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Harry couldn't wait for the holidays to be over. He had had to go back to the Dursleys of course, and they had made his summer as miserable as they possibly could. Their treatment of him was the same as it had always been, but now they added to their list of torments complete isolation…they had taken away his only means of writing to Ron and Hermione over the summer by locking Hedwig in the cupboard under the stairs. They let him in to feed her, and once a week they let her out of the house to fly - after thoroughly checking that she was carrying no hidden messages first, of course.

He knew for a fact that Ron and Hermione had tried to write to him, but their letters were intercepted every time. It had been a long summer, but it was finally nearing its end. In three days he would be aboard the Hogwarts Express with his friends.


"Harry! Harry, over here!"

Harry turned at the voice, spotting Ron easily through the crowd…that hair of his was unmistakable. Harry waved and then grabbed the trolley on which his luggage sat. Weaving his way carefully across the crowded platform as quickly as he could Harry made his way towards Ron. He was immediately pounced upon by the whole Weasley family, hugs from Mrs Weasley and Ginny, and slaps on the backs and hullos from the others. Harry grinned…he was glad to be back among friends.

"Hi everyone," he said, smiling. "Hey Ron, sorry I didn't write…Hedwig spent the summer locked under the stairs, and they intercepted all my mail. You have no idea how glad I am that this summer is over!"

"I figured as much, mate. Hey, look at it this way, it's the last year this year, right? After that then you can get the hell outta there…Once you're eighteen they can't do diddley-squat about it!" Ron and Harry grinned.

"Any sign of Hermione yet? We're gonna have to get going soon if we don't wanna miss the train…"

"She's not coming today, she wrote last week to say she's got some things to do last minute, so she'll be coming back a few days late." Ron grinned again. "Come on Harry, let's get going!"

With that, they said goodbye to the Weasleys, and Harry, Ron, and Ginny headed for platform 9¾ and the Hogwarts Express.


Hermione sighed. It was a long trip to Hogwarts when you had no-one to talk to. In a way she was glad of the quiet…she didn't have the energy to talk, or even to listen at the moment. She tried reading one of her newest course books, but it was impossible to concentrate. The words swam around on the page, making all sorts of strange shapes in her head. She slammed the book closed and threw it across the carriage. Its thud as it hit the far wall startled her, and she stared at the book strangely. Realising that it really was the only thing available to occupy her, and that she still had – she checked her watch – 2 hours to go, she reached out and picked it back up. She stared at its pages blankly until a restless sleep claimed her.


"Hey, Ron! I think Hermione's here! A coach just pulled up at the gates, and…" Harry got no further.

"Come on then!" Ron yelled as he took of running. "Let's go say welcome back!" Harry ran after him, catching up easily.

After Ron and Hermione had broken up last year, Harry hadn't been sure that their friendship would survive. Ron had been bitter for weeks, refusing to talk to Hermione at all, and Hermione had been devastated. She had ended their relationship when she realized that she felt more comfortable just hanging out with Ron than she did when they were making out. She'd tried to explain, but he hadn't wanted to listen to her reasons. Harry had been stuck between a bitter Ron and a miserable Hermione for over a month. Ron had finally relented when he had walked in on Hermione alone and crying in the library, and by the next day it was almost as if nothing had ever happened. Harry had been relieved, but sometimes he worried that Ron was not completely over her. Now was a prime example. Harry just hoped that Ron hadn't started building his hopes up again…


Hermione woke with a start as the coach stopped, nearly causing her to slide off her seat. She rubbed her eyes and was quickly gathering her things when the door opened. She climbed out and removed her trunk, setting it on the ground. She turned towards Hogwarts to see two blurs racing towards her, one with a distinctly orange top.

She felt a small smile tug at her lips for a second. Her friends. Ron shouted a hello as soon as he thought she would hear him, and managed – just barely – to pull up short of running her down when he reached her. Harry had managed a much more dignified stop, and quickly put a hand out to steady Ron, lest his momentum should backlash at the sudden stop and land him on his backside.

"Hi guys," Hermione said quietly, schooling her expression into a smile.

"Hi 'mione! Have a nice trip? Me and Ron'll carry that trunk for you, do you need to go anywhere, or is it straight to your room to unpack?" Harry smiled cheerfully at her, reaching quickly for her trunk. Ron immediately did the same, adding his own greeting.

"Straight to unpack and sleep for me, thanks," she replied tiredly. Turning to Harry, she continued. "How was summer?"

Harry immediately apologised for his lack of communication, and then went on to detail his summer, and then Ron quickly followed suit. By the time the two of them were done talking they had reached Hermione's room. She quickly thanked them for carrying her trunk, and then went to unpack, leaving the boys to go back to the common room where they'd been playing chess.

If either of them had noticed her uncharacteristic quietness, or the almost forced quality her smiles had had, they put it down to tiredness from her long and probably boring journey.

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