It had been a tough day. Ron wanted nothing more than to just run away from everything. He had completly botched his potion during Double Potions, and of course gotten chewed out for it. After that he had forgot his Tranfiguration homework. McGonagall wasn't pleased. To top everything off, that evening when he was planning on relaxing in the Common Room, Hermione started lecturing him on who knows what. God she could be annoying sometimes.

He told Harry and Hermione he was going out for stroll around the grounds.

"Well, alright, but be sure to be back before curfew!" she seemed a little put out he didn't stay to listen to her speech.

The air felt cool and refreshing as it wrapped around him. It's marvelous what fresh air can do to one's spirit. He was now walking along the edge of the lake. The Forbidden Forest was straight ahead of him.

"It looks so peaceful tonight, so beautiful..." He thought to himself. Soon he couldn't help but head towards it. It was as if it was drawing him towards it, as if destiny was reeling him in.

Ron reached the forest and started on his way in. He told himself he would only go a in a little ways, the moon was already high in the sky, sure to be getting close to curfew.

For the first time today he felt completly at ease. Everything just seemed so far away in this forest.

It was then that he first heard it. It was a lonely howl, closer than he would have liked. His eyes quickly darted toward the moon as he realized what this meant. "O God, why didn't I notice it before? I was looking right at it just a second ago!"

His ears were greeted with a low growl. All he could think to do was run, trying to keep as quiet as possible along the way. He'd walked further into the forest than he had thought.

A snarl, so close this time. "O God, O God, O God..." The end still wasn't visible. He could hear the wolf's paws thumping against the ground now.

A deafening bark sounded through the trees, followed by a searing pain in his left leg. He fell to the ground instantly.

After the wolf had left its mark, it trotted back into the forest depths. Ron was thankful for this. He had come so close to the end. It still wasn't visible, but he could feel it.

His leg ached horribly, and he knew he had lost an awful lot of blood. Already he was so weak, he didn't know what to do.

All he could think to do was lie there in the dirt. It felt best to him at the time.

In his current state he didn't even realize what all this mean't before he blacked out entirely.