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Numb, Cold and Pale


The carriage drifted slowly, gliding smoothly down the road as if ice. The drive was peaceful and undisturbed, received no turbulence on its way. The hellish stallion up-front with the coarse black hair continued to gallop through its dark path on the rocky road by the forest, nearing the unsteady cliff.

The vampire lord lie in his open-coffin that current time, the lid stood next to it in a upright un-orthodox position. A strange crucifix was engraved on to it, somehow colliding with a doorknocker shape like metallic bat in a hapless manner, yet it gives an eerie sense of lonely comfort. The coffin seems freshly furnished with a mahogany coating, as if done yesterday, although the truth beholds centuries ago.

His steady cobalt eyes flickered as he stares down at the striking girl presently resting her head on his finely chiseled chest. Smirking, he silently stokes her burning red hair, caressing it with much guilt while watching her in her slumbering form. Her long lashes were brought down together, cherry red lips slightly parting as she slowly breathes. Gingerly, Kaiba circumference his arms tightly the waist of this sleeping beauty who, at this moment, lying soundly asleep on top of him.

Shizuka fell into one of the vampire's seduction spells again, but the strong sense of passion drowsed her, causing her faze away to the soft, cotton candy clouds. His seductive scent and her mortal thought of sleep blend in a way that automatically shuts down her brain. He couldn't blame her from she wasn't as strong but remind innocent.

"Sleep well, Shizuka-omaesan," he whispered in a cool demeanor, "You'll need it."

Gently, he brushes slender fingers on her smooth unmarred neck, tempted to say that he almost did the unthinkable. The feeling came back again. The urge of submitting to his hunger for blood. He painfully forced back the craving of what he forbids himself, yet still tempted to… no… he pulled back his lusty fangs, if he didn't, he'll truly regret and will never forgive himself.

The temptation persist again, his guilty desire became more urgent that before. The sharp fangs revealed themselves once again. Gradually, his thirsty lips came closer and closer to her neck; the cotton fabric of her dress began to slip off her slender shoulders, uncovering more skin. In blank honey-mocha orbs, she stared back at him like a mindless porcelain doll; her eyes were half-open, still dreaming.

"Seto, is… is something wrong?"

He shook his head, shaking himself away from this diluted trance. "Nothing," he muttered, retaining his coolness.

Shizuka watch his perfectly crafted jaw, sighing in disappointment as the fangs withdraw from sight. She is still dreaming, a beautiful dream that she doesn't want get out of.

She dreamt about her escape with her lover, the Vampire Lord, Seto Kaiba. She begged him to alter her, to change her to one of his kind. His fangs lashed out without second thoughts, tugging her closer and closer to him, she can almost feel the tips piercing into her skin only to have been awaken by the nightmares of reality as fatigue left her. It was a beautiful dream and she wished dearly that the dream lasted forever.

"The borderline between dreams and reality is so thin," Shizuka spoke, unaware of her lips ever moving. "I feel as if we stuck in the middle, neither asleep or awaken, just mindlessly walking in the dark." Her eyes suddenly widen as she tucked on the sleeve of his shirt, "Like mortality, we may never be fully dead nor alive, history's bound to reoccur one way or another, haunting our present and future with our past."

"Hmm…" Kaiba stared deep into his own thoughts.

"People say that it's very hard for two people like us, from two different worlds, to fall in love. It happen many times before but never a success, most of them ended up dying or go nuts," Shizuka continued. Her back was press against his firm chest; his arms tightly wrap around her tiny waist. Their fingers were entwined together as if inseparable. Kaiba leans back to the edge of the coffin.

"We must be very lucky then," he retorted, staring down to Shizuka with a smirk.

She shook her head, "No, that's not what I meant." Her eyes were bright and brilliant when she gaze at him, "I'm scared. I'm scared that we'll end up like them."

Kaiba snorted with a smirk.

"No, I'm serious," Shizuka said with frustration.

"We'll be safe once we make it to the land of the barbarois, everything will run straight from there. We'll get the protection we needed to get out of this hell-hole." The two ocean-blue eyes stared at her, comforting the nightmare that awakens in the lonely, wholesome dark.

Shizuka nodded, her head slowly lie back down on the nicely firm chest, her finger idly outline around the six-pack of his abs. With a light jolt, the carriage halted so suddenly, she felt herself slam into him. Shizuka immediately turned around to see if her lover was okay.

"Shi-zuka-chan," Kaiba choked, his strong arms tighten around her as his long sharp nails dug right into her dress, piercing right into her back while traces of blood slowly crept out. The petite girl only managed to give a small squeal, turning paler by the moment. The enviable change proceeded. The glistening moon fully awakens from its long slumber, causing creaking shadows stumbles to around. Sharp, white fangs ripped through the lips of the cursed being.

The vampire pulled away before any more serious damage was done. Shizuka watched as his eyes began to darken in to a deep shade of purple, nearly releasing to a bloody crimson. He tried hard to hide the transformation from her sight. He covered his face with his razor-sharp claws, hoping that she wouldn't notice.

"Seto-itoshii, what's wrong?" she questioned with a worried expression on her face. Shizuka knew though, she had witness this many times before.

"N-nothing," Kaiba stuttered. He doesn't usually stutter.

Before Shizuka could interrogate him further, he pushes her off of him and pulled himself out of the casket. Without delay, he drew open the carriage door and stumble off, "It's nothing, I'm fine." He watched as she frowned in the shadows. "I'm going out for a walk," he simply stated.

"O-okay," she spoke, merely a whisper now. She wish she could help him but… Shizuka continues to watch the bright red moon mutate into a darker red form, just like the color of his eyes.

"I'll come back soon," he reassured her, "Promise me, under any circumstance don't leave the carriage."

"Hai, I promise," Shizuka nodded silently in reply, before he disappeared.

… Let the time of bloody transgression begin once again…

It was ten minutes since Kaiba had left for his walk when Shizuka heard a dry, rustling sound coming from outside. The claw marks that ran down her back awhile had vanished fully as if they were never there.

"Hello, is anyone there?" A slight pause, no answer. "S-seto, is-is that you?" her voice shivered as she called out. A worried expression crossed her face… 'What if something bad happened to him? What should I do?'

The petite girl leaped out the carriage reluctantly, completely forgetting the promise she made to her dear Seto-kun. Her heart-pounded heavily after every graduate thump. For some strange reason that engagement ring that Pegasus gave began to heat up and burn as painfully as they come. That reminded her of the procedure he have her endure to put it on and making sure that it will remain that way.

Shizuka wiggled her fingers to assuage the pain but it didn't seem to be much help. Before long the smarting feeling on her finger slowly numb away and was completely forgotten.

The fiery-haired girl shaped her hand in the shape of a megaphone as she continues to call out the name of her beloved, only to find herself trip over a thick root of a near-by tree. But by much to her surprise, a hand grabbed her just before she fell right onto a scatter of jagged rock formations.

She was yanked back; tug upward abruptly, by a strong, yet rough, hand. Instantly, she spun around to see who it was. A shocked expression crossed her face.

"Seto?" her voice barely escape her throat. Right there, standing right in front of her, seems to be her dear Kaiba, but something about him doesn't seem befitting.

Shizuka timidly stared at his blue artic eyes. The shade is slightly lighter. The bangs of his dark chocolate-brown hair hung forward with the side partially matted on his face, as if he ran or jogged his way back. Although it was dark, she can see that his skin was a little tanner than usually.

She continues to examine him. He, at that moment, was dressed in a lavender tank top followed a pair of tight leather pant, and travels in a pair of ankle-high ebony boots. A dark violet cloak drapes over his broad shoulders.

The bedazzled beauty quivered as she gaze at the bulging muscles of the man in front of her; his veins pops out around them, especially on his arms. She abruptly recalled that Kaiba was wearing black before…

"Dearest, what's going on? Is someone after us?" Shizuka inquired, reaching for his arm. When she did this, he tensed up and muscles tightened. Strange.

"No," he merely grunted in a low, coppery tone.

Looking back at him Shizuka made one important discovery… he is not her dear Kaiba but an imposer posing as one. Pegasus must have sent him here.

The soft, slender fingers remove themselves from its quarry. Now realizing the danger she was facing, Shizuka took a narrow step behind her. "Y-you're not…" She fixed her eyes on his… pure sadism and deep hatred.

Strangely, it reminded her of a song, which was no other than the one and only "O Fortuna" of "Carmina Burana" (4), which was composed by Carl Orff in the twentieth century time frame. (5)

He revealed a grin that was made of pure evil, "How long did it take you to figure that out?"

"Dochirasama?" She feebly demanded.

He sneered, "Wouldn't you like to know."

Shizuka Kawai continues backing away until her spine bumped into the membrane of the dying redwood. The bulky roots of tree began to incarcerate her. Trapped. With a quick and elevated leap over the confinement of thick tree roots, she managed to escape from the grasp of her captor but only barely. Then released her into an immediate sprint, the sprint that she was holding back a while ago.

The imposing 'Kaiba' barely tried to make a grab for her. He sauntered leisurely after her, having no notion in running anytime soon.

Small, coarse rock and pieces of serrated woodchip sprinkled the ground here and there, scathing into Shizuka's delicate sole. It was all ignored however, due to the current situation playing now, a small pain could be dealt with.

Long scarlet hair flew in front of the panting girl's face. The yellow ribbons that once hold her hair back are now gone, lost somewhere in the deep forest. Not that that matters anymore. The long bangs were constantly attempt to be blown away from her vision range. That attempt was in vain.

Shizuka was too pre-occupy with brushing her hair away from her eyes, she did not notice the person standing in front of her. She ran directly into him.

He stood somewhere around six feet with his hand grasping tightly on to her slim frame. His face came into sight when he took one step closer towards her while his black cape whipped behind him. Another Kaiba look-alike.

The thin lips on the pale face moved slightly when he spoke, "Shizuka." Raspy.

Shizuka slowly backed away, "No," she shook her head, "No, you're not..."

'Seto is a bit taller and doesn't smell like exotic lilies.'

As she turn her head, struggling to escape the clutches of this man, only to sight her pursuer from a while back. Facilitating Shizuka to wonder and reorganize her thoughts, "Could he be Seto-kun?" new theories constructed in her head. There was a way to prove it, concocted in her brains as she freed herself from his grasp. It was a simple concept but a confirmed one.

Thorns from thick bushes and thickets tear small pieces of fabric off the dim yellow dress and the white under skirt when Shizuka ran past them. Rip the through the heavily prickle vines only to find more. Lines of deep red scratches formed as she continue to push through the dark forest… deeper and deeper…

The moisture after the heavy rain created muck beneath the toes, making it unbearable to walk, let alone run, with each waking second. Shizuka could hear her own breathing quicken. The thoughts of the two predators initiate her to inadvertently faux pas her footing and falter on a misshapen rock, allowing herself to thrust forward, plummeting on a pile of uneven pebble as she bite deep into her tongue.

The sandpaper texture rocks dug into the young girl's sensitive skin exposing the raw flesh underneath, bring small nerve jolts of stinging pain. Her elbows were both severely scraped along her chin, where a whole patch of skin was missing. Pulling herself up, Shizuka came into contact with her own blood, feeling it slowly crept through the thin crack of her chapped lips, dripping down her chin to the wound, then graduate, it from a dry maroon trail down her luscious swan-like neck.

Shizuka continues to run with her finger pressing ardently on her marred chin. She could feel hot tears burn in her eyes while trying her best not to cry. However, almost instantly, a new layer of soft skin replaced the harsh scars. Every bruise and wound disappear immediately and soft skin was instantaneously restored back to its normal state; include the essential muscle in her mouth. Almost everything disappeared as if it was never there; the only thing left was dirt marks.

Crunching sounds of leaves were heard, indicating that the pursuers where close by. The chaste redhead had never been so scared in her life. There were times though, like when her father came home one night so drunk, he nearly killed her and Katsuya with his hunting rifle. But that seem like a mere child's play compare to this; there's much more to risk now.

After brushing past another oak tree, Shizuka finally reach her desired destination… Kyonshiko. (6) The crystal beauty of the lake, which sparkled whimsically under the red moon, sports a wooden deck, planking out of the sandy shore.

The auburn hair girl ran forward towards the platform made from rotting wood boards. With each creaking step, Shizuka walked on. Once she reached the edge of the dry surface, there's no other direction left to go but down.

Crouching down on her knees, the girl peered into the dark water, her reflection, all covered with dirt like a muddy duckling, stared back at her with glossy eyes. Serene comfort entered the heart, giving this feeling of safety as if the current danger had left only the distant thoughts remain, yet the reflection of the red moon still haunted her.

A cold hand place itself around her back, crawling to her perfectly slender shoulders. The girl hadn't realized it before it was too late. A shrilling scream curled forward; drawing forth horror for anyone who hears it.

"You can scream as loud as you want, deary, but no one will hear you." He chuckled deeply in her ear. It was one of Kaiba's double. Best bet, the first one.

The second double followed behind, flicking his bangs eyes away from his pale lavender eyes, still retaining his cold demeanor. As he approached the deck, he stared into the lake, down at his chalky reflection. Immediately, the spell vanquished, changing him back to his former self. His spiky pallid hair replicate against the glare of the mysterious water. The color of his face melts off, uncovering the hidden.

A bit of admiration break into the slimmer cracks of the frozen, impassive eyes, only a bit, 'Smart girl… vampires don't give off reflections.'

Meanwhile, Shizuka continues to resist in the man's (or creature's) grasp. She tries, once again, to shove him away from her but this time, surprisingly, he actually let go. Losing her balance, Shizuka slipped rearward, diving head first into the lake when her pursuer wrapped his arms around her slim wrist.

She try to catch a glimpse of his reflection before they plunge into the murky water, however, there weren't any. She gasped as water crash up, submerging her face, rushing into her nostrils, into her lungs. Her feet can barely reach the ground, especially with this monster fastened his arms around her. He eventually let go, leaving her in this drown condition.

With her long legs kicking in a panic and arms thrashing desperately, Shizuka finally, found the ground reachable. Her head eventually shatter the surface-tension barrier that prevents water and breathable oxygen from interacting. Her body bobbed up and down like a cadaver. She threw her hair back, wet strands of red splashed around her. Her lungs immediately grasped for all the air that it could manage.

All the water she snorkeled into her gushed out in a form of choking coughs. Redness engulfed her face, as Shizuka attempted to pound the rest of the water from her lungs. Her throat hurts from drinking all that chaffing water. Her heart pounds painfully, thumping heavily in her chest as if about to rip out of her at any moment to leave her alone in this watery grave.

Before having another chance to recapitulate the earlier event, a strong hand grabbed her by the hair and trudged her according to the direction of the shore. Using both of her hands, and nearly all of her strength, Shizuka pried hand off of her hair.

It was he, the one who chased her.

Although his disguise was completely gone, she can still recognize his clothes and the sadism in his eyes, the dark tattoos underneath them only made it worse. Now his sharp, pointed incisors are revealed. Water droplets glisten on his tanned skin. His white-blond spikes still exist in its usual slick position upright, seemingly unaffected by the dampness.

"Who sent you here?" She request, gathering the encouragement to speak.

"Didn't you already realize whom a while ago?" He taunted before launching his muscular arms around her, soaking up a little by little of her innocent as he breathes in her scent. "Why don't you give it a guess." The red moon called upon him to release his soul, submitting it to the devil again tonight.

"Peg-pegasus?" the girl quivered in the brawny of the monster. He glance at her, smiling smugly back.

Eyes darkening while long fangs protrude from thin lips. He lean forward, pressing her backside against his upper body, one hand pushing down on her chest with the other below her waist.

The girl continues to tremble violently, feeling completely violated. She can almost feel the two pointed fangs puncture her neck. Closer and closer came the haughty grin… but the tongue arrive first, licking, it savors the flavor of the skin. Mmm… full of purity… delicious.

"Malik, what the hell are you doing?" The question came from the enrage voice of his 'partner' whom still happens to be on shore.

"Just grabbing a quick meal, that's all… is there something wrong?"

"Did you not remember that we are suppose to restore her back to the safety of Pegasus after killing Kaiba?"

"And so?" Malik merely acknowledge.

Bakura's fists tighten. This is the only chance he'll have to get his dear Anzu Mazaki back to him, and this idiot is going to ruin everything. He can't let this happen, not when he could stop it…

"Don't you want the reward? Or maybe you forgot, want me to refresh it for you?"

"Who said I was doing all this for the money? I only acquire this job to kill Kaiba," he suddenly yanked Shizuka closer to him, "And maybe to get a fulfilling meal."

Shizuka whimpered, barely able to struggle anymore. All her energy was wasted on running and preventing herself afloat that she doesn't have any left to avoid this attack. Her body wholly slumps onto Malik's for support.

"And look here," his fingers raked through the red strands of hair while marveling her white-marble neck, "She simply adores me."

Adore him? Shizuka was infuriate. 'How dare he…' Fear vanished, giving her a boost of energy needed to continue on this fight. "Get your paws off of me," she squealed, thrashing the surrounding water, causing it to splash to-and-fro but it gave no effect to him.

The white hair warlock used this distraction as a prefect time strike. He leap forward with his arms position a certain approach that allows him to glide into the water with as little wind as possible, preventing him from deactivating his top speed. His agility acts like teleportation to the naked eye.

Immediately, he drew his sword forward. The blade is made of a thin, keen blade of a type of crystal, nearly transparent. There was a mysterious word inscribe on the blade, seeming like an ancient language of some sort. The handle was made of gold with precious gems encrusted, making the saber glimmering mystically across the night.

Malik foreseen this to occur, without delay he drew forth his golden sennen rod. With a flick of his wrist it transformed into a reaper. He swung it forward, blocking Bakura's attack while using the girl on the other hand as a shield.

A clear chiming was heard thorough the surrounding area when the two blades collided, bringing deadly harmony.

"Ishtar, I need to hand that girl back to Pegasus," Bakura's eyes turn into narrow slits, mentally kicking himself for not seeing through that devil clown's plan earlier.

"If you want her, you'll have to get past me first," another voice discharged above them.

The wings of the shady figure were spawned out widely like a bat's. With a blink of an eye, Shizuka was return to his hands.

"Seto!" Shizuka cried out, staring back into the angry and disappointed cerulean orbs.

Without any further word, both sword and scythe strikes towards them, sending a shock of blue lightning. A black wing drew forward preventing the attack from even touching them.

It was Kaiba's turn to retaliate. His finely honed wing instantly spliced the air. As the force slaps the water, it burst upwards into the air developing into a tsunami barrier. By the time the water calmed down, Kaiba and Shizuka had already vanished.

"I'm sorry," Shizuka cried with her tired arms wrapped around Kaiba's neck, her wet clothes continue to drip small droplets of muck. The poor yellow dress had declined to nothing but filthy rags.

After the whole ordeal, Seto just wanted to avoid any notions of getting discovered, not that they already hadn't. He had decided to take the road back to the carriage with his canary in his arms. He carrying her like a child, one hand under her bended knees, the other on her back while she rested her head on his stiff shoulders.

"Why did you not listen when I told you to stay in the carriage?" His voice was dangerously low, hints of anger sufficed, partially directed to the regretful girl. However, he also blamed himself for not being careful enough, knowing that Pegasus would send fiends after them. His thoughts shifted to the two figures in the lake.

As Shizuka watch him narrow his eyes in distaste, she mistaken his anger as his hatred to her. The girl's eyes watered.

"Do you know how worried I was when I didn't see you there?" Kaiba glared. However, Shizuka only shook her head in response before repeating another apology. "I-I'm sorry!" She only repeated.

He pitied the girl, slightly stroking her back; he spoke in a more calming tone, "Don't ever do that again."

Shizuka nodded intently, "I promise," as she choked on her tears. "Really this time," catching his disbelieving glares. Then she asked again as they reach back to the carriage, "Kaiba-tachi, is it over now?"

"No," they climbed in through the door, "It's just beginning…"

To be continue…

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(4) For whose who know what the piece is, fitting description? For those who don't know what the in the world I'm talk about, try to find it; it's a great piece, usually feature in terror scenes. (New note: When I first wrote this piece, I was a Sophomore taking a General Music class. Music was never really my thing... I'm more of a drawer and printer.)

(5) I know I said in the first chapter that the place seem to take place in somewhere between 1880's to 1900's… well, I lied. It takes place in the distant future, which somehow is similar to the past (wild, wild west style… sort of). I'm planning to edit some parts of this story when I'm done.

(6) 'Kyonshi' means 'vampire' or 'living corpse' (not sure if it's the Chinese way because that kinda how you pronounce it Chinese). 'Kosui' means 'lake', however when I look up the work 'lake' in a online translator it had a list of lakes, all with the word 'ko' in the ending, so correct me if I am wrong.

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