Dawn Schaffer walked outside, down the street and stood in the middle of the Stoneybrooke dump.

"What a lovely stench" Thought Dawn. "I could live here"

Dawn was launching another "Don't litter" crusade and was making a statement by sitting in the dump. She was decked out in her "I'm Awesome" necklace and a T shirt proclaiming "Just say no to dead cow".

Just as she was getting comfy in an old bathtub, she heard a shriek from down the street.

It sounded suspiciously like Mary Anne.

"Oh," thought Dawn "She must have discovered that I threw out all her bloody, he-man steaks imported straight from the butcher"

"Oh well" Thought Dawn. "Think of all the animals I'm saving. I love animals!"

Dawn leaned back in her bathtub, and was munching on some all natural carrots when suddenly she heard angry storming up the side of her mountain of garbage.

"How nice!" Thought Dawn "Visitors! I'd better tidy up my garbage!"

Just as Dawn was putting her all natural lettuce into a super bio degradable bag, she heard an angry voice screech "Dawn Shaffer! Where did you hide my drippy, bloody steaks?" Ranted her step-sister, Mary Anne.

"Oh those? I threw them out. The amounts of blood were disgusting! Are you aware you aware that you killed ANIMALS?" Screeched Dawn "Have some respect!"

With that, dawn spun on her heel and did a valley girl head toss. "If you're going to be like that, Mary Anne, get off my side of the garbage! Or maybe, I should call you Mary Anne the Meat Eating, Animal Slaughtering COW!"

Mary Anne Gasped "Are you calling me a COW?" Screeched Mary Anne Meat Eater

"YES!" Screamed Dawn "Get off my mountain before it collapses from all the meat you have inhaled over the past 13 years!"

Mary Anne was almost in tears now "You used to be so dibbly cool Dawn!" She sobbed "But now you're just a stale, tree hugging freak!" Screamed Mary Anne Meat Eater.

With that, Mary Anne Meat Eater stormed off the mountain, down the street, straight into the butchers and promptly bought 3 dozen of their bloodiest steaks, planning to leave them on Dawns pillow.

"That'll show her! Muahahahaha!" Laughed Mary Anne Meat Eater.

"That'll show who?" Asked Sharon, her step mother.

"Oh no one" Giggled Mary Anne Meat-Eater nervously.

"Oh" Said Sharon "Do you happen to know where I left my 5 pounds of bacon? I seem to have lost it" With that, Sharon wandered aimlessly away.

As Sharon walked away, Mary Anne Meat Eater carefully arranged her assortment of bloody steak on Dawns favorite pillow, which said "I'm an Earth Girl!"

Who cared that all the meat had cost her 3 months of baby sitting? It would be worth it! Now she just had to wait until Dawn came home. That was, if she didn't get lost in a garbage avalanche.