Family Love

Chapter 1

The New Development

" Mr. And Mrs. Tama, are you sure about this?" the social worker asked." Because once you sign your name, there's no turning back."

Mrs. Tama smiled and replied in a soft voice," We're very sure! We've wanted a daughter for as long I can remember, but always had boys. Please don't think we don't love our boys, because we do! But a daughter is what our family is missing."

" Mrs. Tama, are you sure you don't want to wait for a baby, instead of adopting a teenager? Teenage adoptions are where we get most of our complaints." The social worker stated.

Mr. Tama looked up from the adoption papers and spoke for the first time that day, " We're getting older, and a baby is too much work for people our age. We just want a girl that we can help through the rest of her life. We would REALLY like to adopt Kagome. We've spoken to her many times, and thought of all the problems, and this is what we really want."

" Ok then, if you're sure! I'll need your signature here….and here…print your name here….initial here…sign here …CONGRATULATIONS! You are now the proud parents of a daughter!"

Mr. And Mrs. Tama hugged in joy and went to collect their daughter.

Kagome was waiting outside the office on a bench with her two suitcases. 'I can't believe I'm going to have a mom and a dad! And BROTHERS! That's going to be weird, I'm going to go from being alone to having a family' Kagome thought silently to herself, wiggling in excitement.

As Mr. And Mrs. Tama stepped out of the office, they looked over at their new child. " Kagome! Come on dear! It's time for you to see your new home!" Mrs. Tama said excitedly. Kagome jumped up and followed them to their dark green Jeep Grand Cherokee.

The ride home was amazingly loud as Kagome asked questions about her new life. "Am I going to go to school?" kagome asked timidly

" Of course dear!"

"Am I going to have my own room?"

"Yep!" Mr. Tama replied" and you can decorate it any way you want!"

Kagome shrieked with joy,"OMG! That's so cool! Can I call you ……mom and dad?"Kagome asked shyly.

Mrs. Tama looked at Kagome with tears in her eyes " We would be honored. And let me be the first to say, WELCOME HOME!"

Kagome looked outside her window and was shocked to see, not a house, but a mansion " you live…there?" she squeaked as she looked up at the three story, light grey, brick mansion

"Uh Huh!" Mr. Tama replied as they pulled up in the driveway, " Now lets get you inside so you can meet the boys."

Kagome nodded silently

"Don't worry sweetie!" Mrs. Tama replied sweetly," The boys will love you!"

'I sure hope so' Kagome thought as they walked up the stairs to the front door.

Inuyasha and Sesshomarou were waiting patiently inside waiting for their parents to return with their new sibling

" God they've just about lost their 'mistake' to collage so why get another child!" Inuyasha said under his breath

"I heard that you stupid fucker!" Sesshomarou growled

"Well it's true! Inuyasha retaliated as the front door opened.

Inuyasha and Sesshomarou stopped their bickering to look over rand see their mother and father standing there with smiles on their faces

" Boys! I'd like you to meet your new sister, Kagome!" Mrs. Tama said as she stepped aside to let the boys see their new sister. Their jaws dropped.