Justice League Unlimited


by Lord Akiyama

Author's Note: The events of this story takes place after the episode "The Cat and The Canary." Additionally, all characters are the property of DC Comics and AOL Time Warner. They are in no way being used for profit so please don't sue. And now, on with the show...

Chapter Six



Clark Kent looked the door to his apartment and descended down the stairs, whistling along the way. He said his usual good mornings to the neighbors going about their daily routines. As he exited the building, he watched as practically every living being on two legs crowded any and all newspaper stands.

He walked over to the nearest one and tapped the shoulders of one of the civilians. "Excuse me, sir," he asked kindly. "What seems to be happening?"

"You must be living under a rock not to know," the civilian replied with a chuckle and nothing more. Clark privately grinned as he left the civilians be and made his way to work. With the crowds surrounding the newspaper stands as opposed to the sidewalks and streets, it was much easier for him to arrive at operations building for The Daily Planet.

Wine bottles were being passed around to those not working on stories that needed to meet the day's deadline. Smiles and happy faces all around as Clark slowly made his way to his desk, stationed next to that of one Lois Lane. His private grin was wider as he sat down to see the smile on her face as her attention was upon the morning's front story.

"I haven't seen a party like this in quite a long time, Lois," Clark asked. "This wouldn't have anything to do with the crowded newspaper stands, now would it?"

"Trucks are on their way to drop off the fifth printing of today's paper," Lois said, retaining her smile and looking up from the paper laid out upon her desk. "When was the last time we produced a story big enough for a fifth printing?"

"When we broke the Superman story," Clark said in a geekish tone. "But that didn't reach a fifth printing until three o'clock. It's barely eight in the morning. What story could possibly be bigger than the first Superman piece?"

Lois' smiled widened as she took the paper off her desk and handed it to Clark. "This one, Smallville," she said. Clark gently took the paper from her hand and adjusted his glasses to read the headline printed in one of the biggest text.

HAWKWOMAN: Daily Planet exclusive chronicling the rebirth and redemption of a hero amongst heroes

by Lois Lane

Photographs by Jimmy Olsen


John Stewart's Apartment - Fifteen hours later...

"Superman said they had to stop after the seventh printing," John chuckled as he held up the paper. "Shattering the record time for his first story to sell out by five hours."

Shayera giggled as she adjusted herself and then sighed. "It's amazing how much one person can do," she said with a smile, looking upon the two-days-old photograph of her used for the front cover. Two days since she was no longer Hawkgirl or Shayera Hol of Thanagar. Two days since she was reborn as Hawkwoman. "And they say you need to be a super hero to create change of such numeric proportions."

John chuckled some more as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, holding her gently. "What's more amazing is the idea of you becoming a bigger hero than even Superman," he suggested. They both started to laugh, rocking one another gently. Their foreheads gently touched as they continued to laugh before John slowly placed the paper upon the table lamp next to the bed.

They had left the Watchtower early for the night, but decided to stay awake and lie in bed as they watched the various news reports on television about Lois Lane's record-shattering news report. John had stripped down to his boxers whereas Shayera decided upon a silk, green nightgown he bought her the other day, a gift he decided to give her even though they had just restarted their relationship.

When they finally stopped laughing, they both gave a long sigh and locked eyes upon once another with smiles upon their face. Every once in a while one would give a light laugh. "Have I ever told you how beautiful you look in green?" John said after a quiet moment. Shayera lightly giggled and gently smacked his chest.

"Of course you have, John," he replied. "You said that after I started wearing my new battle costume, you goof." They gently laughed some more and rocked back and forth. Their laughing slowed to a stop as she wrapped her around loosely around his neck. Their eyes remained lock as she gave a sigh, fading her smile a little. "Were you able to talk to Mari?" she asked, breaking the silence between them.

John nodded, his smile fading a little as well. "The impression I got was that she's cool with everything," he replied, sighing once again. "I dunno. I think I might have to engage in a much longer talk with her."

"Or maybe its time Mari and I got to talk to one another," Shayera said, lifting her smile a little and placing a hand gently upon his cheek. "You're carrying too much weight over this, John. Let me help you get through this just as you helped me find myself." She watched as John smile lifted a little before the two leaned in for a gentle kiss.

They lightly laughed before kissing again, their lips pressed against each longer than the previous kiss. Afterward, they rolled slowly and gently until Shayera was lying on her back and John holding himself above her. Another light laugh escaped their lips followed by another pause of silence. Shayera then brought one hand over the scar upon John's head, gently tracing every inch of its presence with her index finger.

"Remember when you told me about your trip to the future last night, John?" she quietly asked. Her lover nodded as she gave a light giggle. "I had a dream about it last night. But not quite how it was the way you saw it. Instead, it is maybe a few years from now. When Rex is only a baby."

John's smile widened, lying himself slowly next to her as she shifted her body to face him. "Tell me more," he said quietly.

"We are somewhere peaceful... quiet," she gently spoke. "A place where the forests breath of life. Almost isolated from civilization, but not quite. And in our home, we welcome our son to the world. Together, my love."

John's smile widened as he gently brushed the strands of hair covering her beautiful face. "Maybe we'll share the same dream tonight," he quietly said.

"I know we will," Shayera whispered, leaning in to kiss John on the lips once more.


Chay-Ara's Tomb - Four hours earlier...

Katar placed the crystal dagger upon his beloved's coffin. The same crystal dagger that killed her. The same crystal dagger their daughter used to avenge her. He took a deep sigh as his fingers gently brushed against the Egyptian craved likeness of Chay-Ara with a light smile upon his face. Moments later, he turned and flew off, by passing all the traps that had protected her well enough and exiting the tomb.

He kept himself in flight to make sure the door closed properly and not figures made a dash for the entrance. Content as his beloved's tomb was secured, he departed the desolate landscapes of Hamunaptra. Moments later, he arrived upon a quiet desert spot a ways away from any eyes looking out from Cairo. He landed gently before turning east to watch the sun rising from the distance.

Katar removed his mask to watch the piercing sun with clear eyes and took a deep breath. The texture of the sky as beautiful as he remembered thousands of years ago. His smile widened, closing his eyes and letting the gentle wind below in his face. He moved his hand to place it upon that of his beloved. Chay-Ara's spirit resting her head upon his shoulder as they watched the sunrise together.

the end

Thanks to every one who took the time to read this story. I hope you had as much fun reading it as I did writing it.

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