Breaking Chaos

Chapter one: The making of a legend.

The bright light faded off into the distance. It's over…

…Hey guys! Don't I get a say in this?

He's not coming back…

Mom? There's something I have to tell you…

He's-he's gone?

I'm sorry…

What am I supposed to do?
I'm protector of Earth?
Is this my job?
Yes. It must me.
No one else will die from another evil like Cell.
No one.

I am the protector of Earth.

Your footsteps on this earth have faded father.
I'll pick up the trail where you left off.
The Earth will be safe.

I promise.

Gohan, Gohan, Gohan. Why are you such a mystery? You act like you're Pandora's box. Like you're afraid that if you open up, you'll release pain into the world. All that unbearable pain that you keep bottled up inside. Please don't do this to yourself Gohan. It's not fair. You're only 11! No one should have to go through what you've gone through in an entire lifetime. Yet you've had so many horrors all jam-packed into 11 short years. I'm amazed you haven't broken yet. A lesser man would have become brutally insane by now. Yes, I was implying that you are a man, even though you are still young in years. Your childhood was stolen from you. And that's not something that can be returned to you. I can only hope that this little one will help you learn to gain some of that childhood back.

Chichi placed her hand over her abdomen and smiled.

"Mom? Are you alright?" Gohan asked, finally looking up from his work to see his mother standing in his doorway.

"Yes. Just fine." She said with a slight grin on her face.

Gohan then saw where her hand was and noticed something a little off about her ki.

"Mom…" He started. His eyes grew wider as he continued. "Mom, you're-"

"I know sweetie, I know."


"Maybe this little guy will bring some life back into this old house, eh?"

Gohan half-grinned. "Yeah. Wait- you said little guy. How do you know it's a boy already?"

"Mmm, I don't." Chichi said with a small laugh. "It's just a feeling. Say hello to your big bro little one!" She finished in a cooing voice directed at the baby. "I'm going to fix us a little lunch now Gohan. I'll call you down in a bit."

Gohan remained silent until he heard his mother begin working in the kitchen. "Wow. A baby. Who would've guessed."

He turned back to his many papers strewn across the desk. They were all covered in amazingly detailed and intricate blue prints for a machine he hoped to finish designing and constructing within the month. He remembered back to two months ago. It had only been three days since Cell, and he had first begun designing/inventing the machine. When his mom stumbled across the sketches, she freaked and thought he was trying to make a time machine to bring Goku back or something.

But that was not his intention. His father had made his choice.

Or did I make it for him? No. No, I can't think like that. I just can't. The gang assured me that it wasn't my fault, and that they didn't blame me for it. They all kept saying that if it wasn't for me, none of them would be alive.

Gohan went back to his designs. Almost done. With a final scratch of the pencil, Gohan finished his machine. He put all of the papers with various parts drawn on them in a neat pile, and them held them up before himself proudly. "Now I just have to go see Bulma about some equipment, and then I'll be all set to build!" Gohan carefully put away his study books since he'd finished doing what his mother asked early that morning, and then moved all the technology books he'd been looking through quite a bit in the last few months for help with how to make certain things in the machine. He heard his mother call him down for lunch then.

Gohan walked into the kitchen just as Chichi finished putting down a plate for him and her. "Hey there! How's your work coming?" She asked from across the table as they began eating.

Gohan beamed at her. "Well, I just finished designing it, and I'd like to go over and see Bulma about some stuff I'll need to build it."

"Do you know where you're going to put it yet?"

"Mrg-" Gohan held up a finger in the universal sign to hold on, as he swallowed a couple of bites of food. "Sort of. I'm planning on putting it somewhere in the forest so it won't disturb you." He said, looking up at her hopefully for approval.

"Oh good. That'd be great, especially once the baby comes along. Are you going to build it by yourself?"

"Mmm, mostly. Bulma will probably help me some, especially since she pretty much knows how everything works on account of she has one for Vegeta back at her house!"

"What's so different about the GR you're making anyways? Can you turn the gravity up higher, or what?"

"Both." He replied vaguely.

Chichi glared at him expectantly, gaining a laugh out of Gohan.

"I made some changes to the design Bulma uses. The way it'll be built- the shape- will make turning up the gravity higher possible without causing the structure to collapse, and I've also made a lot of changes in the actual technical part so it will be possible to make the gravity in the chamber actually go that high. Also, I came up with a way to kind of shield people from detecting my ki when I'm inside. I don't need everyone keeping tabs on my training." Gohan suddenly sobered down. "Umm, thanks for lunch Mom. I'm going to see Bulma now."

Chichi noticed the mood change and sighed. He was being unusually chipper, but then suddenly sunk down into a state if semi-depression.

"You're welcome honey." She said wearily. I hope the baby can snap him out of it. I really hope. He acts normal most of the time, and laughs and stuff, but sometimes… Things would be so much better. I still can't get him to agree to a reunion with the Z gang. At least he's going to see Bulma. Other than Piccolo, she'll be the first one he's gone to see.

Gohan finished drying the last of his dishes and then waved goodbye to Chichi.

"Oh wait a sec Gohan. Can you pick up the groceries in Orange Star –er, Satan City I guess it's called now- before you come back?" Although Hercule had been constantly proclaiming victory over Cell had been his, there was still some doubt. Still, he had won the WMAT, so some big shots had decided to name Hercule's hometown after him.

I've already ordered them at Clicks, so all you need to do is talk to one of the employees to get them. Here's an empty capsule so you only have to take one trip down there." She continued, taking a capsule from a small tin box that had been sitting on the counter and tossing it too him.

"Sure why not." He sighed. He headed out the door, and walked about a mile, simply enjoying the serenity of nature. Gohan then lifted off the ground and flew straight up until he was above the clouds. He flew leisurely, and occasionally skimmed the clouds just to mess with and watch them blow astray in the thin air. After about half an hour, he figured he was close enough, judging by Vegeta's ki, and he plunged below cloud level and began scanning for the colossal Capsule Corp building.

In next to no time, he spotted the hard to miss building, and quickly and discreetly dropped down into a tree behind the building. Gohan climbed down the rough bark and made his way to one of the back doors. He was just about to knock, when he saw a scanner that was obviously a new addition. Gohan studied it for a second before taking a guess and placed his hand down on the blue screen. A green light ran from top to bottom under his hand, and then the screen blinked yellow for a second before turning green and displaying his name in bold black letters. A rather loud clicking sound promptly issued from the door in front of him, before swiftly swinging open to reveal the vast interior of Capsule Corp.

It was eerily quiet as he walked down the hall. Gohan opened a door to the large living room section of the house and heard some strange sounds. Walking a little further, he came up behind a large couch to see Bulma playing with baby Trunks. She was sitting on the ground near Trunks, and was 'driving' a car around the toy city, making vrooming sounds. Trunks was avidly watching her, while content to suck on his own car. The little boy suddenly looked and squealed in delight.

"Guuan! Guuahhn!" He giggled excitedly.

Bulma was then alerted to Gohan's presence, and looked up at him with a smile. "Well hello to you to Guan!" She greeted jokingly by using Trunk's way of pronouncing Gohan. "What can I do for you? Your mom told me about the GR you were making. Need any help with it?"

Gohan placed his hand on the top of the sofa and bounded over the piece of furniture to land gracefully on the cushion in a half-reclined position. "Actually, that's what I came to talk to you about. I finished figuring out how to make it, but I really don't have the materials or equipment to make it. I was hoping you could maybe contribute to that department?" He said in a hopeful manner.

"No prob kiddo! Do you have your design with you by chance?"

"Yeah, it's right here." Gohan stood up and took the papers out of his back pocket. He unfolded them and walked over to Bulma. As she began to study them and sift through the pages, Gohan decided to sit down next to Trunks.

Trunks looked up in awe at Gohan, and then suddenly smiled and held out both of his hands, which were clasped together and holding something. Gohan stuck out his hand, and Trunks deposited his toy car into the open hand. "Cahh!"

"Ummm, yeah! That's a very cool car Trunks!" He said gently, although truly disgusted by the slobber-coated piece of metal.

Trunks beamed again, and picked up another car from the road of the play city. Trunks tried to imitate the car sounds Bulma had been making earlier, but only managed to make spitting sounds. It didn't really matter though. Trunks started making the tiny car drive back and forth on the floor as he made the sounds, and then started driving it on Gohan's leg.

Gohan allowed him to continue, and then seeing that Bulma was still immersed in the papers, he put the slimy car down and wiped his hand off on the carpet.


Gohan jumped a little, and Trunk's eyes were as wide as saucers as he stared at her for her sudden proclamation.

"These are great Gohan! I'm going to just run these through the computers, and then I'll bring everything over tomorrow and we can start ok?"


"Great. Can you watch Trunks for a minute while I run these through the computers?"

"Sure Bulma!"

Trunks pick his car back off of Gohan's leg and started smashing it into the miniature buildings in the city before him. Gohan went over and picked up the clean car Bulma had been using, and began to play with Trunks. By the time Bulma was back, the tiny plastic play people were no longer standing up, but instead were strewn everywhere including the roofs of buildings, and the trees, and some were stuck in random places that people shouldn't be, such as having their head jammed between the rungs of a ladder.

"Well it looks like someone's been having fun!" Bulma said seeing the mess they had made of the city. "Let's hope neither of you becomes mayor someday!"

Gohan threw a wide grin her way. "Don't worry about it. I'm not into that kind of stuff!"

"Yeah, you seem to have a knack for more science-y things anyways. Oh! Here are your papers if you want to keep them now."

"Um, Bulma?"


"You're not going to tell Vegeta about this are you? I don't really want anyone to know. I'm not sure why, I just don't want anyone keeping tabs on me and, eh, you know?"

"Nah, if you don't want me to tell him, I won't. He'd probably just get all mad and demand that I make his GR better anyways. Which, I suppose will happen eventually, because you can't keep that hidden forever!"

"Ok. Thanks for everything Bulma! I have to jet; I promised mom I'd pick up the groceries before I came back. I have to go over to 'Satan City'." He finished sarcastically, even putting up his fingers for quotation marks and rolling his eyes.

"Well, best of luck to you Gohan! See you tomorrow!"

"Thanks. Bye Bulma! Bye Trunks!"

Gohan once again left via the back door and began his short journey to the other city. He landed in a quiet alley once he got there. Quickly exiting the alley, he began to stroll down the sidewalk. He knew the store was about half a mile from the alley he had landed, so he walked quickly. As Gohan was nearing a jewelry store, a loud commotion came from a little way away, and the screeching of many tires could be heard. A small jet-black car suddenly burst around a corner, and sharply turned, leaving skid marks across the intersection. It slammed to a stop right in front of the jewelry store, and several men piled out. Instead of using the door, one of the ski mask clad men smashed through the window, scaring the crap out of everyone inside. He pointed his gun straight ahead and stepped inside. His men quickly filed in behind him and completely blocked off the front of the building.

"Get over there now!" The leader screamed, directing all the people towards the back right hand corner of the room with his gun. "Move!"

The occupants who were panicking like mad quickly scurried over to the corner. A smaller man came up along side the leader and handed him a slender black club. The leader sauntered over to the front counter display and smashed it in as well. "All right men! Get to work! The cops are sure to show any time now, so get busy! As for you people," He began speaking to the frightened customers and employees "stay there. Actually…" He paused and grabbed a woman who was in the front of the group. "You're all hostages now! And if the police try to interfere, you're all gonna get it, starting with this one here!" He shouted, squeezing the woman around the neck and dragging her over to the rest of his gang.

Meanwhile, Gohan walked slowly to the front of the store peeked in. When he heard and saw what the man was trying to do, he furrowed his brows, and then silently slunk back and went around to the side of the building. He had to do something. Gohan figured he'd be in the city quite a few times, and didn't want anyone to recognize and bug him whenever he came, so he narrowed his eyes and allowed the transformation to super saiyan take place. The sound of police sirens neared, and all of the flashing cars parked in a messy semi-circle around the scene, and the officers began to hop out. Of course, the leader of the gang told the police exactly what he intended to do, and to prove his point, when the chief of police took a step forward, the leader whipped out a knife and held it to the woman's throat, making her scream in terror. By snapping his head to the side quickly, he had made a notion to one of his men to go over to the rest of the hostages and guard them at gunpoint. At this point, Gohan decided to step in. He flew up over the spectators that had crowded around the police cars, and landed directly in front of the police chief.

"Hey! Kid! Get out of here! You're interfering with police work you know!"

Gohan turned his head a little bit to the side and spoke harshly to the police chief. "Yes. I am perfectly aware of that." He then snapped his head back to the criminals in the store. Faster than the thief could even comprehend, Gohan had zipped forward and landed a punch in his gut, making him drop the knife and the woman, and fall on the ground paralyzed in pain. The rest of the gang was taken out in a similar fashion. The ex-hostages were dead silent for a moment, trying to figure out what just happened. Then, it suddenly hit them, and they all started cheering, as did the crowd outside, and many of the policemen.

"Hey! It's the delivery boy!" One man shouted. "Man, did you see him! He was like some sort of golden blur!" The man's comment passed through the crowd, changing as it did.

"He was like some golden fighting machine!"

"He was a golden fighting machine!"

"He was a gold fighter!"

"He's the Gold Fighter!"

Soon, the crowd all knew Gohan as, not the delivery boy, but as the Gold Fighter. Gohan had long deserted the scene though, changed back into regular old Gohan, and walked the rest of the way to the grocery store at a fairly fast pace. He found an employee there, and swiftly capsulized the food his mom had ordered. Gohan walked outside and continued down the street until he found another quiet alley, where he took off and headed home, completely clueless to the fact that he had just made himself a legend.

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