temptations that Christ fulfilled his destiny," he said flatly. "This is not different."

"It is different! I am not the Lord!" she shouted in frustration, her face darkened by the pain of the faux stigmata.

"That's true," Alucard swatted her thigh. "He is inferior. He is male," he spat that as an insult, recalling his attempts to become more female during the forties. However, he had been able to resemble a woman with an effeminate appearance and it was not enough. "Did you smell that, Integra? Pansies," he gestured to flowers blooming beneath the cross.

"The only flowers who were able to behold Christ's death," Integral drew a breath, anticipating the next strike.

"Don't worry, Integra," Alucard purred, brushing the blonde strands of her hair before taking a few steps back. "As a member of the superior species, your resurrection will not take three days," he assured her as spear materialized in his hand. "Do you recognise this?"

Integral's pupils dilated, staring dumbfounded at his lance. "Are you playing Longinus as well, Alucard? Or Cassius plotting Caesar's downfall?" she asked bitterly. "Where did you get that?"

"Both," Alucard replied, approaching again, his free hand caressed her stomach as if attempting to calm a spooked horse. "I stole the Spear of Destiny from Hitler during one of my missions. And most occultists think Americans own it," he laughed. The sound of his laughter echoed through the space he had created inside her former hospital room.

"That was why you couldn't die or be defeated, because of the spear," Integral mused, suddenly understanding his good luck.

"In a way, yes. But it was also the result of your family's experiments… Let's not detain destiny any longer, Integra."

"Of course, I'm anxious to meet my ancestors and tell them about my failure," Integral shot back nastily, glancing at the lance with secret wonder. If she was not crucified, he gathered she would be delighted to take a closer look to his spear. "God knows why you created all this drama to simply get the rid off me."

"Because, Integra, we are going to remain together for all eternity after this," Alucard explained, "We are going to become superior to the male Messiah. We will baptise our followers with blood."

Alucard had plotted this after Arthur was born and he could get a hold of the lance. He would not only be Christ's equal and create his female apostles as he attempted with Mina, his chosen Peter who ended up being his Judas. He would transcend Christ and John the Baptiser. A female Hellsing, a female of the line who defeated him, the King of Vampires… That was what he was looking for. Until there was not a woman to serve, he would slumber… Only a female had been worthy to awake him.

Thus my yearning finally will come truth, Alucard thought before piercing Integral on the side. She cried out in pain, blood starting to bleed from the wound, life escaping quickly of her broken body. The cross vanished and she collapsed on his arms. She panted after being penetrated by him. The spectacle was erotic to the vampire.

"The Devil took you off of the cross," Alucard murmured, "There was not even need of temptation. You, Integra, temped the Devil instead," He informed her before dipping down her neck, biting her flesh. His Master gasped, unable to avoid the soft moan of pleasure of the induced, vampiric swoon. Her blood was richer mixed with the sweet, fragrant skin so pliable against his sharp canines. Alucard sucked, taking mouthfuls of Integral's blood and soul, tracing the gashes from the lashings with his gauntleted digits.

Alucard feasted on the blood of the virgin Messiah until her heart stopped. Then, the vampire reached for her hand, closing her fingers over his right one, the one that held the spear, wielding the weapon together. So, Judas waited his judgement for his treachery out of love and avarice and welcomed the rope that would hang his unlife. Integral stirred, flashing him with her new elongated eye-teeth. "Drink, for I have betrayed you, my Master."

Integral did not bother in questionings, she bit down the offered throat, out of spite, bloodlust or compelled to follow his commands. Alucard did not care, just limiting him self to grasp her hand firmly over his right one, not letting her release the Lance of Destiny. He groaned and pulled Integral to the ground, on top of him, his left arm snaked over her waist, pressing her further over his armour. He was in Heaven, or the closest he would get taste to it, such the overwhelming ecstasy of the rapture that incited half uttered groans - she was devouring him completely. Even the souls he had slaved over the centuries remained quiet in fear of the changes that had started to take place.

Alucard's eyes shut tight when the blissful assault was over, his black spirit and the ones who he had stolen were released from such inferior prison of flesh forever. Integral, meanwhile, licked the last drop of his blood that ventured outside her lips and grasped now the Lance of Destiny to herself. She stared at Alucard's lifeless shell as her orbs switched from blue to crimson red.


"Sir Hellsing," Sir Islands started, clearing out his throat, just after opening a new meeting of the 'Eleven' Conventions. "Her Majesty has spoken on your behalf, sympathetic at the terrible circumstances you were forced to face. Your position on this table shan't be in peril, despite your recent… condition."

Integral smiled, displaying her fangs; some of the knights shrunk in the positions rather cowardly when they glittered. She inclined her head, "I appreciate your vow of trust and Her Majesty's forgiveness."

"Then we will discuss the most worrisome topic now," Islands pushed his glasses further up his nose. "Midian demands two seats of power that have been conceded. One will be yours, the other is for this 'Angel' counsellor you recommended us. Where is he?"

"You may enter now," Integral ordered clapping her hands. The gates of the meeting room opened, from the door a tall figure clothed in black emerged and marched towards the knights. He was handsome, middle aged man with red eyes and black hair pulled into a ponytail.

"It cannot be…" some of the knights murmured in shock.

"Walter? Walter Dornez!" Islands stared at Walter, stunned as if he had seen a ghost. "But how?"

"Millennium captured me, Sir Islands," Walter explained. His tone was polite, yet held a devious ring proper of his younger years. "Lord Alucard released me from a slavery to another…" He did not elaborate further and the rest did not question him.

"Take a seat, Sir Dornez," Islands gestured to the empty chair beside Integral. He nodded and complied, glancing to her direction. "Now about the administration on Midian and London borough..."

While Islands talked about serious issues, Integral's hand moved on her thigh, squeezing and stroking beneath the table, seeking to provide pleasure. She closed her eyes briefly, resisting the lure in her way of duty.

Stop it! I'm in the middle of a meeting that concerns us!

A chuckled resounded inside her mind. He loved to unnerve her and knew that she liked it to a degree. Why avoid it? They shared the most intimate union.

Relax, Integra. We're superior to God and as long we posses the Lance of Destiny, victory is assured. Therefore… He moved her digits in a spidery trail towards her crotch. We can enjoy ourselves. He felt his control slipping and Integral recovering it briefly. Party popper.

I don't share your God-like delusions and you should have patience, Alucard… I'm not going anywhere, after all.

Is that sarcasm? Afraid to be close and personal?

I don't have a choice, do I?

We are gods now, the ruling Messiahs among the undead. Stop complaining.

Don't use that excuse. You know very well you did all things for your insane wish to become part of the 'superior species.' Really, Alucard. There are sex change operations these days.

Hmmm. By the way, Integra…

What now?

Are we going to take a shower with Police Girl and her boyfriend tonight? You can rub thier 'backs' again…We aren't jealous.

I thought you disliked the mere hint of lesbianism of your Brides.

Not when I am included in the fun… Alucard laughed, taking her attention span away from the meeting for a moment. He returned to a silent shadow when Islands addressed her thrice, watching and listening through her eyes and ears.

"Sir Hellsing? Are you well?" the old man asked.

Integral shook the commotion out of her head. Alucard could taste her scolding but did not make it visible towards her so called equal. "My mind was… elsewhere, my apologies. What did you say?"

"I was wondering if the rumours of Thomas' quitting are real," Islands repeated himself, his gaze moving to Walter. "You were his counsellor. Who is ruling Midian now? Is this one trustworthy?"

"Thomas was a pawn," Walter answered, smirking darkly. "He was a necessary burden like most of his idealistic administration. Lord Alucard ordered me to make sure everything was in place for the next stage of his plan."

"Which is?" Islands blinked as the buzzing noise of gossip spread among the old men.

"Why, Sir Islands, it's quite simple" Integral took the word, smiling as her tongue prodded her left fang. Alucard shuddered inside by the masturbatory pleasure, merging with her soul to utter: "It was time the Matriarchate rose anew."

Author's Notes: I thank Verdandi24 for editing this and kelles for pointing out some grammar nitpicks in chapter 3. Also I have appreciated all reviews and suggestions. The plot was hinted in the title and the quotes from Vlad Dracula's journal.