Vampire fic for Yamiko Yakou's (now known as jeuxmungandr) Dare back in chapter had been revised because it was previously written (poorly) by my sixteen year old self. Also the names are changed from the Japanese version to the English one because it makes more sense in the context of this fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. I also do not own ideas of Vampire Hunter D; similarities end after the premise.

Numb, Pale and Cold

Near the break of dawn, before the invasive rays of sunlight hit the bounties of the earth, a small 1916 town sits in soft blue serene. Tranquility existed only during the time of day when the populaces are still at rest, when the wind is nowhere to be found and birds have yet begun their morning hymn. Moments like these did not sustain for long however. In the visible distance on the edge of town, there comes forth a figure cladded all black attire, riding a stark black hell-stallion with an empty carriage in tow. The beast traveled with such velocity, in a matter of seconds these figures ripped through a small town shattering the delicate peace that once existed.

Under his master's command, the dark horse galloped through the middle of the street, its eyes beamed a fiery yellow glow. It led an array of destruction along the path, while the heavily draped, Elizabethan carriage rattled lightly as it trailed behind the demonic creature. A colony of hungry bats flew above the rider, around gray patches of clouds hanging in the sky. They glided undetected by small dogs and rabbits as they followed the dark figure. Mischievous crows cawed gleefully on dingy rooftops as the malevolent figure hurried past them. They did not expect their master to arrive so early. Those simple, self-important humans did not even realize the danger that will soon be upon them.

The man of the night emitted not a single shadow on the ground, which led one to wonder if he truly did exist. But everything touched by the iron hooves of the stallion began to wither and crumble as it brushed pass. Green pastures turned into salted dirt. Stubborn rocks fell apart. Even tiny insects flipped over to die. There was no cycle, only discontinued ends. His aura was as cold as death itself, only bringing with him destruction. Decay gradually spread in continual patches, stopping just enough to prevent that part of town from becoming completely barren.

As the figures sped past the ancient church, the righteous crucifix, holding many significant meanings, rusted and melted out of its upright shape. The gloomy stained-glass windows started to crack like brittle candy. The paintings of holy men cried blood. Even they are fearful for whatever fate awaits for this town.

By the crooked pebbled path of the church, a small stray barked at the hostile presents of the mysterious invader. But it whimpered and backed away as it sense something even more deadly. Before the animal could retreat, the colony of bats swooped in and carried it away, never to be seen again.

Water of a small near-by fountain froze and iced over at his wake. Fishes that dwelled there leaped out in despair, instantaneously losing all signs of life before spontaneous combustion, turning the icicles a crimson shade. The ghastly smell of fear mingled with death arose, and the early morning of the village slowly became more isolated and deserted like a desolated ghost-town. A thin fog rolled in and commenced, thickening in the process.

There were three clearly noticeable things about this otherworldly visitor: his flowing trench-coat, his life crushing boots, and his piercing blue eyes. The figure wore an ebony trench coat made from the fine satin, which whipped wildly behind him as he rode his horse. Countless black leather buckles sailed up a pair of black boots that reached right below his knees. But the greatest, most distinct features were his eyes. His eyes were like no other. They were an ancient cerulean blue; sharp, cold and intimidating, like glaciers or the silent, fatal touch of the icy Death. So cold they burned. Pain and sorrow sculpted them so long ago, now gone, leaving nothing now but the imprints of hatred to fill in the void.

He came to a sudden halt in front of a large shadowy house. The wooden vinyl painted in white and the enormous size reminds one of a filthy rich plantation owner, heedless on his workers behalf. A significantly small part of the house was covered by bricks of gray. Out of the many windows aligned on the building, he noticed that the one by the second floor balcony was slightly ajar. Without a warning or any aid, he darted up towards the said balcony, defying the laws of physics.

The window slide opened quietly without touch. Through the windows led to a bedroom. The walls had a dull off-white hue, lacking character and life. The room was empty save for a few furnishings, as if the tenant had just moved in but wasn't planning on staying long. The intruder surveyed the room before stopping at the sight on the bed.

There was mesmerizing beauty lying tenderly on the soft bed covered in silky sheets. She faced the mirror and with her back turned from the window. Her semi-open eyes drenched in tears. It seems like she has be crying for a long while as her eyes were red and puffy. The only thing that provided her with comfort was her long, wavy red hair, completely scattered around her head like rays of the sun. Her yellow Worth gown did not suit her nor did it fill her with anymore happiness than before. She shivered in it as a light breeze rolled in the room.

She eyed the reflection from the mirror of the red roses placed in the ivory-white porcelain vase. Her glassy eyes watched as the petals fell and withered away one by one onto the vanished mahogany table top. Each piece slowly vanished into dust before getting taken by the wind. Her soft brown eyes widened at the sudden realization. Even with her back against the window, she could sense his presence behind her, staring at her, watching her... waiting for her.

She pushed herself up into a sitting position while turning to him. A gasp escaped from her tender lips out of surprised instead of fear.

"How?" A whisper released from her lips, barely audible to the untrained ear. Her uncertainty was quickly forgotten as she leaped from the bed and ran towards his welcoming embrace. It did not matter how, all that matters is that he is here now.

"I missed you!" she cried once she was in his arms. He stroked her hair and she responded with her arms around him tightly. He placed a slender finger on her lips, silencing her. Then he glanced down venomously at the gaudy engagement ring that tightly clung to her finger.

"Serenity," he hissed into her ear, "Leave this place, and join me." His brisk voice shocked her like a being doused with artic water. It left chills on her spine and made her yearn for more. She really missed that sensation.

She looked into his eyes, unsure of what she was searching for. Biting gently on her lower lip, she nodded. There was a slightly unease for she feared for all those who would get in trouble due to her sudden disappearance. What about her brother? What of her brother? Another voice said in the back of her mind. Now is her only chance of escape.

She closed her eyes.

A second later the room converted into an inanimate and hollow den. Only the draperies flapped hauntingly from the open window. There was no sign of the two beings that were once there, like they just dissipated into the air. An eerie bolt of lightning struck across the sky; a foreshadowing of the long and challenging journey for the two lovers and for everyone that will inevitably get entangled. The unsettling ambiance hanged above the now uncanny empty town.

Instead of the sweet melody from songbirds, the town awoke to the discordance tune from crows and the agonizing screams of an overbearing brother.

To Be Continue...