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"Mr. Stoppable?" The nurse lightly touched the sleeping blonde's shoulder to wake him. Ron was up in a flash, his eyes full of worry. He stood up frantically and yelped as he almost tripped over the chair. His legs were still sore from all the pacing he'd been doing.

"Is she alright? Is Kim alright?" He stared at the nurse, silently pleading for good news. He breathed a sigh of relief when the nurse smiled at him.

"Your wife is doing fine." She paused before adding, "And, we delivered a healthy baby girl.

Wow… Ron thought. I'm a… father… It suddenly hit him square in theface. He stood there in a daze. Ron felt guilty for secretly wanting it to be a boy; he couldn't help it. He and Kim hadn't asked to know the baby's gender until it was born, and for 9 months now, Ron had been crossing his fingers for a boy.

But it didn't matter now… he had a daughter. He had a daughter! He kept repeating the sentence over and over in his head. Ron hoped that he and Kim could handle it; they had only just got out of college. A few days after college he and Kim had gotten married, then they had gone on their honeymoon to Guam. Then boom, Kim was pregnant, and they had to get ready for the one thing they, Team Possible, were unprepared for: a baby.

We can handle it, Ron tried to comfort himself. Suddenly his thoughts were interrupted by the nurse.

"Mr. Stoppable… Mr. Stoppable?" The nurse was giving him a curious look.

"Huh, wha, hmm?"

"I asked you if you wanted to go see Kim and the baby." With the look Ron gave her, the nurse knew that right now that was what he wanted more than anything in the world. She smiled at him and motioned him to follow her with a wave of her hand.

Ron braced himself. The last he saw of Kim was her screaming face, and he yelling, "RON STOPPABLE DON"T YOU LEAVE ME,". He had stayed with her until the doctors rushed him out. Something had gone wrong, and they were going to have to perform a C-section.

Although he loved Kim more than anything, a C-section was not something he wanted to witness. He had never see Kim in so much pain before either. But hopefully, as Kim's mother had said, the pain was worth it.

And now, he was going to meet his daughter. His daughter…

"Here we are." The nursed motioned at a room and walked off. This part of the hospital was particularly quiet, Ron noticed.

Taking a deep breath, he turned the doorknob and stepped inside. A red-head woman stared up at him and smiled. Ron smiled back. She was still beautiful even when she was all sweaty and her hair was a mess.

"Hey Ron." She whispered quietly. Ron then noticed she was holding a small bundle. That must be her…

Ron walked over to Kim's bed and stroked her beautiful red hair. "Hey," he whispered as he tenderly kissed her forehead. "How're ya feelin'?"

Kim chucked. "A lot better than I did an hour ago," She lifted her head and looked at Ron with a carefree look, adding, "So not the drama!"

"Yeah right," Ron said, grinning. I don't think I've ever heard you scream that loud before." He looked down at the bundle. "So… is that her?" Ron couldn't see the baby's face through the blankets.

"Uh huh," Kim said, smiling. "Wanna hold her?"

Ron nodded slowly, a glazed look in his eyes. He was going to meet his child for the first time! Kim carefully handed the bundle to Ron, still smiling. Ron, on the other hand, was treating the bundle like a bomb that would go off with the slightest movement.

Kim giggled. "Ron, it's you're daughter, not a monkey!"

"I know that," Ron said, as he adjusted his arms with the baby inside them. "I just… don't want to drop her, that's all." He stepped back, staring at the bundle. Pulling back the bundle, he saw…

Himself staring back at him. Whoa, Ron thought as his stomach jumped. The little baby girl actually had a tuft of red hair, and Kim's round face, but, but… Ron saw his own deep brown eyes staring up at him.

They both stared at each other for the longest time, neither taking their eyes off the other. Then, tears filled Ron's eyes and he looked back at Kim.

"I don't get it…" he whispered to Kim. "how can you love someone you just met so much?" Kim just smiled at him, at he looked back at the little girl in his arms. He thought he was her twitch a smile at him, but that was impossible…

"So…" Ron cleared his throat. "What… what are we gonna name her?" Kim could tell he was fighting to stay calm and collected.

"Well…" Kim stared at her partner, lover, and best friend. "I… I wanted you to name her."

Ron lifted his head at stared at Kim with wide eyes. "Me? Why me? No… no you should name her… I mean… you were the one who went through… ya know… giving birth to her an' all… and-"

Kim cut him off. "Please Ron. I want you to, and I know you want to too." She brought out her famous puppy dog pout, and she knew she had this battle won.

"Well… I kinda like the name Samantha…"

"Samantha it is then." Kim said with a smile.

Suddenly Ron looked up at her and grinned. "Could we… could we call her Sam?"

Kim nodded. "Sam. I love it."

Ron smiled at his beautiful wife and looked back at the bundle, rocking her softly. "Sam Stoppable…" he repeated. The baby looked up him with big brown eyes.

"Hi Sam," Ron whispered softly. "I'm your daddy."


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