For any FMA fan who appreciates classic art…proof of just how meta Full Metal Alchemist really is.

Deja Vu

post series


Once again, Edward stood before the Gate to Hell. It loomed above him in revolting glory: two stone doors guarded by the carved bodies of twisting, screaming humans. Poor souls trying to pull themselves out of the damnation of lust, gluttony, avarice, pride. Wrath, envy, sloth...they were all there. Edward had never seen anything uglier in his life, but at the same time, within him burned the first spark of hope he'd known in two years.

He reached out one finger toward the gate, feeling the cold bronze under his skin.


"Hey, don't touch that!"

Edward snatched his good hand back, and muttered an apology in his butchered French.

"This is the first ever casting of Rodin's masterpiece; it's priceless. Keep your pretty fingers off it, limey. Get back behind the line."