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Chapter Two: Borderline Infection

The rain had finally stopped, only now it gave way to an uncharacteristic heat. Puddles, having long evaporated and the moisture of the air gone to vapor; only a dry heat was left in Mugenjou, a dry heat purifying everything in a desert shimmer. The heat was so great, that everything felt weighted under an unseeing eye. Those outside laughed about it, those inside simply hid or didn't care or both.

"Damn it all." Makubex was brought out of his endless typing by this statement from his Lightning Lord.

"What is it Lord?" Makubex asked of his Lightning Lord, who was currently looking out towards the center of the Tokyo skyline.

"…it's nothing…I mean people…people died last night, and we couldn't stop it."

"Raitei, we did everything we could, we put out the fires, fixed the damage and-"Lightning Lord Ginji Amano was in no mood for logic.

"We did nothing Makubex," the blond haired emperor turned towards the boy genius. "If lives are lost we have done nothing!" Makubex felt the air crackle slightly and feared for a moment the safety of his computers files.

"F-forgive me, I simply meant that..." Makubex was at a loss for words until Raitei sighed.

"No, I'm sorry. It's just…we've worked so hard to…and just when-"not being one for speeches Raitei just let it hang there. However, his need for speeches would not be necessary as of this moment.

"My Lord, my lord!" Kazuki Fucchoin the Thread master yelled.

"Kazu, what is it?" Ginji replied not completely sure he was mentally or spiritually ready for more bad news.

"It's Sh…Shido!" Kazuki yelled through his exhaustion having literally run the length of Lower Town. Ginji felt more weight added to his shoulders, weight that he felt he could shift just a bit by keeping his vow as Lord.

"What happened, where's Shido!"


Down a ways from the current court of Lord Lightning and his Four Kings, Teshimine Takeru was out on patrol. Though the fact that it was off hand "Just go on patrol or something." Order from Ginji gave some slight concern. This being a relatively inactive sector at the moment gave the enigmatic man of Lower Town time to think.

"It wasn't supposed to be like this. They were supposed to build an order and they were so damn close. What happened? What-"Teshimine was snapped out of his thoughts by a flick.

Flick, flick, flick. The three trademark sounds of a very crappy lighter.

"Damn, last time I use a lighter called 'Bippo'." The apparent nicotine addict muttered from the top of a pile of old computers. Finally getting his cancer stick to light, the man in a dirty white suit pocketed the lighter and regarded his guest.

"Why hello down there, would you like to solve a riddle?" he asked through puffs of smoke. Teshimine blinked in disbelief.

"Are you serious, do you have any idea what's going on right now?" the elder man asked in a motion quick enough to twirl his earring. The black haired stranger continued smoking for a few more seconds, then on what looked like a whim, jumped down to meet his guest.

"Well, apparently compadre I don't know what's going on. Care to enlighten me?" he asked with equally copious amounts disrespect and spite.

"…I take it you're new to this place so I'll be brief, there's been an uprising and…people are dead. So I have to get going." Teshimine said, his chest made a little heavier despite his hard won immunity to death. Having walked away slowly with his new companion slowly, the elder was again surprised by his response.

"People dead, huh? Is that it?" Teshimine turned slowly to find the man still smoking and still smiling a bit.

"That doesn't matter to you?"

"Not really, I mean should it? This place is dangerous; people die in dangerous places, logical, ne?" Teshimine understood the logic perfectly. This would justify he being disgusted by it.

"Who are you?" he asked, already tired of this mans smirking visage.

"My name is," the dirty white suit held for drama, flicking his burnt out cigarette to the ground. "Shake Zilla, the mike ruler, the old schoola, you want a trip I'll bring it to-"Teshimine had already started walking after 'old school'. "Hey, come on! Can't you take a joke?" Teshimine was about to tell him to kindly fornicate off until he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"Ichizaki Duo is my name." Teshimine was overcome with a feeling of dread at having this mans hand on his shoulder. Like each of the five fingers was robbing him of time on this Earth. Before he could say anything though Duo removed his hand.

"Ichizaki-San then. Please leave me be." He began walking again, only this time to look up and see Duo in front of him. "When did he move?" Teshimine thought in curiosity and mild fear.

"Just call me Duo-Sama, where ya headed?" Duo asked, the grin on his face showing his oddly perfect white teeth. Frustration replacing his mild apprehension, Teshimine decided to take a risk.

"I'm about to report to the new Lord of this place. Come with me if you wish." At that Teshimine walked off towards the Court with Duo almost prancing behind him.

"Lord huh? What's he like? Is it a chick, is she available, does she-"Teshimine was denying himself the right to smack Duo. Two reasons prevailing: it wouldn't be wise to start a fight at this particular junction and the other more prevalent reason being that his new friend Duos' aura reeked of blood both new and old.


At another sector, came the methodical steps of a boy who feared no ones approach. Though short of stature, the boy wore a bandanna and scarf that covered his head almost completely and left a flowing 'tail' for the breeze to play with.

"Hey…hey!" Wait!" came the warning. "Please stop! You can't go up there!" the boy named Shuu yelled to some one who he wished was his peer. The boy in question did not regard Shuu in the slightest and merely ambled his way at a comfortable pace towards his destination. Shuu could not believe this was happening, Mugenjou or rather, Lower Town had been placed on high alert and all children were to be kept in any of the various forms of 'safe houses' that were placed around the area. But, not only was this boy casually avoiding the warning…but he was also making his way towards the place…that horrid place. "You have to stop for your own saf-"Shuu reached out his hand, thinking if he made some kind of physical contact he could calm the obviously delirious boy. However, when his hand was only a mere pair of inches away from his shoulder, he felt a drop. This drop was within his stomach, like he was dropped from a plane standing on two feet.

"He doesn't like to be touched." Shuu was snapped out of his macabre delusions only to realize the boy was now a good twenty paces ahead of him. Now behind him though, was something equally frightening. A man, well above six feet in height, blond hair to the point of white smeared with red. Sensing blood was not needed for this man as he was covered in it. The man looked down at Shuu with a barely held back contempt. Bending his back, the man leaned his head closer to Shuus'. Slowly baring his teeth to the frightened Shuu, the mans eyes could only be described as an animals knowing the cage is unlocked…and a food piece right outside the door.

Ironically the prey saves itself. In a bizarre act of fear and self preservation, Shuus' mind shut down and caused him to faint. With no interest in a prey that can't even run, the man walked on, his arms fidgeting anxiously in his pockets for a beating throat.

"Mutaku-San, that's not like you to let something live that could have just as easily become food for you." Asked another man who walked in from the branching point of another sector. Oddly enough, the fact that his feet were only covered with dirty wraparound bandages did nothing to hinder his pace on the dangerous grounds. In face the bandages matched his dirty white fighting gi.

"Only humans murder Keito, animals kill in reason." Mutaku said, twitching slightly.

"I fail to see how pleasure overrides passion when it comes to killing. Animals murder, if one thinks logically."

"Animals don't, Keito. Logic is the bastard child here of survivors instinct." The two talked offhanded philosophic like this as they followed the boy with the bandanna towards the Beltline.


"Ryaaaaahhhhh!" the twelfth raider fell. Another few strangled electrocutions later and that made a bakers dozen of Beltline raiders charred and dead. The wires that caused this flipped and searched the area for more flesh magnets, finding none; they fell limp to their master. Balancing his wraparound shades the man took a rest on an uprooted refrigerator, using a single wire from the ground to light his cigarette.

"Twelve dead? And this isn't even technically the Beltline, correct?" Keito said, entering with his two compatriots. Surveying the burnt remains the three looked to the only conceivable cause.

"Yeah, this is the dead zone between Lower Town and The Belt Line. About a block and a half where the raiders and those of the lower town both steer clear of," the one with the wires looked around. "Most of the raiders anyway."

"So this is the one place that we can't be watched?" Mutaku asked, sitting on his haunches similar more to a dog than any man. The boy with the bandanna nodded as he sat down, his flowing bandanna tail sitting with him.

"Yes, the kings are too weak to pass the borderline. And it's been established that the 'Raitei' has only been here maybe once or twice…never for extended periods though." The four sat in less than amiable silence for a while, the relief from the heat not lost on them as the blackened walls of wreckage provided a deathly cool to go along with the musty scent of burnt skin. Mutaku twitched again, and looked pointedly at the wire man.

"Get to the fucking point, are you who we're-"he was cut off.

"My name is Iru Morikaizu B1. And the silent boy next to me is Shen Lao Fen B4." Iru looked to the man in the dirty white gi.

"Keito, just Keito. B2." Mutaku gnashed his teeth in an odd patience.

"Mutaku Tachikaizo. B5." The question weighed on them.

"Where's B2?" Iru let out a few puffs of smoke.

"He's Infecting the head."

To Be Continued

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