/10 Epilogue

The graduation felt a little anti climactic. He'd known he was graduating and moving onto Hyoutei Gauken High for almost two months. To Shishido it just felt like the end of an era. There were feelings he would have to cherish the memory of, because they might never happen again. 'It's all going to change,' he murmured leaning into his partner.

'Yes, but maybe for the better.' Ohtori smiled, always the optimist.


'Ah, I have something for you,' Ohtori blushed. 'At home. Will you come around before going to the parties?'

'Sure, I don't even feel like going… it just seems a little sad.' He would be grateful to get away for a while. He was feeling morose about all of his teammates, even Mukahi.

Everyone was splitting up and going their separate ways. Some together, like Oshitari and Mukahi-kun, and some alone… like Atobe. Who was being sent overseas for a year, everyone congratulating him, few noticing that he didn't seem so thrilled with the idea. Maybe it was his imagination, but even Jirou seemed a little less bright.

He wrapped an arm around Ohtori's shoulder. When no one was looking he smacked a small kiss on the side of his neck. Just under his ear where his skin would quiver at the touch. He wasn't sure if seeing Ohtori twice a week was really going to be enough anymore.

Walking up the drive to the Ohtori residence, he stopped to bow to Ohtori's parents who were just leaving. He blushed at their profuse congratulations and thanks, unable to squeak out more than a few words to them. He felt guilty every time he saw them. They always thanked him for looking out for Ohtori, and when they weren't looking he was kissing their boy's neck.

He shook his head in defeat.

'You hate that don't you?' Ohtori queried, tossing his bag on the floor and closing the door behind them.

'I'm pretty sure they wouldn't like me too much if they knew what I was doing,' he replied ruefully.

'Ah,' he shrugged, his jersey slipping down his arms and down to the floor. 'M-maybe you shouldn't, um, do anything…' Ohtori's hand pressed gently in the centre of his chest pushing him back against the wall. 'Maybe I c-could do the, ah – doing,' he suggested quietly his cheeks flushed and warm.

Sound of his voiced filled his ears and rushed through his blood… they hadn't really got around to doing things yet. A little kissing, necks, chest and maybe he'd kissed him once on the stomach, just above his belt, where he'd moaned softly and thrust his hips forward eagerly. They done a little touching, his arms, his back, the slide of a hand across the swell of his buttocks. 'Are you sure?' he whispered hotly.

Ohtori smiled nervously. 'I want to.' He stepped in closer to press against him. 'You've done it before, right?'

He nodded. 'Once.'

'I have stuff,' Ohtori bit his lip in a way that just made him want to pounce.

The first bits were comfortable and familiar. The playful tussle, the loss of shirts, the kissing of necks and nipples, but his hands strayed to Ohtori's belt and this time he wouldn't divert his path as usual.

He stalled, Ohtori lying beneath him. 'You sure, Choutarou?' he asked pulling the belt from the belt loops.

'I'm sure, Ryou.'

He popped the button on Ohtori's pants with a grin. There was one place he'd been thinking about placing kisses for awhile. 'Oh, god,' his partner whispered, flinging one arm over his face, as he pulled his pants down his long legs and tossed them to the floor.

It was strange to have his tennis partner spread naked along the bed in the middle of a weekday afternoon. To be staring at his cock, lying hard and flushed against the defined line of his hip.

He wrapped one hand around Ohtori's length and began to pump it slowly, unsure of where to begin.

'Wait,' Ohtori cried as he lowered his head. 'You have to take off your pants too,' he blushed. 'I feel silly lying here naked…'

Shishido stroked a hand down along Ohtori's long thigh giving his cock a squeeze, loving the way he bit back a moan. 'You don't look silly,' he replied huskily.

Shishido kneeled up unsteadily on the bed and undid his pants, sliding them down. He awkwardly struggled to pull them off, and fell forward onto the bed, slightly embarrassed. He finally got his pants off, glaring at his partner who couldn't help but snicker.

Ohtori rolled on his side to face him. One hand trailing down his chest and fluttering softly over his stomach. 'I'm nervous,' he confessed.

Shishido leaned in and kissed him softly, his tongue flitting lightly over his partner's lips. Satisfied when Ohtori pressed back against him, his lips parting wetly allowing him to deepen the kiss and wrap his arms around his naked shoulders. He rocked their hips together, erections rubbing hotly against each other.

They fumbled awkwardly, foreheads slicked with sweat and resting against each other's chests as they learnt what felt good, approving with little moans and bites.

With a look of determination Ohtori grasped him at the base of his cock. 'Oh, shit,' he groaned as a wet tongue flicked quickly across the head of his erection. He held his breath as Ohtori slid his lips over the head and gave and experimental suck. His breath released with a hard pant and a groan. He pressed his head back against the pillow as Ohtori began to work him with growing confidence. He pressed his hands against the bed resisting the urge to sink them into Ohtori's hair and thrust up into his arm mouth.

His hips jerked forward, balls tightening. 'Choutarou,' he grunted, grabbing his shoulder tightly. 'S-stop…'

Ohtori's head snapped up with a wet slap. 'Are you okay?' he questioned crawling up over him.

'Got a little to close,' he reassured him pressing a quick kiss to his lips. Ohtori's gaze followed him down and for a moment the just breathed together. His gut clenched tightly against the flutter of nerves. There would be no going back now.

With Ohtori's weight heavy above him he reached over for the condoms and lube, which they'd left on the bedside table.

He pressed them into Ohtori's hand. 'Ah, do you want to face each other or…'

Ohtori shook his head, 'I want to face you.'

Shishido nodded and slid a little further down the bed, placing the pillow under his hips with a slight blush. Taking the condom from Ohtori he tried to open it his sweat slicked hands making it hard to get a grip on the little plastic packet.

Ohtori's hand wrapped around his and pulled the packet from his fingers, 'I've got it.' He opened the wrapper and rolled the condom over his cock with a concentrated frown. 'What now?' he breathed.

He popped the lid on the lube and took Ohtori's hand in his. Spreading the lube over two of his trembling fingers, he guided his hand towards his puckered entrance. 'Go slow… and curl your fingers a bit.' His closed his eyes as Ohtori nodded, waiting for the first cold touch.

But Ohtori's other hand settled warmly over his stomach first, stroking gently. He tensed a little when the first finger circled around his entrance, pressing inward firmly before sliding in with only a little resistance. He remembered this odd feeling, the intrusion, the urge to pull away. The second finger gently slid in beside the first, he winced at the slight stretch, then Ohtori curled his fingers forward and he cried out, his cock twitching to full hardness.

He felt Ohtori begin to withdraw in surprise. 'No, it's good,' he panted, pressing back against Ohtori's hand sinking deeper onto his fingers.

'It is?' he asked hesitantly meeting his gentle thrusts with growing confidence and mounting excitement. 'Are you ready?'

He nodded, in reply, trying not to think about it too much. 'Okay,' he panted leaning up on his elbows a bit. He quickly rubbed the lube over Ohtori's hardness and pulled him forward a bit. 'Move your leg… over here. Lean forward a bit more.' He felt silly directing Ohtori, but they were both too close and it would be over before it started if they waited much longer. He took Ohtori's hand and told him to grip himself at the base and press in.

The blunt head of Ohtori's cock slipped across his entrance once, before pressing firmly, pushing into him. He tried to breath evenly and relax, hooking one leg over Ohtori's shoulder as he slid closer.

He focused on Ohtori's face, rivulets of sweat trailing down, sliding closer to him… as he slid into him. Until they met with a slick thump. Ohtori collapsing forward onto him with a groan. 'I can't… it's too good.'

His erection was trapped between the press of their bodies. Ohtori trembling above him reluctant to move. He trailed his hands through the silver locks, pushing it away from his face. 'Please,' he whispered against him. 'I need you to.'

He nodded and gathered his legs under him, thrusting gently against him with a strained groan, only the smallest teasing motions, that rubbed tantalizingly inside him. Sweat slicked and hot he gripped around Ohtori's shoulders and pulled him down, his partner's belly rubbing over his cock. 'Choutarou,' he murmured with a smile. 'Weren't you going to do something to me?'

Ohtori met his challenge with a grin. His legs were hiked up over the taller boys shoulders, as Choutarou sunk deeper into him, his cock pounding unrelentingly. He couldn't help but sink his nails into his arm as he met Ohtori's thrusts with a loud slap of their hips. He tried to grasp his cock with his other hand so he could work himself, but he was sliding towards the headboard with every thrust and had to brace himself with his other hand. He was so close.

He shook his head in frustration and then felt a fingers close around him. 'Yes,' he moaned pushing up into Ohtori's grip. 'So good…' he cried their rhythm becoming uneven.

He shuddered at the strength of his orgasm. Cum spilling over his belly, muscles clamping around Ohtori's cock. Ohtori thrust erratically, eyes squeezed shut, breath panting hotly. He came with a hard snap of his hips, that caused him to grunt and slide up the bed. His silver hair was slicked in wet curls. His head dropped to Shishido's chest as he tried not to collapse down on top of him.

'Ouch,' he complained, his leg cramped from being pressed over Ohtori's shoulder.

'Sorry,' he murmured, rolling off to the side letting him stretch his cramp.

He brushed Ohtori's damp hair back from his face and kissed his lips. He couldn't help but smile at the other boy. He felt heavy with exhaustion, the pleasure of his orgasm still quivering through his body. Choutarou. His arms were warm when they wrapped around him and pulled him into a sticky embrace.

'We can play singles now,' Ohtori murmured softly.

'We can?' he questioned.

Ohtori nodded, his eyes closed in exhaustion. 'We're ready for singles, because we'll always be doubles here…'

Ohtori's hand curled gently against his chest.