I wrote this story nearly four years ago, and just thought I'd upload it here. Reviews welcome!


Over 30 years ago, Catherine Marshall wrote a wonderful story called Christy. Catherine's mother, Leonora Wood, was the inspiration for her book. Christy is indeed a thinly veiled biography of Leonora's life in the Smoky Mountains, and about three-fourths of the events that occurred in the book actually did involve Leonora. Though based upon truth, Christy also contains fiction, and is therefore not a real biography.

Christy is about a 19-year old girl, Christy Rudd Huddleston, who leaves her comfortable life in Asheville, North Carolina to teach at a mission in the Smoky Mountains of Cutter Gap, Tennessee.

In Cutter Gap, Christy sees terrible poverty and the results of numerous blood feuds. Though Christy is faced with a harsh life, she finds the love of two remarkable young men.

About eight years ago, the CBS television station made Christy a weekly series. The television series did not chronologically follow the events in the book, but took those events and used them to make separate episodes.

Christy, the series, was short-lived and cancelled after only two seasons. The abrupt cancellation caused the series to end with Christy standing between the two men who loved her; the two she could not choose between.

I have written this story, or fanfiction as it is properly called, in an attempt to resolve the cliff­hanger and bring closure to the television series that was so unexpectedly ended.

In order to avoid confusion in the series, the original book Appalachia dialogue was lessened and altered. However, I have somewhat tried to bring that back. Since each individual actor has a specific way of speaking, I have tried to write the dialogue as I would envision him or her saying it in the series.

Also, when the television series was created, the characters from the original book were adapted for the screen. Therefore, characters were altered and new ones were added. Since my fanfiction is a conclusion to the series, the characters and their roles are of the series, with add-ins I wanted from the book. Characters I created are not listed. Photos of the cast are included in the back.

Below is some more information that will help you, the reader, better understand my fanfiction.

Daniel Scott, the young black man who ventures to Cutter Gap, was the son of Alice Henderson's mentor, Joseph Scott. Alice did her first mission work when she helped Joseph set up the Negro settlement of Freedom, Kentucky.

In the second season of the television series, Alice and Christy travel to Freedom for Joseph's surprise birthday. Once there, they find that Dan wants to become a doctor. However, Joseph does not want this for his son. Josephs feels that as a black man, Dan will not have a chance.

Shortly after his birthday, Joseph sadly dies of heart failure, and Dan returns to Cutter Gap with Alice and Christy to become Dr. MacNeill's medical apprentice. However, a difficult road awaits Dan, for both Dr. MacNeill and the people of the cove reject him because of his color.

In the series finale of Christy, "The Road Home," Dan Scott's home is burned to the ground. Dan blames Bird's-Eye Taylor, who had previously made known his hatred for the black man. Dan tracks and almost kills Bird's-Eye. However, it was innocent Creed Allen, not Bird's-Eye, who set Dan's house aflame by smoking rabbit tobacco in a nearby field.

Also, in the series of Christy,Margaret Henderson, Alice's daughter, plays a tremendous part. The story of Margaret is sad and appalling.

Miss Alice grew up in a Quaker community in Ardmore, Pennsylvania. When she was sixteen, Alice bore a child out of wedlock. That child was Margaret.

Through a letter in their quiet Quaker circle, Miss Alice left Margaret as a baby to go to Freedom, KY. Alice's parents thought it would be best if they raised Margaret, but it was not. Joseph Scott knew that Miss Alice needed to be with her child, and he sent her back to Pennsylvania.

It is not really known how long Miss Alice was in Kentucky, but she did return to Pennsylvania to raise her daughter. However, life was difficult for the young Miss Alice and her daughter. Margaret was a headstrong child who was always demanding her mother of something. She grew up selfish, always getting her way and wanting more freedom.

As Margaret grew older, she could no longer stand to be a part of the Quaker circle. Margaret began exploring and making friends from the outside that thought very differently than the Circle. Miss Alice had tried to mold Margaret into another version of herself, and it was this that had caused Margaret to stray.

One day, Margaret demanded from Alice the details of her birth, and Alice told her the truth. Margaret tried to pretend it was glamorous, parading around and calling herself revolting names for everyone to hear. However, Margaret truly felt that her mother blamed her for her existence, and she sank even deeper into the pit of rebellion. Margaret rejected everything that Miss Alice believed in, especially God.

It was around that time Margaret met Neil MacNeill, who was interning at a hospital in Philadelphia. Neil was a hillbilly doctor fresh out of medical school who was completely wrapped up in the world, and he was captured by Margaret's rebellious beauty and fire. Because of where Neil had come from and who he was, Margaret viewed him as an inferior, a perfect match for her who had been born out of shame.

They soon ran away and got married, and Neil took Margaret to his home in Cutter Gap. Miss Alice followed them in a desperate attempt to keep Margaret from breaking all ties. But Margaret resented her mother's coming and could not be happy in the Cove.

However, Miss Alice soon found a purpose in Cutter Gap: the mission. The joy Miss Alice had found blinded her from the unhappiness of her daughter. Surely, she had thought, Margaret could find a purpose in Cutter Gap, too.

Margaret and Neil's marriage, which had not been bound on any true foundation, fell apart. With one last quarrel and hateful word, Margaret ran out. It was a stormy night, and the river ran turbulently. Margaret draped her beautiful red scarf and the locket that her mother had given her at the age of ten on a tree branch and ran. She believed that everything would be easier if she just disappeared.

Neil followed her, and found the scarf and locket as intended, believing that Margaret had drowned. For years, he mourned her death, blaming himself and Alice. Miss Alice, who was deeply hurt, also blamed herself and Neil as well.

At the end of season one in the television series, Margaret returned for a first time to the Cove, along with a traveling traitor named Theodore Harland. Alice, though astounded by her daughter's reappearance, was overjoyed. She wanted so badly to reconcile and reunite with Margaret. However, Margaret wanted none of that. She had come back only to prove that she was alive and make her peace; she would not be staying.

Alice found out Margaret had tuberculosis, and wanted to accompany her for treatment. However, Margaret ran off before Alice had the chance to follow.

In the series finale, "The Road Home," Margaret returns for a second time. She is seen at the speak-easy in El Pano as a dancer. Margaret claims to have come to El Pano on accident, but in truth, she misses her mother and Neil.

Margaret's second reappearance befuddles Christy, and her feelings for Neil, which had silently been growing. Christy always denied any feelings for Neil, but Margaret forced her to examine those emotions more carefully.

Upon her visit to the Teahouse one day, Christy tells Margaret "Dr. MacNeill is worth fighting for." Margaret heeds the advice by going back to Cutter Gap, unbeknownst to anyone. She returns to Neil's cabin.

In utter confusion over her feelings for Neil, Christy seeks out Fairlight, her best friend, and discovers that she does indeed have deep feelings for the good doctor. Christy knows that out of fairness, she must somehow reveal her feelings to Neil, even though his wife is indeed alive.

However, when Christy rides to Neil's cabin to approach him, she finds Neil and Margaret embracing, and races back to the schoolhouse. There, David presents to her a lustrous diamond ring, and a proposal of marriage. Neil, who sees Christy race away from his house, mounts his horse and gallops after her. He sees David's proposal. That is where the television ends and my story begins.