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It had been four months since that first day of school, and Sam and Matt had gotten closer and closer ever since they met. She would go to his house after school, then he would come over to hers- they were becoming inseparable.

The two had found that they had a lot in common, too. They were both into mud, and sports, and slowly Sam had perked Matt's interests in her "missions"; swiping cookies, making walkie talkies out of plato, and occasionally putting jelly in an unknowing Ron's seat for laughs.

Most little boys thought girls were icky and girly, and Matt had too, until he met Sam. Sam had to be the toughest girl he ever met (Not even he would eat a bug that gross!). If he thought about it, she could probably take on any boy who messed with her. But she wasn't mean. No, Sam was far from being a meanie. One time a couple weeks ago when Sam had lost his favorite action figure, she had offered him hers instead. Another time, he had skinned his knee and she gave him a power ranger band aid and a hug. To Matt, Sam was fun and nice; the perfect friend.

It was a cold January afternoon, and Matt was just leaving Sam's house. The two had gotten themselves into a lot of trouble when they accidentally broke Kim's nice china dish while playing Frisbee that day, so he had to leave early. Sam wiggled her fingers at him from the front window as she watched him and his mom get into the car and drive off.

She faced Rufus, who was perched on our shoulder, and sighed. "Mommy's really mad at me. I know I broke her favorite dish, but," she stopped and glanced around the room, lowering her voice. "have you noticed that she has been getting a lot crankier lately-" she lowered her voice even more. "Not to mention she needs to stop eating so many candies."

Sam still didn't know about her new sister/brother who would be coming in 3 months. Kim and Ron had decided that they were going to tell her when she said something about it, which she hadn't yet.

The redhead took her little socked feet into the kitchen, were Ron was looking at some papers. She hopped up into the seat next to him, sat on her knees, propped her elbows up on the table, and stared quietly out the window. Then she turned her head very slowly to look at him.

Ron, noticing her weird (but not unusual) action, put down his papers and smiled at her.

"What's up Sam?"

Sam turned her head this way and that, then narrowed her eyes. "Daddy…" she said suspiciously. "Have you noticed that mommy has been acting a little… funny?"

Ron gulped. "Funny?" he asked, pretending to not know what she was talking about. He didn't want to be the one to explain it to her. That was Kim's job in his mind!

"Yeaa, a lot funny. And I bet you didn't notice this, but-" she leaned in closer- "Mommy's lap is totally gone."

Ron knew he was going to have to tell her now. Better now than later, right? Right? Ron wasn't sure how Sam would react. The four year old could be stubborn at times, and at other times she could be surprisingly understanding.

Here goes nothing…

"I did notice, Sam. And do you know why her lap is gone?" Stupid Ron, He thought, of course she doesn't know why.

"Because she's eating too many candies?" Sam asked.

"No, it's because-" he smiled- "you're getting a new baby brother or sister."

Sam was still confused. "I don't get it," she said scratching her head.

Ron you worded this all wrong! How could you forget that she doesn't know how it works?

Before he could say anything back, Sam asked the question. THE QUESTION. The question that was okay to tell kids older than four, except for the fact that Sam was four. And for a parent, especially a first time dad, it would be especially awkward to answer "the question" that was just asked by his curious four year old.

"Dadddy, where do babies come from?"

Ron stuttered. "Uhh, um, well,"-Ron coughed into his fist- "You see, erm, Sam-"

HALLELUIAH! Kim walked in the room, and Ron breathed a sigh of relief. Kim was a lot calmer about it, too. She walked over to Sam, picked her up, and smiled. "All you need to know now, Sammy, is that you're going to have a new baby brother or sister to play with." Then Kim and Ron looked at each other. Here it came, the delayed reaction-

"Cool, sounds good ta me." With that, Sam hopped out of her mother's arms and ran to her new secret hideout to plot her next mission, her little carefree mind letting her thoughts wander freely.

Kim and Ron looked at each other with wide eyes, and then back at their daughter who had just jumped behind the plant in the dining room.

They didn't get it. Sam hadn't been exactly excited, but- she hadn't been at all disappointed. Maybe she didn't get it? They didn't know. But they did know that Sam had acted surprisingly well. Not that they wanted her to be angry or anything, it was just- weird.

Sam, who was drawing a space alien in her sketch book, truly didn't think much of it. Getting a new baby in her mind was like getting a new puppy, just like they adopted Chimy. And Sam really liked Chimy. The only thing she didn't understand was the fact that her mom was all round, but it didn't keep her wondering. Not many things could.

Xxxx 3 months later xxxX

Little Sam Stoppable sat all by herself on the preschool steps, Miss Lynne watching her carefully from the window. Miss Lynne watched the little girl like a hawk; Sam was not exactly on her good side. Neither was Matt. Sam and Matt had played a few "harmless" tricks in class, such as pouring glue in Connie's seat "just to see if she would stick" as the two mischief makers had put it, or letting out the class guinea pig "only to see if she would make friends with Rufus". Matt and Sam didn't mean to cause trouble (well, most of the time), but Miss. Lynne wasn't the type of person who could see that.

She watched the small redhead twiddle her thumbs as she sat slouched over, looking up into the blue sky.

Sam sighed. It was 2:45, and preschool had ended at two. Her daddy had never been this late picking her up, but Sam wasn't worried. Even if something bad had happened, her mom and dad could take care of it. They could do anything. She was absolutely positive.

She was feeling a little lonely, an emotion she didn't usually feel. Rufus hadn't come to school with her today. She had woken up late and forgotten to pick him up and place him in the front pocket of her overalls before she and Ron rushed out the door.

15 minutes ago Sam had come to the conclusion that being alone was not fun at all.

She perked up when she saw a red van pull up right next to the preschool, but cocked her head in confusion. It kind of looked like Uncle Tim's van. But why would Uncle Tim be picking her up from school?

Tim popped his head out of the driver's side window, the mess of brown hair on his head becoming even messier when he brushed it against the top of the van.

"Hop in, Sammy!" he called to her. The automatic side door slid open as he said this, revealing Sam's two smiling twin cousins, Tyler and Max.

Tyler, a little blonde 2-and-a-half year old girl, wiggled her fingers at her favorite brown-eyed cousin. "Come on Samm!" she yelled in her small high pitched voice.

"Yeah, come on!" said her identical twin brother Max, who was also quite fond of Sam. The two twins were always following her around.

Sam, still slightly confused, smiled at the three of them. She hopped up and scrambled into the van, taking refuge in the extra carseat, and Tim pressed down on the gas.

"Uncle Tim," Sam asked, "Where's my dad? How come he didn't pick me up from school today?"

"I wanna go to school!" whined Tyler and Max in unison.

Tim smiled and glanced at the freckled redhead in the rearview mirror. The very-soon-to-be-a-new-sister freckled redhead. "Well, your dad had to take your mom to the hospital a couple hours ago."

"The hopstikal?" Sam said, raising her eyebrows. "What's at the hopstikal?"

"The hos-pit-tal is where your mommy and daddy are going to pick up your new sister or brother." Tim answered with another smile.

"Ooooh, so, he's coming today?"

Tim turned around for a second as they arrived at a stoplight. "How do you know it's going to be a "he"?" Tim asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Sam answered carelessly. "Anyways, me and my new brother are gonna have lots an' lots of fun. We're gonna play action figures together with Matt, and play in the mud together, and make hide out fortresses together, and-"

"What if it's a sister?" asked Max.

"Of course it's not going to be a sister. Girly-girls are boring!" Sam folded her arms. "It really seems like I'm the only girl in the whole world who will play in the mud. All the other girls in my class wear frilly little dressies and play with their do-olls. No. I want a brother, who will do fun stuff with me and Matt." Sam looked out the window and saw her reflection. There was dirt on her cheeks from the mud war at recess (Until Miss Lynne made them stop), and one of the straps on her overalls was undone when Matt had tripped and grabbed the strap to break his fall, instead ripping the strap and pulling an unknowing Sam down with him. Now that Sam thought about it, she had been the only girl in that mud war. All the other girls were playing dress-up with their dollies. Sam didn't even own a doll. Was she different from everybody else?

Connie was always telling her so, but Sam didn't really listen to Connie. Ever since the first day of school, Sam hadn't been that fond of the stringy brown haired girl. When she went home that day and told Kim and Ron about Connie, she had overheard her mother saying something about Connie's mother, Bonnie, and how Bonnie would raise her daughter to be her evil clone. Sam had laughed silently at that from behind the refrigerator.

But that was besides the point, Sam thought. It had just dawned on her that she was definitely not just an ordinary 4-year-old girl. She kept staring into her reflection, and as her thoughts grew on, she realized that she didn't want to be like everyone else. How boring would that be? She had tried the dollies and dress up thing once- NOT FOR HER! Who would choose dresses over shorts anyways? How would you run around and play in a dress?

No, the girly-girl thing was not for Sam Stoppable. Sam would be her own person, no matter what Connie, or anybody else thought!

She smiled at herself, feeling better, as they pulled into the drive way in front of a ranch-style house with a red door.

"How come we're at Grandma and Grandpa's house?" asked Sam, and Tyler and Max nodded looking at Tim with questioning eyes.

"Well Sam, your mom and dad aren't going to be back for at least a day. So, me, your Aunt Kelly, Max, Tyler, your Uncle Jim and Aunt Gracie, cousin Brian, your Grandma Jess, and your Grandpa Rob are all gonna keep you company while we wait for your new sister or brother to come!"

Sam smiled, hopping up and down in her car seat and clapping her hands. "Ooh! Ooh! Can we watch movies and eat popcorn?"

"Yup!" Tim said grinning. "Come on, lets go inside and see everybody." He got out of the car and headed to the side door to unload the three youngsters.

"Hey guys," Sam said to Max and Tyler as they waited for Tim to get them out. "We should watch the new power rangers movie I got! I think I left it here last time Grandma babysitted me!"

"Cool!" exclaimed Max, but Tyler made a face.

"I hate Power Rangers." She said as she was lifted out by her dad, her soft blonde curls bouncing slightly. "I wanna watch Barbie, daddy!"

"You can watch Barbie upstairs Tyler," Tim answered. "But since Sam is getting a new sibling, she gets to pick the movie." This was followed by a "Hmph!" from Tyler and a snigger from Sam and Max.

Sam hopped out of the car and ran to the front steps of her grandma's house where she was greeted by none other than- Rufus! The naked mole rat jumped from the steps and seated himself on his usual spot on Sam's little shoulder.

"He's been waiting for you there for at least half an hour." Said a voice.

"Grandma!" Sam squealed, running up to hug her, even though she had just seen her grandmother a couple days ago. Sam was still always overreacting with her happiness. Not that that was a bad thing!

"Hi, Sammy!" Mrs. Dr. Possible said with a big smile. She reached for Sam's dirt coated hand and led her inside, where she was greeted by the rest of her family.

There was Uncle Jim and Aunt Gracie, with their 1-year-old son Brian waiting for Sam as soon as she walked inside. "Hey Sam, what's up?" asked Jim, holding a drooly Brian.

"Hey!" Sam walked up to her uncle Jim, put on a goofy face and let out a large "wazzup!" she had learned from the guy on the beer commercial when she watched the Super bowl with Ron, Jim and Tim. (Kim had been ecstatic when she later heard Sam quoting beer commercials.)

Sam giggled, then ran off in another direction and right into the arms of Mr. Dr. Possible. "Grandpa! Up top!" she high-fived him playfully and hugged him tightly. Mr. Dr. Possible hugged her back; he was so attached to that hyper little child.

"Sam! It's great to see you, it's been, what, four days?"

Sam shook her head. "Five," she answered with a giggle.

After everyone was in the house, Mrs. Dr. Possible served dinner. She really wanted to be at the hospital with Kim, but Kim had assured her that she would be fine with Ron, and they would see each other tomorrow. "Besides," Kim had said, "Sammy will need company before she meets her new brother of sister." And Mrs. Dr. Possible had respected her daughter's wishes. Though everyone in the house was excited about the baby, they stayed calm at the dinner table and listened while Sam filled them in on the mud war at school that day.

"And then me and Matt got hit by this HUGE ball of dirt that Billy Jansen threw," she paused and frowned. "Can you believe that jerk threw a hard ball of dirt instead of mud? So I accidently called him a fat head with big ears, I wasn't trying to be mean, I was just really, really mad and it just slipped out ya know? And before I could tell him I was sorry, which I really was even though he never apologized to me and Matt for throwing hard dirt, Miss Lynne came over and took my arm (I really don't think she likes me), so I gave Matt a 'here we go again' look, an' she said Samantha don't look at me like that, an' I wasn't even lookin' at her! I was lookin' at Matt!" Sam took a big breath and continued. "But she wouldn't listen, and I had to go inside for the rest of recess. It was so unfair!" She stuffed a spoonful of macaroni and cheese in her mouth, and then added, "It was still fun though," with a smile.

After dinner, as promised, everyone went into the living room to watch Power Rangers. It wasn't long before Sam was asleep in her grandma's arms. Mrs. Dr. Possible smiled at the sleeping girl; she looked as if she had a long day. She carried the snoring Sam up to Kim's old room, where an extra bed was made up especially for Sam back when she was born. Gently, Mrs. Possible laid Sammy's head down on the pillow, slipped of her sneakers, and covered her up with the soft blue comforter. Rufus yawned and snuggled into one of Sam's long red pigtails, prepared for the long day ahead of them.

Mrs. Possible smiling, flicked off the light and closed the door. She was walking down the hall when the phone rang. She picked it up and listened to the voice on the other end. It wasn't long before her grin widened and she hung up.

Jim, Tim, and their families were just leaving when the boys saw their mother's head poke out from the top of the stairwell.

"Guess what?" she asked in a loud voice, grabbing everyone's attention. "She's here! The baby's here!"

The Possible family smiled and stood up. "Well, it's only 9:45," Jim said looking at his watch. "Wake up Sam and let's go!"


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