Let's all face it, Allen would have been better off with Gaddes in the first place. Men are so much easier to understand. There's too much V/H angst. So here's something I haven't seen before (granted, I might have missed it...if you know of some good gaddes/allen or allen/gaddes, you'll let me know about it, right?) So ya, behold my insanity, and hope I don't slaughter this.



Gaddes sat, staring out the window, as his captain quietly conversed with himself. There had been reports of strange happenings in the forest on the northern Asturian border, involving a ghostly young woman. So, naturally, Allen the Chivalrous was going to see what he could do for her.

((Here we go again. He's going to go haring off after another damsel in distress, leaving me to chase after and piece together his heart, once again. Oh, I know he'll come back. He always does. But it's the principle of the thing. He's forgotten me again. He just can't seem to accept that what he's looking for is right under his nose.))

"I wonder what she could be up to..." the knight murmured to himself, clearly unaware of his first mate's presence. Gaddes watched the blonde's faint reflection pace back and forth.

((I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, really. Not many would acknowledge, even to themselves, any sort of romantic feelings from a subordinate. But he needs me. I know he does. And very, very deep down, I think he knows it, too. I can only hope that, someday, he'll realize it.))

"Gaddes, find all the recent reports of that area and bring them to my office immediately." Allen finally decided, turning to face Gaddes' back.

"Yes, sir." he replied docilely, turning and saluting, before heading off to do his captain's bidding.

((But I'll wait for him. No matter how long it takes.))

Outside the Crusade, a light snow began to fall, promising hope for tomorrow.