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To Grab

Chapter One: Bugged

To those who may think or are under the assumption that the Government of Japan or of any nation for that matter would stand idly by while someone or something else was assuming power, one has only to say "Look at History" and you're given your answer to that generality.

Case in point: Mugenjou, the place in Shinjuku, Tokyo considered by many and all a dead land. A no man's land fit for only the truest dregs of humanity. A place with a hierarchy made of unwritten rules and regulations that no one on its borders and more directly on the outside could ever understand. Within this land, a new system of power has taken shape. A man considered by his followers a deity, has taken three other lesser spirits under his wing, as well as one other. Mugenjou has a new ruler, its denizens have someone to worship and look to for hope.

This does not mean however, that the world outside of Mugenjou has stopped moving. That is the assumption most of its population has mistakenly followed, even going so far as to foolishly believe that by somehow being within the barriers of Lower Town, being watched over by the Ghosts of Babylon, being haunted by the monsters of the Belt Line, that they are in some capacity immune to the passage of time, that what happens outside the holy walls factors not in their lives, but rather in the lives they used to have.

No, that is the simple answer to that. Time marches on no matter who or what one conceives themselves to be. To some that is sad, to others that is a relief that all men, women, and children are placed under some kind of intangible equality. That does not matter either; Mugenjou is essentially a place for those who wish to survive without society. It's a gift from Heaven and Hell for those who tire of society and its' incessant strain, for those who wish to sit back in a world while still part of their old one, but just observe as opposed to participate.

It's a world apart, but a part of the world nonetheless. And in both worlds right now, it's raining hard.


The Beast master was not in the best of worlds right now. Only a few days ago he had just been instated as a king underneath a Lightning Lord and only just now was the sector given to him to safeguard was under apparent attack. As given his heritage as one of the last Mariudo, Shido Fuyuki was only for a moment alone as he jumped from rooftop to rooftop.

"What? Damn it. The whole building huh, shit." He mumbled tersely to the Sparrow that had just landed on his shoulder. He was about to ask it to go out again for one last reconnaissance but seeing that the flight in the heavy rain had worn it out, Shido instead gave it a single pat. This was a non-audible thanks and message to go and rest. With the Sparrow just a blur in the grayish-black sky, Shido was free to sail from building to building until he reached his destination.

The building, which had been up until that point been used as a school of sorts for the younger set of Mugenjou or those with the urge to learn something besides the harsh lessons Lower Town itself taught, was now in flames. Oddly enough the tongues of flames were not having the best of effects on the metal bone structure; rather, they were making it collapse at an alarming rate. The last of those in the building, the others dead or gone, were now out of the parameters and scattered into the rest of the broken rain. There, remained only one outside the building, watching the flame like a curious moth with his hands pocketed.

"Hey! What the hell happened here?" Shido said, not expecting an answer by his mere presence after being given his title so soon before. The man watching the fire looked at the flame for a few seconds more and then at Shido, through his wrap around jet black sunglasses.

"The building burned down." Shido was about to ask him to elaborate until he realized the absurdness of his reply.

"What! I asked you a simple question and-"

"I gave you a simple answer Mr. Mariudo." The man answered walking off slowly. Not used to, and rather not liking being disrespected, Shido rushed his apparent opponent, grabbed the lapels of his ratty white T-shirt and slammed him against a wall.

"Who the fuck do you think you are punk?" he said through bear trap shut teeth. Expecting a sign of fear or actually a weeping apology from this man, Shido was a bit surprised to find his new friend breaking his grip so easily.

"I think I'm leaving." Shido was about to grab him again, only to find his arms restrained, as well as legs, his midsection. The cause for this was of all things, wires. Black, white, gray, any and all variety of electrical wires had sprung from the walls and ground of the foot long area to ensnare the Beast Master. Finding himself unable to bring his fingers to his lips for his Beast Whistle, or rather not wanting to as he would rather now beat his new acquaintance to death himself. Shido closed his eyes a moment forgetting the walking form of his opponent to lose himself in the memories of over 100 beast forms, sifting through, finding the perfect one.

"Beast Mimicry: Polar Bear!" he yelled out. Finding that only a few of the wires had broken from the initial surge, Shido began to shift and rock his arms wildly but with a keen eye for planning in an attempt to break the wires.

The assailant, having gained a good twenty foot distance by ambling at that point, looked back. His signal to this was a massive change in nearby aura accompanied by an equally massive roar. With a smile devoid of what a smile should represent, the man continued walking as the heavenly contents of the wires lashed out at a polar bear, bringing it down in the rain soaked misery. Walking a little further, the man brought his eyes to half lids from beneath his lenses cleared his thoughts, save one:

"This is B1, reporting in."


Seconds later, in another sector, this one under the watch of the King known as Thread Master Kazuki, came under bad luck. Though the term "bad luck" is a bit off as about three dozen men and women turned to ash, dust and sludge. Kazuki as fast as he was, showed up to too late.

"What…on Earth?" Kazuki stuttered in awe at the sight ahead of him. The building designated as a safe house for drug addicts in recovery, was now a just christened morgue with piles of dust and death all around.

"Hey pretty boy." Kazuki turned as he felt the breath on his ears, finding no one there, he turned around slowly. Deciding that fear or rather apprehension would be a bad option, Kazuki took off around the parameter of the building; searching for survivors. Meanwhile, on a building two or three stories above Kazuki, a figure in dirty white grinned a shit eaters grin.

"B2 reporting in."


Makubex was not having the best of nights, whereas he would normally be sleeping or at the very most conversing with his fellow kings, he was now searching all of the Infinite Fortress. The reason for this search was a trail of corpses in his sector, where, every living thing was shredded up brutally, almost to the point of animalism. Throats ripped out, arms and legs twisted and broken in horrid directions.

"Damn him, he wasn't even trying to cover his tracks." Makubex said with barely contained anger. Tapping a few keys and going to different camera set ups around the sector, Makubex sighed in frustration as he was yet to find anything.

Somewhere though, where there were no cameras, where the primal basics of Mugenou had yet to be tampered with by the intentions of a young genius, that is where the red trail led. There, chomping and slurping noises could be heard, a man feasting on what was once a man. The creature stopped for a moment, just one, before giving in to basic again.

"B3 reporting in."


"Hey, there he is!" came the synchronized chorus of the mob. The young men with bats, chains and other random implements of destruction rushed the small figure, no more than a boy. The boy in the blue bandanna and scarf made a motion with his mouth, given away by the slight movement of the fabric only to have his attackers turn to dust upon getting within a foots' proximity of him. The boy, in effect having long killed his tongue, could think.

"B4 reporting in."


"Bastards, whoever did this, heartless bastards." Teshimine had to keep a careful eye on his new lord. Acts like this tended to unnerve him. However, Ginji Amano was not the only one slightly irked at the amount of manslaughter apparent in a one night, Makubex was cursing in near silence, citing the importance of an extended guard system. The returning Kazuki as well was angry though visibly aware of the danger this represented, both literally and politically for the new leadership of Lower Town. Shido still hadn't returned.

Misery is never a single act. One more atrocity was needed to cap this off and the Lord delivered.


"B5 reporting in"the man was dressed in a ratty gi. Its white practically gray now, though with touches of red here and there. His hands and feet bare, again, save for the touches of red; he leaped towards the oncoming group of gangsters. With practiced hands and feet, he murdered each one of them. The ones, who ran, were cut down by currents of hand thrown air.


Mugenjou was raining, as was the world outside of its precious borders. Leadership had just been tested and it had also just failed miserably.

To Be Continued

AN: After listening to the Gundam Wing soundtrack, I had to write this. That and also a few quotes from Get Backers itself prompted me. Namely "Even the National Government refuses to touch it." Struck me as odd, governments rarely if ever leave anything untouched or uninvestigated and Mugenjou should be no different. Well, hope you enjoyed chapter one of my sordid little saga, now to break open that Get Backers OST.