Vampire fic for Yamiko Yakou's Dare. This chapter had been currently revised because I couldn't stand how it was written.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh. I am also do not own ideas of Vampire Hunter D, the story is only somewhat similar to it in the beginning only.

Numb, Pale and Cold

It was almost the break of dawn, before the invisible rays of sunlight hit the bounties of Earth. The small 1820's town was still young and blue. A dark figure on a black hell-stallion, which was lagging a darkly fashioned carriage behind, galloped through the middle of the street, leading a path of destruction along the way.

Bats flew above him unnoticeably around gray patches of clouds hanging in the sky. Misconceiving crows caw on their dingy roof top as the malevolent figure hurried past them. He omitted not a single shadow on the ground, but everything he brushed by withered. His aura was death itself. Areas of green grass crumble into brown dirt every time the hooves of the stallion brushed by.

As the figure strolled past the ancient church, the crucifix, holding many significant meanings, melted out of its shape and the gloomy stained-glass windows began to crack. The water of a near-by fountain froze and iced over; the fishes dwelling there immediately lost all signs of life, turning the icicles a crimson shade. The ghastly smell of fear arose, and the early morning of the village slowly became more isolated and deserted... like a feared ghost-town.

There were three clearly noticeable things about him; his flowing trench-coat, his life crushing boots, and his piercing blue eyes. The figure wore an ebony trench coat, which whipped wildly behind him as he rode his horse. His legs were strapped in black boots reaching below his knees, countless black buckles sailed down his legs. But the greatest, most recognizable features were his eyes. His eyes were like no other. They were an ancient blue; deep, cold and intimidating, like glaciers or the silent, fatal touch of the icy Death. Pain and sorrow seem to have been what sculpted them so long ago, now gone, leaving nothing now but the imprints of hatred.

He came to a sudden halt in front of a large shawdowing house. The wooden vinyls and the enormous size reminds one of a filthy rich plantation owner, heedless on his workers behalf. A significantly small part of the house was covered by bricks of gray. Out of the many windows aligned on the building, he noticed that one of the ones by the second floor balcony was slightly ajar. With that, he darted up towards the balcony.

In the room was a seemingly pale, but mesmerizing beauty laying tenderly on a soft bed covered in satin sheets. She laid towards the mirror and away from the window sill. Her eyes drenched in tears. The only thing that provided her with comfort was her long, wavy red hair, completely scattered around her head like rays of the sun. Her yellow vintage dress did not suit her nor did it fulfill her with anymore happiness than before. She shivered in it as light breezes past in the room.

She slowly eyed the mirror's reflection of the red roses place in the ivory, white, procaine jar. She watched as the petals wither and fell away one by one onto the furnished wooden desk top. Each piece slowly vanished into dust, not leaving any signs of ever existing. Her soft brown eyes suddenly widened in realization of the cause. Even with her back against the window, she could sense his presence behind her, staring at her, watching her... waiting for her.

She turned around, pushing herself up into a sitting position. Gasping as her eyes widen from the looks of him, not from fear but of surprise.

"How?" A mere whisper emitted from between her lips but the uncertainty was quickly shrugged off as she pulled away from the bed, running towards his open arms, welcoming her embrace.

"Kaiba-san!" she cried once she was in his arms, wrapping her arms tightly around him. He placed a finger on her lips, silencing her. Then he glanced down at the ring that was tightly secured to her engagement finger.

"Shizuka," he whispered into her ear, "Leave this place, come with me." Biting gently on her bottom lip she nodded, but she feared for all those in trouble due to her sudden disappearance. She closed her eyes.

A second later the room was empty as the draperies flapped hauntingly from the open window. There was no sign of the two life forms that were there before; seeming like they dissipated into the air. An eerie bolt of lightening was thrown from the sky, a disturbing sensation seeming to wake the uncannily empty town.

To Be Continue...