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Summary/ Background:

Emma and Evie are fraternal twins. They came to Xavier's school for gifted youngsters a few years ago. Logan (aka. Wolverine) fell in love with Emma but they are now engaged. Evie is going out with Pyro. Collosus has secretly loved Emma ever since he saw her. Should he keep his love a secret or tell someone. All in all there's a whole lotta lovin going on. LOL

A/N: My character Emma, IS NOT EMMA FROST! So for all of you confused its not her. My character has strawberry blonde hair and red/orange eyes. Her mutant ability is to make not living objects explode.

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Colossus's Love

"Emma... funny how the name can roll off of one's tongue when its spoken. Yes Emma, she is my dream girl, with her amazing strawberry blonde hair that barely reaches her butt and how her red/orange eyes captivate me. Don't ask me why they just do. They seem to show her emotions extremely well. Any way I'm pretty sure I could never have her in the first place since she is married to Logan. Yes they seem to be great together, though something seems different about her and Logan. Sure they seem to love each other but I sense a strange feeling coming from Emma when I am near her. Let me explain how I started to fall for her. She was already married to Logan. Hell I was the best man at the wedding... any way before they were married Emma died... yes I said that she died. I was extremely heart broken but you should have seen Logan he seemed to be dying to himself in a way. But then she was brought back to life by some crazy scientist. I was shocked as was everyone else. My dream girl was back.

After only being married a year Emma got pregnant. The only problem was that Logan and the rest of the X-Men were kidnapped and Emma was scared to death. Her sister Evie and I talked her out of trying to help save them. A few months later on I was in the workout room and Evie asked me If I had feelings for Emma, she dragged the truth out of me. After leaving the workout room I was walking by the library and I heard someone fall. Then I heard Emma cry out. I ran into the library scared to death that something really bad happen to Emma. The worst had come to pass. Emma had fallen from a chair. She ended up losing her baby. Logan was angry about this. Thinking that it was her fault. He treated her completely different after that day. I was trying to comfort her through the loss of her baby and the way Logan was treating her but I don't think it was helping her any"

"Peter...hello...Peter man, come back." said Pyro.

"What... oh, sorry." replied Colossus.

"What's your problem? asked Pyro.

"Nothing..." said Colossus.

"Yea whatever man. You need to really stop thinking about Emma. Your starting to freak me out." said Pyro.

"I wasn't thinking about her." said Colossus.

"Right... look I gotta get outta here. I'm gonna go out with Evie tonight. Chill out man." Pyro said with a mischievous grin on his face.

Pyro got up from the table and left the room. As I watched him leave I began to think about Emma again. I left the kitchen and headed to the den. When I got to the den Emma was there.

Emma... seeing her again today brings the light into my life..again. She seems to bring light into everybody's life. Every one loves her-

"Hey..." said Emma.

"Oh, hey. What are you doing?" asked Colossus.

"Watching TV but there's nothing good on." said Emma while turning off the TV.

Noticing the monopoly box on the shelf I got an idea.

"Wanna play Monopoly?" said Colossus.

"Sure" replied Emma.

Great I get to play Monopoly with her. I better grab the box and sit on the couch before I look like an idiot.

Colossus grabs the box and sits down on the couch next to Emma. Colossus and Emma begin to play the game.

I feel like I should do something. She seems kind of sad as we play this game. She looks at me, and smiles. I feel like I should kiss her or something. I lean down and place my lips against hers. She hesitates but only for a moment. I lean her onto the couch and continue to kiss her. Suddenly a door opens. I have a feeling that it is Logan. Emma jerks out from under me and shoves me off of her. I fall like an idiot onto the ground. Shirtless no less. Logan glares at us from where he stands. He starts yelling... though I can't hear a word he says because my ears are buzzing from embarrassment. Emma leaves the couch to go after Logan but he is already gone. My god that was embarrassing. I can't believe I kissed her. I mean she's Logan's girl... well... she was I don't know what's going to happen to their marriage now. I think I should go hide out in my room until this blows over.

10:00 P.M.

It's late and I'm very hungry. I think I'm going to go down to the kitchen to eat something. I still can't stop thinking about what happened today. I now know that I am in love with this girl... Em...

Now what to eat now that I am in the kitchen. Orange chicken, sorry Pyro but I'm hungry. I know he will get me back for it later.

After eating Colossus went back upstairs to his room. He stops in his tracks when he sees a very distressed Emma coming downstairs. She has a dazed/sad/upset look on her face.

"Emma, hey are you alright?" asked Colossus.

"Yea, I guess. Look I gotta go. See ya." replied Emma.

"Em?" said Colossus.

Emma continues to walk continues to go back to his room and he goes to sleep.

A week later everything seemed to blow over. Emma and Logan are divorced? Yes divorced. Remember that night on the stairs. Yea Emma later told me that she saw Logan in bed with another woman. The next day Emma divorced him.

Now its been a few monthes. I think she has had enough time to get over the dumbass Logan. I think its time for me to make my move. I hope she doesn't blow me off. She's out in the garden right now. Maybe I'll go talk to her now.

Colossus finds Emma outside in the garden.

"Hey" said Colossus.

"Hi" replied Emma.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?" asks Colossus.

"Sure." said Emma.

Great she is now gonna be all for me. Wow I sound crazy. I just want to ask her out in the meadow. She loves that place. Its nice... for a meadow. I guess.

"Emma, I know we have feelings for each other, why don't we show them?" asked Colossus.

"I never said I had feelings for you Peter." said Emma.

What! Hell now I'm confused then what was she feeling in the den!

"Then was that thing in the den nothing to you? Asked Colossus.

"I didn't say that either." said Emma.

"Then what are you saying?" asked Colossus.

Emma pulls Colossus's head towards her. She kisses him aggressively.


"Are we together then? Asked Colossus.

" I'll give you a second to think about that Sherlock." replied Emma smiling at him mischeviously.

She kissed him again but gently this time.

"Alright then." said Colossus.

Alright then is right. Things are starting to look up for me. Damn I love her. Not that I'm gonna tell her that any time soon.. I think I'll take her out tonight. She deserves it after all the hells she's been through these past few monthes. Big shot Pyro will most likely be shocked... I will never let Emma go. I will never treat her bad. I love her.

The End!

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