Title: Good Sempai's

Author orpheneritus

Pairing: ToriShishi

Rating: PG for part 1

Warnings: It's a ten parter and it will be posted one part per day.

Dedication: I wrote this for zerotwofan on the 1 year anniversary of her torishishi site Brand New Days Kind and supportive, with always a peice of constructive feedback, I try to be more like Sharon. I hope this little fic is up to scratch. orpheneritus


Shishido had sworn to himself that he would never take a kohai. That he would never be the type of person who would lead in ignorance. Who would advise without knowledge. Maybe, before he lost to Tachibana he wouldn't have cared about it. But these days he did care, just enough to know that he couldn't make it his business.

Of all the people he might tentatively call friend, he liked Mukahi the least. There was enough arrogance in the red head to draw an easy parallel between them, and the slight likeness pissed him off.

There was only one person who could get Mukahi to shut up with any tolerable success and, unfortunately for him, Oshitari had already left for home.

'Mukahi, why don't you shut the fuck up and mind your own business,' Shishido growled tossing a dirty jersey into his gym bag.

Mukahi swung around, his hair flaring as fiercely as his temper. 'Why don't you go out there and help him, then maybe I'll shut up,' he spat.

He shook his head and pulled down his cap at the back. 'Ohtori doesn't need my help, Mukahi.'

The boy huffed angrily, grabbing his arm and pushing him up to the window. 'Take a look outside,' he gestured madly towards the tennis court. 'Normally I would say no one needs your help. But you're his sempai—'

'I'm not his sempai,' he cut in. 'Ohtori doesn't need my help.'

If it weren't for the look on Mukahi's face, he would've congratulated himself on getting the little shit to shut up. His face of surprise slowly shifted, wet lips pressing together tightly, eyes glancing downwards. He'd never seen Mukahi wear such an expression, and as Shishido glanced at his other teammates, he was surprised to see Mukahi's reaction reflected.

An uncomfortable feeling settled in his stomach, one he hadn't experienced for a while, and experience had taught him to just walk away. Reaching the door Mukahi stopped him with a touch.

His lean arms were folded over his chest, hair shadowing his dark gaze, and for the first time Mukahi spoke to him seriously. 'We thought it was an act… your coldness,' he whispered.

'You don't understand,' he replied.

'No.' Mukahi shook his head. 'I don't understand at all. You don't deserve him.'

The other thing that pissed him off about Mukahi was his intolerable ability to tell people the truths they didn't wish to hear.

End Part 1