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This is a Tasuki x OC and Chichiri x ?story. Who Chichiri will be with will be revealed as time goes on (several chapters in), no need to take away from the fun, ne? My OC is different than most OC'swith this given relationship, meaning she doesn't have the fierce attitude or pretending to be a guy thing going (not that there's anything wrong with that, I just wanted to do something different than everyone else and this is just how it played out in my mind regardless of what I wanted. Lol)

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Chapter 1

"Tell me again why we're heading in this direction?" Tasuki asked as he brushed a low riding tree branch out of his way.

He was twenty years of age with fire red hair and light brown hair, extended teardrop like earrings, a necklace with green and purple beads and a slightly larger necklace with red and gold colored beads. He wore a magenta colored sleeveless shirt that went past his waist, a white shirt under it, a dark red belt, a thicker gold colored belt hung loosely on a diagonal at his waist as well, white pants with a golden cuff like object around his right leg (half way to his knee) and magenta colored boots. His enchanted metal fan, known as a tessen, was strapped to his back.

"Taiitsukun said we might find something important this way," Chichiri said for what seemed like the hundredth time. "It was the last fragment of information she got from Genbu before he was locked away with the rest of the gods."

Chichiri was a twenty-six year old monk with blue hair that had gravity defying arced bangs and a small ponytail going to the middle of his back. He currently was not wearing his mask revealing a pinkish scar that sealed his left eye shut and a deep red colored eye. He wore a beaded necklace with small red and larger green beads around his neck, a white shirt, a blue cloak with bubbles on it (also known as a kesa) strapped over one shoulder, brown pants that came to just below his knees where a white material with black thin material curling around it met and ended just above his ankles and black slipper like shoes.

Lily looked at them and sighed. Chichiri had been traveling without his mask for sometime now and she was starting to miss the jovial antics of the monk to break all the stress and worry she held. She of course would not speak of this as she did not want to offend him, knowing that his jovial side was simply a façade to hide a past he had recently come to terms with.

Lily was and eighteen year old teen with brown eyes and long brown hair that had natural blond and red highlights, in a high ponytail. She was wearing cloths she had pawned off of Kouji, Tasuki's best friend, when they had been at the bandit hideout some time back. In truth that was simply a joke between the two of them as Koji had really gone to a town near the hideout and had gotten them for her after Tasuki had asked him to. They consisted of a light blue tunic, dark blue belt, a long sleeve white shirt under it, white pants and black slipper like shoes.

"Somethin' the matter Lil?" Tasuki asked catching her saddened look.

"No," she said with a fake smile to reassure him. In truth all the stress of recent events had been adding up in her mind and were beginning to drain her both mentally and physically. How did Taiitsukun expect her to save to gods? Wasn't it supposed to be the other way around?

Just the thought of it sent her mind into a frenzy and she wished desperately that she could just wake up at home only to realize that everything was just one huge dream. This of course had never happened in the past and she doubted it would happen now.

'Restrain from using your god given powers as much as possible,' Taiitsukun had told the two Suzaku seshi's she traveled with when they had met with her what seemed like ages ago.

It had been the same day they had all met the god known as Byakko, in his human form anyway. He had spoken of some dark and powerful force holding the other three gods dormant, sealing their powers away. 'While the powers Suzaku granted to you normally recharges themselves after every use you will find that now it will simply become less and less. Soon that power will cease to be if he and the rest of the gods are not released. Your powers won't be the only things to suffer from the absence of your god however, your entire country will suffer gravely, as will all the other country's with missing gods.'

Byakko had somehow escaped being detained himself for sometime and had helped Lily and the two seshi's she traveled with the best he could. Unfortunately even he had a difficult time finding out anything that would aid in the release of the entrapped gods and even Genbu was not able to stay free forever. He was captured and locked away with the other three gods (Suzaku, Genbu and Seiryuu) not long ago.

Lily sighed and rubbed her temples as another headache began to form. How was it that she had gone from this quiet, mentally troubled girl who had been ready to take her own life seven months ago to the slightly more determined girl who had to save the four gods of a different world or have the deaths of millions on her conscious for all eternity?

All she wanted to do was curl up in a dark corner and hide from all of this. She may have become a bit more determined, but there was no way in the seven hells she was ready for something like this! This was by far worse than any of the miko's had to ever go through. Sure they had to save the country their god represented, but never did they have to save the entire world without the help of even one god!

'How did this all begin?' Lily asked herself. Her mind was quick to answer that question.


Lily sighed in depression as she began the short walk home from school for what she hoped would be the last time. School, as usual, had been anything but pleasant as a group of preps thought it was fun to trip her several times between classes, nearly throw her down a flight of stairs (which would have happened had a teacher not begun his accent up the same set of stairs), destroy one of her major art projects that was due that day and other wise harass her to no end.

It's not like she hadn't tried to get help because she had, even her closest friend Cathy had tried. But the school was full of moronic people that called themselves principles and guidance councilors. All they had done was call they band of preps in question down, threatened them with referrals and suspensions and let them go. They didn't understand that what they had done had little effect on them, besides for making them become more careful to not get caught by the faculty.

She had dealt with harassment for years now and she was so tired of it; mentally, physically and spiritually. She wanted to end the pain, the laughs of delight as she was harassed and just let Cathy get on with her life instead of constantly worrying over her.

It's not like anyone would be there this time to stop her. Her parents were out of town on business trips and wouldn't be back for a week and a half, she had no siblings and Cathy was pulled by her boyfriend to the movies for a date that was long overdue.

With another sigh she kept her pace. It wouldn't be long now.

That's when in happened. There was a noise like a gun going off and next she knew she was on the ground with something rather heavy on top of her. What ever it was took quick notice and scrambled to their feet before helping her up, muttering a series of apologies as they did so.

"It's alright," Lily said softly as she brushed herself off. When she looked up she was surprised to see a boy taller than her with fiery red hair looking down at her.

"Didn' hurt ya did I?" he asked, though she doubted he was that concerned, just being polite.

She shook her head, "Not the first time I've been knocked to the ground, but hopefully it's the last."

The red head nodded, not catching what she had meant, as he looked around. "Where am I?"

"Green Port," she told him, slightly confused as to how he had just appeared.

"Green Port?" he made a face, revealing a small fang, "Never 'eard of it."

"Long Island?" she asked.

He looked at her in bewilderment and shook his head. A car passed by at that moment and the redhead looked as if he'd seen a ghost, "Wha-What was that monster!"

Lily blinked in confusion, "A car…"

"A what?"

"Car," she repeated.

"What the heck is a 'car'?" he asked as color slowly came to his face as he looked up and down the street as if to see if any of the 'monstrous' things would appear again.

"It a piece of machinery that offers transportation," she replied, still very confused by him.

The redhead nodded dumbly, not really understanding it still, but didn't really want to know how people used the 'monsters' for transportation. He didn't even know what this 'machinery' was, but didn't want to ask about that either.

Lily shook her head and murmured, "Who are you?"

The man heard her soft question and turned to her, "Genrou, but I'm also known as Tasuki."

Lily hadn't been expecting him to hear her, but nodded at the response. "Do you need a place to stay?" Had those words just come from her mouth!

Tasuki looked around him, "Based on the fact I have no clue where I am I'd have to say ya."

Lily sighed inwardly, but wouldn't do it outwardly since she had been stupid enough to ask the question in the first place. She turned and motioned for him to follow.

It wasn't long until they had reached her house, but not before several shrieks from Tasuki as cars went by. She opened the front door and stepped into the kitchen of the three story house, Tasuki right behind her.

"Wow," Tasuki said in awe as he took everything in. What would have been an every day appliance was new, amazing and even bewildering to the oddly dressed redhead.

"Where are you from?" Lily asked as she placed the small bag that had been lying at her side on the counter.

"Konan," he said as he looked in awe at the microwave. He figured it wouldn't be wise to tell her he was a bandit leader just yet.

"Sounds Chinese," she said softly.

Tasuki turned to her and nodded, "It is." He thought a moment, "I never did catch your name."

"I never threw it," she said softly with a faint smile, something she had not done in a long while. "Lily, or Lil."

She led him up a flight of stairs and showed him the room he could use during his stay, having to explain a few of the things in the room such as what a clock was and how the light switch and lamps worked.

This was going to be a rather interesting stay for the two of them.

So we got what's going on in the present then we went to the past. This is the first time I'm doing a story like this, meaning the past plays out in several chapters. I finished a story not long ago with several memories in it, but the first half of it wasn't completely a memory like this is. I did this so we get the gist of what's going on and then we learn about where the main character is coming from as her character is developed. The way I wrote it came out rather nicely even though it's different than how I would usually go about things.

So what's Lily's past hold?

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