"AHHH!" Shrieked Mal as Masta J flew through the window.

"Oh well. Not much lost there" Exclaimed Stacey with boredom lacing her voice.

"HOW COULD YOU!" Sobbed Mal and she ran towards Stacey. Instead of pushing Stacey out the window like she planned, instead she tripped over one of Claudia's hideous self-decorated shoes, and went flying out the window.

"Finally. She was getting ultra annoying" Said Stacey snottily.

With that, Dawn came dashing into the room, screaming "I'M GOING TO KILL YOU, MARY ANNE MEAT EATER"

"Well, that's my cue to blow this joint" Said Mary Anne Meat Eater as she sprinted past Dawn, down the stairs and out the door.

Later that evening, Richard and Mrs. Shaffer arrived home after admitting Dawn to the Psychiatric Hospital.

Mary Anne Meat Eater came hopping down the stairs.

"Oh where oh where has Lettuce Lady gotten to?" She questioned innocently.

"Mary Anne" Began Richard "Dawn is in a better place now. And from this moment on, I want you to forget she ever existed. We are cutting her from the family tree" With that, Richard whipped out a large drawing of a family tree and proceeded to cut away every memory of Dawn ever existing.

"Yes" Said Sharon. "I'm just going to pop upstairs and board her door shut. Nothing big"

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